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Spouse: Samuel WELKER. Samuel WELKER and Louise were married about 1894.


Spouse: Fred SLIFE. Children were: Betty Lucille SLIFE, Mary Jane SLIFE, Fred Warren SLIFE, Jean SLIFE.


Spouse: Charles E. VORBECK Sr. Children were: Charles E. VORBECK Jr., David A. VORBECK.


Spouse: Henry MOLLENHAUER. Children were: Amelia Louise MOLLENHAUER.


Spouse: August GALBRECHT. Children were: William A. GALBRECHT.


Spouse: Jesse Lynn BIRD.


Spouse: Jerry B. VYROSTEK.

Louise died before 1910.

Spouse: James Daniel WILSON.

Louise was born about 1844 in Missouri.

Spouse: TINSLEY. Children were: Marie TINSLEY.

Louise was born about 1846 in Ohio.

Spouse: Andreas WIEDMIER. Andreas WIEDMIER and Louise were married about 1904.

Louise was born about 1879 in Kentucky.

Spouse: David Solomon "Sol" MCBRAYER. David Solomon "Sol" MCBRAYER and Louise were married about 1904. Sol and Louise had no children after six years of marriage.

Louise was born about 1897 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Charles R. O'BRIEN. Children were: Betty Louise O'BRIEN.

Louise was born about 1904 in Missouri.

Spouse: Lawrence E. BEST. Children were: Betty Lee BEST, Johnny Arthur BEST.

Louise was born about 1914 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles L. WELLS Jr.

Louise K. was born about 1861 in Wisconsin.

Spouse: William H. PEARSE. William H. PEARSE and Louise K. were married about 1886. Children were: Vera PEARSE, Owen PEARSE, Ruth PEARSE.

Louise M. was born about 1898 in Missouri.

Spouse: Chesley HILL.

Lounell was born about 1884 in Missouri. She died before 1963.

Spouse: Amos Coombs STIGERS. Children were: Geneva STIGERS, Fred A. STIGERS, Claude W. STIGERS, Lillie E. STIGERS, Samuel C. STIGERS.

Louretta was born about 1885 in Missouri.

Spouse: Nova S. STANLEY. Nova S. STANLEY and Louretta were married about 1904. Children were: Hubert R. STANLEY, Arthur Neal STANLEY, Robert G. STANLEY, Lauretta STANLEY, Clarence M. STANLEY, Nova G. STANLEY.

Louta was born about 1911 in Missouri.

Spouse: Howard SMITH. Children were: Benney E. SMITH, Freddy SMITH.

Louticia was born on 23 May 1841. She died on 24 Aug 1892 in Missouri. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: John MOON. Children were: Myrtle Esther MOON.

Lovey M. was born in Mar 1876 in Illinois.

Spouse: Hershel HEATH. Hershel HEATH and Lovey M. were married about 1894. Children were: Bird C. HEATH, Ruel R. HEATH.

Lovie was born in Jun 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Edward F. MARTZ. Edward F. MARTZ and Lovie were married about 1899. Children were: William MARTZ.

Lovie was born about 1901 in Tennessee.

Spouse: James T. CLINE. Children were: Beatrice CLINE, Hazel CLINE, J. W. CLINE, Thomas CLINE.


Spouse: Greg GIPE. Children were: Andrew GIPE, Jaden GIPE, Madison GIPE.

Luanna was born about 1835 in Virginia.

Spouse: Samuel W. WALKER. Children were: Margaret WALKER, Mary WALKER, James William WALKER, Cynthia WALKER, Elizabeth WALKER, Lorena B. WALKER.

Lucerne E. was born about 1916 in Missouri.

Spouse: Freemond Truman POND.

Lucetta was born about 1849 in Ohio.

Spouse: George W. ZENTZ. Children were: Daisy ZENTZ, Blanche ZENTZ.

Lucetta was born in Dec 1855 in Ohio.

Spouse: Richard WOLFE. Richard WOLFE and Lucetta were married about 1882. Children were: Frank L. WOLFE, Alvena M. WOLFE, Lydia B. WOLFE, Cornelius W. C. WOLFE, Hazel L. K. WOLFE.


Spouse: Milton TROSPER.


Spouse: Joseph KOEHLY. Children were: Patricia Sue "Pat" KOEHLY, Benny Joe KOEHLY.

Spouse: Jack Thomas JARRETT.


Spouse: Forrest B. BARGAR. Children were: John BARGAR, Mike BARGAR.


Spouse: Ralph LOWRY. Children were: James Woodrow LOWRY.

Lucille was born about 1875 in Missouri.

Spouse: John Cravens MCDONALD. John Cravens MCDONALD and Lucille were married about 1903.

Lucille was born about 1890 in Kansas.

Spouse: William Russell DONALDSON. Children were: Russell W. DONALDSON, Helen L. DONALDSON.

Lucille was born about 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Franklin DAVIS. Children were: Billy F. DAVIS, Peggy Lucille DAVIS.

Lucille was born about 1918 in Missouri. She lived in Knox Co., Missouri in 1935.

Spouse: Kenneth FORDYCE.

Lucille D. was born on 30 Aug 1931. She died on 14 May 2003. She was buried in Brassfield Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Carl Raymond LAMP. Children were: David LAMP, Dennis LAMP, Sally LAMP, Becky LAMP.


Spouse: HAGER. Children were: George Washington HAGER.


Spouse: William E. COMPTON. Children were: Susanah Belle COMPTON.


Spouse: Elmer Russell HAGGERTY.


Spouse: Estyl PRINGLE. Children were: Lillian Winifred PRINGLE.


Spouse: Alonzo COY. Alonzo Coy married Lucinda twice.

Lucinda died in 1898.

Spouse: Lewis DUNN Sr. Lewis DUNN Sr. and Lucinda were married in 1883.

Lucinda was born on 15 Aug 1817. She died on 12 Oct 1855. She was buried in DeWitt, Carroll, Missouri.

Spouse: John SMITH. Children were: Lucy Jane SMITH.

Lucinda was born about 1822 in Virginia.

Spouse: Jeptha IRELAND. Children were: John IRELAND, Darius IRELAND, Mary IRELAND, Silas IRELAND, Martha J. IRELAND, William L. IRELAND, Willis IRELAND, Sarah L. IRELAND, Elizabeth "Lizzie" IRELAND.

Lucinda was born in 1842 in Missouri.

Spouse: Andrew Jackson CASTOR.

Lucinda was born in Jul 1851 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas M. TROTTER. Thomas M. TROTTER and Lucinda were married about 1882. Children were: Laura L. TROTTER, Jonathan TROTTER.

Lucinda was born in 1851. She died on 24 Oct 1876 in Missouri. She was buried in Gibbons (formerly Boucher) Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Robert A. TODD. Children were: Susan L. TODD.

Lucinda was born about 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: Irvin W. MOLING. Irvin W. MOLING and Lucinda were married about 1903. Children were: Lester MOLING, Randall C. MOLING, Thomas E. MOLING, John M. MOLING, Preston W. MOLING, Mildred Louise MOLING, Warren Roger MOLING.

Lucinda C. was born in Mar 1860 in Indiana.

Spouse: William M. ALEXANDER. William M. ALEXANDER and Lucinda C. were married about 1878. Children were: Francis W. "Frank" ALEXANDER, Nellie ALEXANDER, Joseph ALEXANDER, Bessie M. ALEXANDER, William M. ALEXANDER, Hobart ALEXANDER, Corene ALEXANDER.

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