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Lillie was born in Apr 1866 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ruben BEALS. Ruben BEALS and Lillie were married about 1888. Children were: Pearl I. BEALS, Theodore A. BEALS.

Lillie was born about 1866 in Ohio.

Spouse: George W. RUNION. George W. RUNION and Lillie were married about 1905. Children were: Sadie RUNION.

Lillie was born in Sep 1879 in Missouri.

Spouse: Hays WEBSTER. Hays WEBSTER and Lillie were married about 1899. Children were: Hazel WEBSTER.

Lillie was born about 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank Kenny WHITMAN. Frank Kenny WHITMAN and Lillie were married about 1906.

Lillie was born about 1884 in Missouri.

Spouse: Francis A. HAMILTON. Children were: Frederick HAMILTON, Floyd HAMILTON, Rex HAMILTON, Martha HAMILTON, John HAMILTON, Ruth HAMILTON, Virginia HAMILTON.

Lillie was born about 1906 in Arkansas.

Spouse: Willie WINGO. Willie WINGO and Lillie were married about 1924. Children were: Ruby WINGO, Alvin WINGO.

Lillie Almeda was born on 30 Oct 1867 in New Jersey. She died on 18 Apr 1932 in Wilson Twp., Grundy, Missouri. She was buried on 20 Apr 1932 in Stucker Cemetery, Grundy, Missouri.

Spouse: John Henry WARREN.

Lillie B. was born about 1892 in Missouri.

Spouse: Minor C. STEPHENS. Children were: Bertus STEPHENS, Mildred K. STEPHENS, Wilbur C. STEPHENS.

Lillie D. was born about 1882 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frederick Granville "Fred" BALLARD. Frederick Granville "Fred" BALLARD and Lillie D. were married about 1909.

Lillie E. was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: Francis Elbert MILLER. Francis Elbert MILLER and Lillie E. were married about 1910.

Lillie L. was born about 1885 in Missouri.

Spouse: Oliver I. FARBER. Oliver I. FARBER and Lillie L. were married about 1904. Children were: Iva Marie FARBER, Mary Hope FARBER, Katrina A. FARBER.

Lillie M. was born about 1874 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank STOCKTON. Frank STOCKTON and Lillie M. were married about 1892. Children were: Leona STOCKTON, Viola STOCKTON, Norene N. STOCKTON, Allen F. STOCKTON.

Lillie M. was born about 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: Joseph Henry HODGES. Joseph Henry HODGES and Lillie M. were married about 1900. Children were: Joseph D. HODGES, Theodore T. HODGES, Annie D. HODGES, Isaac N. HODGES, Emma M. HODGES.


Spouse: Odell DENTON. Children were: Ernie DENTON.

Lilly was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Durward Burdette JOHNSON. Durward Burdette JOHNSON and Lilly were married about 1929. Children were: George JOHNSON, Velma JOHNSON, Durward B. Johnson JOHNSON Jr.

Lilly M. was born about 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jess E. SIMS. Jess E. SIMS and Lilly M. were married about 1907. Children were: John E. SIMS, James P. SIMS.

Lilly M. was born about 1894 in Missouri.

Spouse: Andrew Gilbert PARKEY.

Lilly M. was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Roger Raymond MILLER.

Lina was born in Dec 1846 in Missouri.

Spouse: John MCQUADE. John MCQUADE and Lina were married about 1891.


Spouse: Robert CLEVENGER.


Spouse: Gordon GREGORY.


Spouse: Lloyd "Bud" THOMAS.


Spouse: Ben WILT. Children were: Martha Lynn WILT.


Spouse: Rev. Ray DREW. Children were: Jaime Lee DREW.


Spouse: James Howard CROOKSHANKS.


Spouse: Lloyd "Ed" JAMES.


Spouse: Thomas W. WALLIS.


Spouse: Terry STRETCH.


Spouse: Dale BOWE.


Spouse: David ALLEN.


Spouse: David Wyett GILLILAN.


Spouse: Melvin SALISBURY.


Spouse: Larry MURRY.


Spouse: Greg HOUGHTON.


Spouse: Stanley MURPHY.


Spouse: David Nelson WALKER.


Spouse: Stephen COX.


Spouse: Randy STREET.


Spouse: Brent KEPNER.

Line A. was born on 10 Jul 1824. She died on 21 Jul 1904. She was buried in Odessa, Lafayette, Missouri.

Spouse: Lewis Samuel DISHMAN. Children were: Nelson DISHMAN.


Spouse: Stephen MURRELL.


Spouse: Gary WELKER PhD.


Spouse: Loren Quinn HEAD.


Spouse: Scott MCWILLIAMS.

Lisa May.

Spouse: Donald Mark BIGGERSTAFF. Donald Mark BIGGERSTAFF and Lisa May were married in 1979.

Lissetta was born about 1825 in North Carolina.

Spouse: William WALKER. Children were: Amanda J. WALKER, Eliza WALKER, Owen WALKER, Susanna R. WALKER.

Lizzie was born in Apr 1867 in Illinois.

Spouse: John H. YOUNG. John H. YOUNG and Lizzie were married about 1893. Children were: Lloyd YOUNG, Frances YOUNG, dau YOUNG.

Lizzie was born in Mar 1870 in Missouri. She died on 26 Jun 1952 in State Hospital #2, St. Joseph, Missouri. She was buried on 28 Jun 1953 in Chillicothe Cemetery South, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Elmer JORDAN. Elmer JORDAN and Lizzie were married about 1890 in Missouri. Children were: Mattie JORDAN, Berilla JORDAN, Pauline JORDAN, Robert JORDAN, Amy A. JORDAN, Agnes JORDAN, LeRoy JORDAN.

Lizzie was born about 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: Joe MASON. Children were: Willie MASON, Jim MASON, Jewel F. MASON, Irene MASON, Eva MASON.

Lizzie B. was born in Mar 1877 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Edward D. MUSSER. Edward D. MUSSER and Lizzie B. were married about 1897. Children were: Manford C. MUSSER.

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