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Spouse: Steven GARBER.


Spouse: Kevin SIZEMORE.


Spouse: Timothy WAY.


Spouse: Joseph Elton POTTS.

Lori A.

Spouse: Andrew James BAKER.

Lorinda was born about 1863 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Joshua J. WILLIAMS. Joshua J. WILLIAMS and Lorinda were married about 1882.

Loris was born about 1898 in Missouri.

Spouse: George Ditzler WOODWARD. Children were: George WOODWARD, John WOODWARD.


Spouse: Myron Ray MCCULLY.

Lorri Marie.

Spouse: Forrest Randall WALKER.


Spouse: FRENCH.

Spouse: Ira O. WISE. Ira O. WISE and Lottie were married on 1 Jan 1905 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Bride and groom were of Carlow.

Lottie was born in Aug 1854 in Illinois. She died before 1910.

Spouse: Gillead FULLERTON. Gillead FULLERTON and Lottie were married about 1887. Children were: Monte FULLERTON, Starr FULLERTON, May FULLERTON, Earl FULLERTON.

Lottie was born about 1877 in Missouri.

Spouse: Joseph Patrick DOOLEY.

Lottie was born about 1877 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Samuel M. CUMMINGS.

Lottie Louise.

Spouse: Harold E. WRIGHT. Children were: Margaret Susan WRIGHT.

Lotus Irene.

Spouse: Dr. H. C. ROBERTS. Children were: Harry Claude ROBERTS.


Spouse: Frederick AUSTIN.


Spouse: Dr. Nathaniel L. JOHNSON Jr.


Spouse: Robert PENNINGTON.

Lou was born in Sep 1873 in Missouri.

Spouse: William Commodore HOOVER. William Commodore HOOVER and Lou were married on 23 Dec 1910 in Phillipsburg, Phillips, Kansas.

Lou Creatha was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: John M. KOGER.


Spouse: Russell BAKER.

Louie was born on 5 Nov 1857. She died on 26 Mar 1925. She was buried in Welsh Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Joshua J. WILLIAMS.

Louisa was born about 1807 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Benjamin COX. Children were: Lucinda COX, Sophia Rosa COX, Wiley COX, Gordon COX, Richard COX, Josiah COX, Speedwell COX, Mary J. COX.

Louisa was born about 1820 in Missouri.

Spouse: John Y. PORTER. Children were: Mary J. PORTER.

Louisa "Lucy" was born about 1821 in Ohio. She died on 22 Feb 1894. She was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: John ENGLAND. Children were: Christopher Columbus ENGLAND, William ENGLAND, Benjamin E. ENGLAND, George Washington ENGLAND, Mary Ellen ENGLAND, Lenora ENGLAND.

Louisa was born about 1846 in Missouri.

Spouse: Napolean B. CURL. Children were: Alice H. CURL, Minniie Ellen CURL.

Louisa was born about 1852 in Kentucky. Louisa was the mother of two children, both of which died before 1910.

Spouse: William Newton RAINES. William Newton RAINES and Louisa were married about 1894.

Louisa was born in Aug 1858 in Missouri.

Spouse: John N. GOSE. John N. GOSE and Louisa were married about 1888. Children were: Myrtle GOSE, Bessie L. GOSE, Jesse R. GOSE, Bertha E. GOSE.

Louisa was born about 1858 in Ohio.

Spouse: Isaac G. JOHNSON. Isaac G. JOHNSON and Louisa were married in 1910.

Louisa was born about 1865 in Missouri.

Spouse: John F. GUILL. John F. GUILL and Louisa were married about 1880.

Louisa was born in Oct 1869 in Missouri.

Spouse: James Franklin TERRY. Children were: Bonnie TERRY, Clarence TERRY, Roy TERRY.

Louisa A.

Spouse: Truman BASHFORD. Truman BASHFORD and Louisa A. were married about 1866.

Louisa A.

Spouse: William T. FIRTH. Children were: Clarence Edward FIRTH.

Louisa A. was born about 1896 in Illinois.

Spouse: Harvey C. FRAZIER.

Louisa C. was born about 1870 in Germany. She immigrated from Germany in 1882.

Spouse: John P. COHRS. Children were: Frieda E. COHRS, John G. COHRS, Alma R. COHRS, Anna H. COHRS, Lewis W. COHRS, Louis C. COHRS, Caroline H. COHRS, Joseph A. COHRS, Rebecca M. COHRS, Christopher C. COHRS.

Louisa E. was born in May 1834 in Virginia.

Spouse: William A. JOHNSON. William A. JOHNSON and Louisa E. were married about 1891.

Louisa Frances.

Spouse: James O. DYE. Children were: Robert T. DYE.

Louisa H. was born in Jun 1857 in Illinois.

Spouse: William F. KIRTLEY. William F. KIRTLEY and Louisa H. were married about 1886. Children were: Montie L. KIRTLEY.

Louisa J. died on 12 Apr 1886. She was buried in Enon Cemetery, Carroll, Missouri.

Spouse: Samuel H. LAFFERTY. Children were: Ulysess Grant LAFFERTY, Margaret M. LAFFERTY, Jacob A. LAFFERTY, Samuel Henry LAFFERTY.

Louisa M. was born about 1865 in Missouri.

Spouse: I. W. SARTAIN. I. W. SARTAIN and Louisa M. were married about 1885. Children were: Thomas F. SARTAIN, Flora L. SARTAIN, Iva Etha SARTAIN.

Louisa R. was born about 1862 in Virginia.

Spouse: Henry EDWARDS. Henry EDWARDS and Louisa R. were married about 1877. Children were: Lafayette B. EDWARDS.


Spouse: Samuel WELKER. Samuel WELKER and Louise were married about 1894.


Spouse: Fred SLIFE. Children were: Betty Lucille SLIFE, Mary Jane SLIFE, Fred Warren SLIFE, Jean SLIFE.


Spouse: Charles E. VORBECK Sr. Children were: Charles E. VORBECK Jr., David A. VORBECK.


Spouse: Henry MOLLENHAUER. Children were: Amelia Louise MOLLENHAUER.


Spouse: August GALBRECHT. Children were: William A. GALBRECHT.


Spouse: Jesse Lynn BIRD.


Spouse: Jerry B. VYROSTEK.

Louise died before 1910.

Spouse: James Daniel WILSON.

Louise was born about 1844 in Missouri.

Spouse: TINSLEY. Children were: Marie TINSLEY.

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