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Tabitha was born about 1883.

Spouse: Thomas ALSUP.

Tabitha E. was born about 1842 in Illinois.

Spouse: Christopher RENO. Children were: Lucy RENO, Emma RENO, Joseph RENO, John Thomas RENO, Fannie RENO, Nathan RENO, Tabitha E. RENO.

Tahey was born about 1908 in Missouri. Parents: George F. LEWIS and Ethyl M. HARLOW.

Talitha was born in Mar 1875 in Illinois.

Spouse: Alvin H. HISLE. Alvin H. HISLE and Talitha were married about 1893. Children were: Mable L. HISLE, Virgil L. HISLE, William J. HISLE, Gladys L. HISLE.


Spouse: Matthew G. COPPLE.


Spouse: Wallace "Wally" ALSPAUGH.


Spouse: Neal SHEARER.


Spouse: Robert J. "Bob" KELLY II.


Spouse: Nevin Harper SPIDLE.


Spouse: Dale DAVENPORT. Children were: Jake DAVENPORT, Zachary DAVENPORT, Wyatt DAVENPORT, Nathaniel DAVENPORT.


Spouse: Dick L. COX.


Spouse: Scott MCCOLLUM.


Spouse: Michael WHITT.


Spouse: GILLUM.

Spouse: Brock MORRILL. Brock MORRILL and Tammy were married on 13 Oct 1984 in Sikeston, Scott, Missouri. Children were: Brock MORRILL II, Lucas MORRILL, Zachary MORRILL, Judy MORRILL, Monica MORRILL.


Spouse: Kelly KIPP.


Spouse: Brant BURNS.

Tausha. Parents: unknown and Lisa JOHNSON.


Spouse: Brad BONDERER.

Teanya Ann.

Spouse: Nathan Zane OESCH. They were divorced in Mar 1999 in Livingston Co., Missouri.


Spouse: Jerry GRAHAM.

Telitha Alice was born about 1845 in Missouri.

Spouse: RIDER. RIDER and Telitha Alice were married about 1864 in Missouri.

Spouse: Sebron SNEED. Sebron SNEED and Telitha Alice were married on 16 Jul 1868 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Children were: Kate SNEED, Everett SNEED, Edgar SNEED.

Temperance "Tempa" was born between 1780 and 1790 in Delaware. She died after 1850.

Spouse: James HENDRICKS. Children were: David HENDRICKS, Lydia HENDRICKS, John HENDRICKS, Rachel HENDRICKS, Berthuley HENDRICKS, James H. HENDRICKS, Nelson HENDRICKS.

Spouse: Solomon COX. Solomon COX and Temperance "Tempa" were married on 22 Dec 1831 in Ray Co., Missouri. Solomon Cox and wife Tempa sold land in Livingston Co. in 1844. In 1850, they lived in Newton Co., Arkansas with her son, James. H. Hendrix.

Tenaphe S. was born about 1853 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Ruben OLMSTEAD. Children were: Sarah L. OLMSTEAD, Arrillious G. OLMSTEAD, John H. OLMSTEAD, Samuel F. OLMSTEAD, Mary E. OLMSTEAD, James N. OLMSTEAD.


Spouse: Arthur Sherman BARTLETT.


Spouse: Gerald OLNEY.


Spouse: William R. "Bill" THOMAS.


Spouse: Mark SYKES.


Spouse: Gary CASE Sr.


Spouse: William Leonard "Bill" WALTON. Children were: Carly Ashley Sue WALTON.

Teresa was born about 1864 in Illinois. Eight of her nine children survived to 1910.

Spouse: Alexander D. SCOTT. Alexander D. SCOTT and Teresa were married about 1899. Children were: Mary M. SCOTT, Alice E. SCOTT, Mariah A. SCOTT, John P. SCOTT, Belle Parker SCOTT, Sarah W. SCOTT, Sam C. SCOTT, Anna T. SCOTT.

Teresa Adelia was born in Jun 1833 in Ohio.

Spouse: Robert W. STEWART. Robert W. STEWART and Teresa Adelia were married about 1861. Children were: William C. STEWART.

Teresa Ann.

Spouse: Dennis Ray KNAPP.


Spouse: Kenneth Wayne SCHNEITER.


Spouse: Mark VAN DUSEN.


Spouse: Michael Anthony SINGER.


Spouse: Anne MCKIDDY.


Spouse: Dale ADAMS Sr. Children were: Dale ADAMS Jr., Donna ADAMS, Mary Lou ADAMS, Dean ADAMS.


Spouse: Floyd TRUMBO.


Spouse: Donald Clyde MINNICK. Children were: Donnie Ray MINNICK, Rickey MINNICK, Terry MINNICK.


Spouse: Harvey Ethan SPLAWN. Harvey Ethan SPLAWN and Thelma were married about 1941.


Spouse: WELLS. Children were: Russell Dale WELLS, Patricia Mae WELLS.

Spouse: Charles Edwin HARRIS. Children were: Dean HARRIS, Beverly HARRIS.

Thelma was born about 1908 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles NEAL. Children were: Kenneth NEAL, Norval NEAL, Marilyn NEAL, Norman Eugene NEAL.

Thelma was born about 1908 in Grundy Co, Missouri.

Spouse: Raymond Grant KELSEY. Children were: Patsy Joan KELSEY.

Thelma was born about 1913 in South Dakota.

Spouse: Howard Leo TYE. Children were: Bennie TYE, Arthur L. TYE.

Thelma G. was born about 1910 in Texas.

Spouse: Raymond H. IRWIN. Raymond H. IRWIN and Thelma G. were married about 1928.

Thelma I.

Spouse: David Lavere HUGHES. Children were: Patricia K. HUGHES, Linda P. HUGHES.

Thelma I. was born in 1913. She died in 1970. She was buried in Greenwood Addition Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Clarence Clay MCLAUGHLIN.

Thelma Lee was born on 12 May 1931. She died on 12 Sep 2009 in San Augestine, San Augustine, Texas. There was cremation.

Spouse: Keith Ronald BLANN.

Thelma M.

Spouse: Orbon T. BAKER.

Theresa was born about 1839 in Ohio.

Spouse: William Henry MEAD. William E. Mead owned a farm valued at $5,000 in 1860. Children were: David S. MEAD, Frank MEAD, Flora MEAD.

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