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Spouse: Joel SYKES.


Spouse: Clint TRENT.


Spouse: Adolphus D. "Dolph" HOOVER. Children were: Marion Ayers HOOVER.


Spouse: Montique SMITH. Children were: Nathaniel SMITH, Phillip B. SMITH, David I. SMITH.


Spouse: Alfred MCCOLLUM. Children were: Mary Elizabeth MCCOLLUM.


Spouse: Warren Perry STOCKWELL.

Jane was born in Ireland.

Spouse: Bernard MCMANUS. Children were: Elizabeth MCMANUS.


Spouse: Lynn KAVANAUGH. Children were: Kara Lynne KAVANAUGH.


Spouse: Charles Erie WILDER.


Spouse: Mike MCDONNAL.


Spouse: Harold HICKLIN.


Spouse: Robert CHUMBLEY. Children were: William T. CHUMBLEY.

Jane was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: Andrew CHUMBLEY. Children were: Robert CHUMBLEY.


Spouse: Moses O'DELL.


Spouse: Robert JONES. Children David and Eliza were still single in 1920. Children were: Margaret M. JONES, Jane JONES, Sarah JONES, David JONES, Ann JONES, Elizabeth "Eliza" JONES.


Spouse: Robert HUGHES. Children were: Catherine HUGHES.

Jane was born in New York.

Spouse: Noah CASTOR. Children were: George F. CASTOR.


Spouse: Thomas W. ALEXANDER. Children were: Joshua Willis ALEXANDER.

Jane was born in Wales.

Spouse: William John BENNETT. Children were: Sarah "Sadie" BENNETT.

Jane died on 1 Nov 1849.

Spouse: Samuel REED. Children were: John Jefferson REED.

Jane was born in 1765. She died on 21 Jan 1857. She was buried in Ridgeway, Iowa, Wisconsin.

Spouse: JAMES. Children were: Mary D. JAMES.

Jane was born about 1801 in Virginia.

Spouse: Alby WADDLE. Children were: Mary WADDLE, John S. WADDLE, Lewis WADDLE, Margaret WADDLE, William WADDLE, Giles WADDLE, Ellen WADDLE, Milton Green WADDLE.

Jane was born in 1804 in Kentucky. She died about Jan 1892 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. The place of burial is unknown. She was buried in White Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Henry HIBNER. Children were: Nicholas M. HIBNER, Felix HIBNER.

Jane was born about 1807 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Joseph TAYLOR. Children were: Artaminta TAYLOR, Julia Ann TAYLOR, Susan TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, Wesley TAYLOR, Samuel TAYLOR, Lucretia TAYLOR, Catharine TAYLOR, Thomas TAYLOR, Martha E. TAYLOR.

Jane was born about 1810 in England. She died about 1865 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas STRETCH. Children were: William STRETCH, M. STRETCH, Hannah Mariah STRETCH, Susan STRETCH.

Jane was born about 1816 in New Jersey.

Spouse: Daniel EARL. Children were: Charlotte EARL, John EARL, Mary EARL.

Jane was born about 1816 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Nathaniel Z. DAVIS. Children were: Joseph C. DAVIS, Jesse H. DAVIS, Elizabeth DAVIS, William A. DAVIS, Robert DAVIS, Ann Eliza DAVIS, Amanda M. DAVIS, Nathaniel DAVIS, Flint T. DAVIS, Margaret DAVIS.

Jane was born about 1826 in Kentucky.

Spouse: M. W. MOREN. Children were: James M. MOREN, Frederick MOREN, Laura MOREN, Henry MOREN.

Jane was born about 1829 in Indiana.

Spouse: GUTHRIE. Children were: Elihue GUTHRIE.

Jane was born about 1834 in Virginia.

Spouse: PATTON. Children were: Lillian PATTON.

Jane was born about 1837 in Tennessee.

Spouse: John B. OLIVER. Children were: Leonard OLIVER, Albert OLIVER, Charles OLIVER.

Jane was born about 1842 in Illinois.

Spouse: M. STRETCH.

Jane was born in Mar 1845 in Kansas.

Spouse: Thomas JONES. Thomas JONES and Jane were married about 1870. Children were: Wallace T. JONES.

Jane was born in Aug 1854 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Melvin SHIPLEY. Melvin SHIPLEY and Jane were married about 1875. Children were: Samuel J. SHIPLEY, Jennie Ethel SHIPLEY.

Jane was born about 1855 in Iowa.

Spouse: Fairfield MOODY. Children were: Flora MOODY, John MOODY, Reed MOODY, Lula MOODY.

Jane was born about 1861 in Iowa.

Spouse: Thomas LYON. Thomas LYON and Jane were married about 1880.

Jane was born about 1894 in Missouri.

Spouse: Arthur Eston RIDDLE.

Jane A. was born in Aug 1823 in Ohio.

Spouse: MCCONNELL. Children were: Martha "Mattie" MCCONNELL.

Jane A. was born in Jun 1825 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York. She died on 4 Feb 1905 in Wheeling Twp., Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Lewis HOWE. Lewis and Jane came to Wheeling Twp. from Camden, Ohio in 1872. Children were: Lucian B. HOWE, Volney J. HOWE.

Jane E. "Jennie" was born about 1828 in Isle of Jersey, England. She died on 30 Jul 1888 in Wheeling, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 31 Aug 1888 in Wheeling Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas SCRUBY. Children were: Frank SCRUBY, Edward SCRUBY.

Jane Lillis.

Spouse: Patrick E. "Pat" ARNESON.

Jane May was born in 1921. She died in 1989. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: James E. THORNTON Jr.


Spouse: Phil MCWILLIAMS.


Spouse: Duane GRAMENZ.


Spouse: Wayne CULVER.


Spouse: Roger David PARRISH.


Spouse: Dean ADKISON. Children were: David ADKISON.


Spouse: Gary PEARSON.


Spouse: Tom BARNHART. Children were: Adam BARNHART, Katherine BARNHART.


Spouse: Horace G. JACKSON.

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