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Matilda J. was born about 1898 in Iowa.

Spouse: Charles LENT. Children were: Paul R. LENT.

Matilda M. was born in Jul 1848 in Indiana.

Spouse: Thomas J. FLEMING. Thomas J. FLEMING and Matilda M. were married about 1867. Children were: Elmer FLEMING, George F. FLEMING.


Spouse: Herbert FRANKE. Children were: Pearl Louise FRANKE.

Mattie was born about 1878 in Missouri.

Spouse: Martin Joseph FANGER. Martin Joseph FANGER and Mattie were married about 1904.

Mattie was born in 1887 in Alabama. She was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: LAWSON.

Spouse: Grover Cleveland WHITT. Grover Cleveland WHITT and Mattie were married on 17 Mar 1928 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. The groom was of Gallatin, the bride of Memphis, Tennessee.

Mattie A.

Spouse: Charles M. RHYNE. Both children are buried in Mooresville Cemetery. Children were: Johnnie B. RHYNE, Lawrence B. RHYNE.

Mattie Evelyn was born about 1873 in Missouri.

Spouse: Walter Samuel HAYS.

Mattie J. was born about 1849 in Kentucky.

Spouse: BROWN. Children were: Susie Mae BROWN.

Mattie M. was born about 1864 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ambrose L. UTT. Ambrose L. UTT and Mattie M. were married about 1887. Children were: Martin O. UTT.

Mattie M. was born about 1895 in Kansas.

Spouse: Pleasant H. HOUSE. Children were: Leah V. HOUSE, Leta M. HOUSE, Helen G. HOUSE.

Mattie S.

Spouse: Charles F. RODGERS. Charles F. RODGERS and Mattie S. were married on 19 Jul 1888 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Maud was born about 1864 in Iowa.

Spouse: BOOTH. Children were: Winfred BOOTH, Raymond BOOTH, Archie D. BOOTH, Vivian BOOTH, Lucille BOOTH, Mable BOOTH.

Maud was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank DOLE. Frank DOLE and Maud were married about 1904. Children were: Clarence Russell DOLE.

Maud was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: Nelson WARD Jr. Nelson WARD Jr. and Maud were married about 1908. Children were: Venus Arilla WARD.

Maud was born about 1892 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ralph ACREE. Children were: Floyd ACREE, Marjorie ACREE, Maud ACREE.

Maud L. was born in Feb 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: William Thomas SNIDOW. William Thomas SNIDOW and Maud L. were married about 1894. Children were: Grace H. SNIDOW, Leo P. SNIDOW.

Maud M. was born about 1877 in Indiana.

Spouse: Reuben G. SHOEMAKER. Reuben G. SHOEMAKER and Maud M. were married about 1903. This was the second marriage for both Ruben and Maud. Children were: Edith E. SHOEMAKER, Jennie M. SHOEMAKER, William T. SHOEMAKER.


Spouse: Ovid William BAKER. Children were: LeRoy BAKER.

Maude was born in Jul 1866 in South Carolina.

Spouse: Marsh ENCELL. Marsh ENCELL and Maude were married about 1896. Children were: Eleanor ENCELL.

Maude was born in Jul 1870 in Missouri.

Spouse: Sherman JOHNSON. Sherman JOHNSON and Maude were married about 1885. Children were: Mary E. JOHNSON, Alex D. JOHNSON, Virgil J. JOHNSON.

Maude was born in Jan 1873 in Missouri. Six of her eight children survived to 1910.

Spouse: NELSON. Children were: Delbert M. NELSON.

Spouse: William M. CAIN. William M. CAIN and Maude were married about 1895. Children were: Eliza S. CAIN, Mary L. CAIN, Sarah Evelyn CAIN, Golden H. CAIN, Willie B. CAIN.

Maude was born about 1882 in Missouri.

Spouse: Kirby H. STONE. Kirby H. STONE and Maude were married about 1901. Children were: Nell STONE.

Maude was born about 1885 in Kansas.

Spouse: William G. LILE. William G. LILE and Maude were married about 1903. Children were: Greta LILE.

Maude was born about 1885 in Missouri.

Spouse: Leonard A. MORRIS. Leonard A. MORRIS and Maude were married about 1907.

Maude was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: James Darrell HEMRY Jr. James Darrell HEMRY Jr. and Maude were married about 1904. Children were: Eldon Vern HEMRY, Frieda F. HEMRY, Letta M. HEMRY.

Maude was born about 1909 in Missouri.

Spouse: Harry Virgil YUILLE.

Maude G. was born on 8 Sep 1881 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana. She died on 18 Jun 1966 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 21 Jun 1966 in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Lewis O. HOWELL. Lewis O. HOWELL and Maude G. were married about 1902. Children were: Willard L. HOWELL, Sylvester G. HOWELL.

Maude M. was born about 1863 in Missouri.

Spouse: Alford G. JUSTICE. Alford G. JUSTICE and Maude M. were married about 1896. Children were: Carmen JUSTICE, Paul F. JUSTICE, Hildred E. JUSTICE, Grant JUSTICE, Delmar JUSTICE, Gordon JUSTICE.

Maude May.

Spouse: Charley Virgil HUGHS.

Maude Susan.

Spouse: William Richard APPLEBERRY. Children were: Arvilla APPLEBERRY, Ida L. APPLEBERRY.

Maude V.

Spouse: Otis SMITH.

Maurine was born about 1895 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jay Henri SMITH. Children were: Morris R. SMITH.

Maurine G. was born in 1908 in Missouri. She died in 1973. She was buried in Kingston Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Stephen Jerome "Steve" MILLETT. Children were: James S. MILLETT.

Maury Jane.

Spouse: Jacob CARRY. Children were: Lydia A. CARRY.


Spouse: Robert D. CLARK Jr.


Spouse: James Wayne DINNEL.


Spouse: Richard B. NICHOLS.


Spouse: Lloyd Clinton LYMAN Jr.


Spouse: Alvin FRANKS.


Spouse: Fred FROST.


Spouse: George McGee AMICK. They were divorced in Caldwell Co., Missouri.


Spouse: George D. MCARTHUR.


Spouse: George Franklin MINNIS.


Spouse: Alton BRAY.

May was born abr 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Loren JACOBS. Children were: Lorene JACOBS, Mildred JACOBS.


Spouse: William SMITH. Children were: Mary Verna "Vernie" SMITH.

May was born in Nov 1868 in Iowa.

Spouse: Edgar FULTON. Edgar FULTON and May were married about 1894. Children were: Elizabeth FULTON.

May was born about 1874 in Missouri.

Spouse: Elmer Luther WILLIAMS. Elmer Luther WILLIAMS and May were married about 1898. They were divorced. Children were: Orville WILLIAMS, Linnie WILLIAMS, Emmett WILLIAMS, Lela WILLIAMS, Jennie WILLIAMS.

May was born in Aug 1875 in Missouri.

Spouse: George MOREN. George MOREN and May were married about 1893. Children were: Viva MOREN.

May was born about 1875 in Missouri.

Spouse: John HALL. Children were: Edna HALL, Alma HALL, Beula HALL, Mable HALL, Opal HALL, Glen Raymond HALL, Leona HALL.

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