Grace was born in February 1870 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: James M. FRENCH. Grace and James M. FRENCH were married.

Grace was born about 1885 in Kentucky.

Spouse: CAIN. Grace and CAIN were married. Children were: Annawill , Garnet .

Spouse: Aaron Morris BROYLES. Grace and Aaron Morris BROYLES were married.

Grace was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: William R. MORGAN Jr.. Grace and William R. MORGAN Jr. were married.

Grace was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Richard WINSCOTT. Grace and Richard WINSCOTT were married about 1904. Children were: Marvin WINSCOTT, Daisy WINSCOTT.

Grace was born about 1889. She died on 3 February 1978 at the age of 89 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Raymond D. RUSSELL. Grace and Raymond D. RUSSELL were married.

Grace was born about 1891 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ernest George CALDWELL. Grace and Ernest George CALDWELL were married about 1909. Children were: Ruby CALDWELL.

Grace was born on 2 January 1891 in Lewiston, Illinois. She died in 1968 at the age of 77 in Chillicothe Hospital, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois.

Spouse: Edward ST. CLAIR. Grace and Edward ST. CLAIR were married. Children were: Iona ST. CLAIR, Edward ST. CLAIR.

Grace was born about 1900 in Missouri.

Spouse: Russell S. SWITZER. Grace and Russell S. SWITZER were married.

Grace was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank BLACK. Grace and Frank BLACK were married. Children were: Edith Joan BLACK, Jean BLACK.

Grace was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Raymond BECKNER. Grace and Raymond BECKNER were married.

Grace A. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Fred W. MATCHETT. Grace A. and Fred W. MATCHETT were married. They were divorced.

Grace A. was born about 1882 in Missouri.

Spouse: Roy W. CORNELIUS. Grace A. and Roy W. CORNELIUS were married about 1910. Children were: Ralph CORNELIUS, Clara CORNELIUS, Dwight CORNELIUS.

Grace C. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James J. HALEY. This family lived in Howard Co., Missouri in 1935.Children were: Marvin W. HALEY, Bernard L. HALEY, Wendell F. HALEY, Gwendon J. HALEY, Donald L. HALEY, Beverly J. HALEY, William J. HALEY, Teddy Markham HALEY Sr..

Grace C. was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Uriah T. DAY. Grace C. and Uriah T. DAY were married. Children were: Audrey G. DAY, Glen F. DAY.

Grace C. was born on 6 May 1925. She died on 26 February 1997 at the age of 71 in Missouri. She was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jackson, Missouri.

Spouse: Ralph Manford BEVELLE. Grace C. and Ralph Manford BEVELLE were married.

Grace E. was born about 1901 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ambrose A. DOWELL. Grace E. and Ambrose A. DOWELL were married.

Gracie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mark BONDERER. Gracie and Mark BONDERER were married.

Gracie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dale FEESE. Gracie and Dale FEESE were married.

Gracie A. was born about 1891 in Missouri.

Spouse: Fred E. CAIN. Gracie A. and Fred E. CAIN were married. Children were: Frances P. CAIN, Virginia I. CAIN.

Gracie B. was born in October 1858 in Missouri. George and Gratia's only child died before reaching maturity.

Spouse: George Washington GILLILAN. Gracie B. and George Washington GILLILAN were married about 1884.

Gretchen died in Barrington, Cook, Illinois. She was buried in Meadville Cemetery, Linn, Missouri.

Spouse: A. Warren LIPPITT. Gretchen and A. Warren LIPPITT were married.

Griffith was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clara Leona CASE. Clara Leona CASE and Griffith were married.

Guerney was born about 1908.

Spouse: Paul G. READ. Guerney and Paul G. READ were married.

Guinde was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Glenn Charles MACDONALD. Guinde and Glenn Charles MACDONALD were married.

Gusta was born about 1882 in Missouri.

Spouse: David A. RIGGLE. Gusta and David A. RIGGLE were married about 1905. Children were: Willie RIGGLE.

Gwen was born in Wales.

Spouse: Robert JONES. Gwen and Robert JONES were married. Children were: Mary JONES, Harriett "Hattie" JONES.

Gwen was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mike BENNETT. Gwen and Mike BENNETT were married.

Gwen was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Lyman MCBEE. Gwen and John Lyman MCBEE were married.

Gwinllian was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Karl Jones MOSER. Gwinllian and Karl Jones MOSER were married.

Hallie was born about 1895 in Illinois.

Spouse: John A. "Fred" DILLEY. Hallie and John A. "Fred" DILLEY were married about 1921.

Hallie E. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Rollin ASHBROOK. Hallie E. and William Rollin ASHBROOK were married.

Hanna E. died in 1872. She was buried in Milan, Erie, Ohio.

Spouse: James V. DELAMATER. Hanna E. and James V. DELAMATER were married. Children were: Ida May DELAMATER.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Abraham WELKER. Hannah and Abraham WELKER were married. Children were: Samuel WELKER, Andrew WELKER.

Hannah was born in Ohio.

Spouse: David BALDWIN. Hannah and David BALDWIN were married. Children were: Jesse BALDWIN.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jonas POTTS. Hannah and Jonas POTTS were married. Children were: David POTTS, Jesse POTTS, Jonas POTTS, Samuel POTTS.

Hannah was born in Connecticut.

Spouse: Job HUBBARD. Hannah and Job HUBBARD were married. Children were: Elijah HUBBARD.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry PROSSER. Hannah and Henry PROSSER were married. Children were: Elwin A. PROSSER.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Benjamin ELLIS. Hannah and Benjamin ELLIS were married. Children were: Eddie ELLIS, Benny ELLIS, Donald Lester "Don" ELLIS.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David HARDY. Hannah and David HARDY were married. Children were: Arba Lafayette HARDY.

Hannah was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dustin WOEFLE. Hannah and Dustin WOEFLE were married.

Hannah was born about 1780 in prob Maryland. She died in Putnam Co., Tennessee. Parents: CharlesDawson ROCKHOLD and Ruth FORD.

Spouse: Jacob HYDER. Hannah and Jacob HYDER were married on 4 January 1798 in Carter Co., Tennessee.

Hannah was born about 1805 in Virginia. Hannah was Benedict Weldon's slave. Two known children were born of this relationship: Jennie and Rebecca. Hannah had three other children; they were born into slavery in 1837, 1842 and 1850 but their names are unknown.

SOURCE: Quinee Butler.

Spouse: Benedict WELDON. Children were: Jennie B. WELDON, Rebecca WELDON.

Hannah was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Luther LOWE. Hannah and Luther LOWE were married. Children were: John LOWE, Asa LOWE, Ely LOWE, Julia LOWE, Sarah LOWE, Hannah LOWE, Hester J. LOWE, Almira LOWE.

Hannah was born about 1820 in Ohio.

Spouse: FREEMAN. Hannah and FREEMAN were married.

Spouse: David H. STOUT. Hannah and David H. STOUT were married on 17 May 1846 in Decatur Co., Indiana. Children were: Mary Jane STOUT, Lewis Titus STOUT, Sarah Amanda "Sallie" STOUT, Martha E. STOUT.

Hannah was born in 1828. She died in 1904 at the age of 76. She was buried in St. Columban Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Patrick CARNEY. Hannah and Patrick CARNEY were married. Children were: Ellen CARNEY.

Hannah was born about 1853 in Ohio.

Spouse: DRAGOO. Hannah and DRAGOO were married. Children were: Jacob DRAGOO, Mary DRAGOO, Sophia Evelyn DRAGOO.

Hannah was born in July 1864 in Missouri.

Spouse: Franklin M. WARDEN. Hannah and Franklin M. WARDEN were married about 1899. Children were: Nora WARDEN.

Hannah E. was born in August 1841 in Ohio.

Spouse: Wilson G. BRITTON. Hannah E. and Wilson G. BRITTON were married about 1862. Children were: Rollin John BRITTON.

Hannah E. was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ray Russell PROCTOR. Hannah E. and Ray Russell PROCTOR were married. Children were: William Ray PROCTOR.

Hannah Elizabeth was born about 1801 in Ohio.

Spouse: James ARMSTRONG. Hannah Elizabeth and James ARMSTRONG were married. Children were: Sutlena ARMSTRONG, Sarah C. ARMSTRONG, Ulyses ARMSTRONG, Leander ARMSTRONG, Dorcus ARMSTRONG.