Edelsia was born about 1881 in Missouri.

Spouse: James W. FOXWORTHY. Edelsia and James W. FOXWORTHY were married about 1902. This was the second marriage for both James and Edelsia.

Spouse: REED. Edelsia and REED were married about 1895. Children were: Leoma REED, Gladys REED.

Edie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Archie A. TERRY. Edie and Archie A. TERRY were married. Children were: J. L. TERRY, Jennifer TERRY.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Austin Wesley RIDDLE. Edith and Austin Wesley RIDDLE were married.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert Bazil PEARL. Edith and Robert Bazil PEARL were married.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Claude Thomas COEN. Edith and Claude Thomas COEN were married.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elmer Albert BALES. Edith and Elmer Albert BALES were married.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harry H. BARNES. Edith and Harry H. BARNES were married. Children were: John H. BARNES.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph Hagger GRIMES. Edith and Joseph Hagger GRIMES were married.

Edith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Luke AILOR. Edith and Luke AILOR were married. Children were: John Calvin AILOR.

Edith was born on 30 April 1879 in Indiana.

Spouse: Charles MARSH. Edith and Charles MARSH were married about 1898. Children were: Charles L. MARSH Jr..

Edith was born about 1884 in Illinois.

Spouse: Charles Henry SMITH. Edith and Charles Henry SMITH were married about 1906. Children were: Luellen SMITH, Violet SMITH, Hazel SMITH, Velma SMITH, Mary SMITH.

Edith L. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Francis KAPPUS. Edith L. and John Francis KAPPUS were married.

Edith M. was born in January 1844 in Illinois.

Spouse: William P. HAMILTON. Edith M. and William P. HAMILTON were married about 1860. Children were: William J. HAMILTON, John W. HAMILTON, Martha A. HAMILTON, Francis A. HAMILTON.

Edith M. was born about 1883 in Virginia.

Spouse: Herbert D. HISLE. Edith M. and Herbert D. HISLE were married.

Edith O. was born in October 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: John T. GALLAMORE. Edith O. and John T. GALLAMORE were married about 1897. Children were: Samuel E. GALLAMORE.

Edith R. was born on 28 July 1891. She died on 12 January 1989 at the age of 97. She was buried in Princeton, Bureau, Illinois.

Spouse: Julius F. MORSE. Edith R. and Julius F. MORSE were married.

Editha was born about 1800 in Virginia.

Spouse: William H. LEATON. Editha and William H. LEATON were married. Children were: Hugh LEATON, Dell L. LEATON, William S. LEATON.

Spouse: Reuben LEATON. Editha and Reuben LEATON were married on 8 April 1834 in Lafayette Co., Missouri. Children were: Robert M. LEATON, Mary Jane LEATON, Lucy LEATON, Eliza LEATON, Susan LEATON.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel John "S. J." JONES. Edna and Samuel John "S. J." JONES were married.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Maxwell "Max" EVERLY. Edna and John Maxwell "Max" EVERLY were married.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frederick Walker SMITH. Edna and Frederick Walker SMITH were married.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: EDWARDS. Edna and EDWARDS were married.

Spouse: William N. HAMILTON. Edna and William N. HAMILTON were married on 13 September 1967 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Claude O. HATCHER Jr.. Edna and Claude O. HATCHER Jr. were married. Children were: Richard HATCHER, Phillip HATCHER, Janet HATCHER, Suzanne HATCHER.

Edna was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert M. RUNYAN. Edna and Robert M. RUNYAN were married. Children were: Johnny Ray RUNYAN.

Edna was born about 1872 in Ohio.

Spouse: Thomas Lewis BLACKWELL. Edna and Thomas Lewis BLACKWELL were married about 1908 in Colorado. This was Edna's first (and probably only) marriage.

Edna was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Wesley TEEL. Edna and Wesley TEEL were married. Children were: Roxie L. TEEL.

Edna was born about 1904 in Missouri.

Spouse: Dephen E. UPHOFF. Edna and Dephen E. UPHOFF were married about 1923.

Edna was born about 1917 in Missouri.

Spouse: Franklin Troy "Frank" NICHOLS. Edna and Franklin Troy "Frank" NICHOLS were married.

Edna E. was born about 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Benjamin Harrison PENDLETON. Edna E. and Benjamin Harrison PENDLETON were married. Children were: Veta R. PENDLETON, Helen C. PENDLETON.

Edna Henrietta was buried in Independence, Jackson, Missouri. Burial was in Salem Cemetery.

Spouse: Forest Oak HICKS. Edna Henrietta and Forest Oak HICKS were married.

Edna L. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sanford Hansbury DEERING. Edna L. and Sanford Hansbury DEERING were married.

Edna M. was born about 1889 in Kansas.

Spouse: Earl McAnally CRUZEN. Edna M. and Earl McAnally CRUZEN were married about 1903 in Missouri. Children were: Robert D. CRUZEN, Arelia M. CRUZEN, Delbert J. CRUZEN, Jesse CRUZEN, Berthiel CRUZEN, Thelma F. CRUZEN, Nathaniel G. CRUZEN.

Edna M. was born on 1 February 1914. She died on 30 December 1996 at the age of 82 in Cameron, Clinton, Missouri.

Spouse: Charles Thomas O'DELL. Edna M. and Charles Thomas O'DELL were married. Children were: Rex O'DELL, Glynn O'DELL, Charles Robert O'DELL.

Edwina was born (date unknown).

Spouse: B. Carl NICHOLS. Edwina and B. Carl NICHOLS were married. Children were: Phillip NICHOLS, Richard NICHOLS.

Effie was born in April 1855 in Missouri.

Spouse: Lewis TROSPER. Effie and Lewis TROSPER were married about 1870. Children were: Mary H. TROSPER, Alex Franklin "Frank" TROSPER, Mollie TROSPER, Oliver E. TROSPER, Elizabeth "Lizzie" TROSPER, Mattie TROSPER, Effie TROSPER, Edna TROSPER, Cicie TROSPER, Mildred TROSPER.

Effie was born in April 1879 in Missouri.

Spouse: Arthur MILBY. Effie and Arthur MILBY were married about 1900. Children were: Harold A. MILBY, Florence M. MILBY, Mildred MILBY.

Effie was born about 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Robert E. L. GAINES. Effie and Robert E. L. GAINES were married about 1899. Children were: Vesper GAINES.

Effie was born about 1890 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Frank PLUMMER. Effie and Frank PLUMMER were married about 1909. Children were: Frances Irene PLUMMER.

Effie was born about 1893 in Illinois.

Spouse: HAYS. Effie and HAYS were married. Children were: Bessie L. HAYS, Bernadine HAYS, Edward HAYS, Alton W. HAYS, Dorothy HAYS.

Spouse: Edward WHITESIDE Jr.. Effie and Edward WHITESIDE Jr. were married.

Effie was born about 1908 in Missouri.

Spouse: John D. EDWARDS. Effie and John D. EDWARDS were married. Children were: Virginia Lee EDWARDS, Leon EDWARDS, Dean EDWARDS.

Effie Alice was born about 1885 in Missouri.

Spouse: Bertis Homer "Bert" MORRISON. Effie Alice and Bertis Homer "Bert" MORRISON were married about 1903. Children were: Nina M. MORRISON, Kermit C. MORRISON, Mildred N. MORRISON.

Effie B. was born in February 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles W. POE. Effie B. and Charles W. POE were married about 1895. Children were: Eva POE, Leafa POE.

Effie J. was born in 1881 in Missouri. She died on 24 February 1931 at the age of 50 in Daviess Co., Missouri. She was buried in Masonic Cemetery, Jamesport, Missouri.

Spouse: Emmett BROOKSHIER. Effie J. and Emmett BROOKSHIER were married about 1905.

Effie Julia was born in 1883. She died in March 1958 at the age of 75. She was buried in Canon City, Fremont, Colorado.

Spouse: Rev. James Walter SIMMONS. Effie Julia and Rev. James Walter SIMMONS were married. Children were: Mary E. SIMMONS, daughter SIMMONS, Hurley Albert SIMMONS.

Effie M. was born in September 1863 in Missouri. She died before 1910 at the age of 47.

Spouse: George W. RAMBO. Effie M. and George W. RAMBO were married about 1890. Children were: Olive L. RAMBO.

Eglyndine was born in Missouri.

Spouse: William B. SMITH. Eglyndine and William B. SMITH were married. Children were: Merton Leon SMITH.

Eileen was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Richard Dale CHRISTISON. Eileen and Richard Dale CHRISTISON were married.

Elaine was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Brooks F. GIBSON. Elaine and Brooks F. GIBSON were married in 1945.

Elaine was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Richard SAMM.

Elaine was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Wilbur MABERRY. Elaine and Wilbur MABERRY were married.

Elaine was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Chester Francis HOWE Jr.. Elaine and Chester Francis HOWE Jr. were married.