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Rhoda P. was born about 1855 in Tennessee.

Spouse: WOOD. Children were: Uel Simeon WOOD.

Rhoda V. was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Glenn DUFFEY.


Spouse: Dr. William Bryan COPPLE.


Spouse: Teddy Joe "T. J." SANSON.


Spouse: Dr. Paul GROOMS.


Spouse: Denny CLEVENGER.


Spouse: Jerry Dean CAPPS.


Spouse: Charles MAPLES.

Rhonda was born on 21 Sep 1963.

Spouse: Alan THOMSON. Alan THOMSON and Rhonda were married on 8 Jan 1999. Children were: Christopher THOMSON, Tyler THOMSON.

Richard J.

Spouse: Carrie Lucille HAYNES.

Rilla was born about 1868 in Iowa.

Spouse: Louis BURGY. Louis BURGY and Rilla were married about 1906. This was the second marriage for both Louis and Rilla.


Spouse: Earl Kenneth ETHERTON. Children were: Steve ETHERTON, Hazel ETHERTON, Vicki ETHERTON.


Spouse: Floyd Emanuel TAGUE Jr.


Spouse: O. Deane JACOBS.


Spouse: Howard B. EVANS. Children were: Janet EVANS.


Spouse: Larry JONES.

Rita was born about 1909.

Spouse: William C. WEBSTER. William C. WEBSTER and Rita were married on 15 Feb 1948 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. The bride was of St. Joseph, the groom of Cowgill.

Robbie was born about 1913 in Missouri.

Spouse: Kenneth Elsworth ALEXANDER. Children were: Kenneth Lee ALEXANDER.

Robert Dean. Parents: Loren L. SNYDER and Alice Ruth SHAUL.

Robert W. was born in 1836 in Virginia. He died in 1907. He was buried in Best Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Sarah Jane ROYSTON.


Spouse: Walter Lee BURNER.


Spouse: Paul Everett JONES.


Spouse: Dr. Theodore R. "Ted" SADLER Jr.


Spouse: James "Jim" SEARCY. Children were: Karma SEARCY.


Spouse: Paul Ivan HARDMAN.


Spouse: Richard BASSETT.


Spouse: Rick SURBER.


Spouse: Ronnie DEPUY.

Roe Nan was born about 1900 in Missouri.

Spouse: Brew Jackson HOUGHTON. Children were: William T. "Bill" HOUGHTON.


Spouse: Theo Clifton MAPLES.

Romaine F. was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Paul R. TIBBS.


Spouse: RANDOLPH. Children were: Kim RANDOLPH.

Spouse: Jim EADS. Children were: Jimmy EADS, Dale EADS, Donna EADS, Tina EADS.

Ronald. Parents: Loren L. SNYDER and Alice Ruth SHAUL.


Spouse: Jay KELLY.


Spouse: Phil HOUGHTON.


Spouse: Tom BACON.

Roosevelt I. was born about 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: George Alfred BENCH.


Spouse: CADDELL.

Spouse: Isaac Lewis MCCOSKRIE. Isaac Lewis MCCOSKRIE and Rosa were married on 16 Apr 1922 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chillicothe.


Spouse: Louis Edgar BARLOW.


Spouse: James William LOCKE. They were divorced.


Spouse: Noah E. AUTENRIETH. Children were: Walter AUTENRIETH.


Spouse: Charles Dorsey SINGLETON.

Rosa was born about 1861 in Illinois.

Spouse: Joseph M. RINKER. Joseph M. RINKER and Rosa were married about 1876. Children were: Elsie D. RINKER, Frances RINKER, Bertha RINKER.

Rosa was born about 1872 in Kentucky.

Spouse: GOODING. Children were: Gladys GOODING, Nannie GOODING, May GOODING.

Rosa E.

Spouse: William H. MACE. Children were: Samuel MACE, Frances MACE, Jesse B. MACE.

Rosa M. was born in 1875. She died in 1952. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Amos M. PALMETER.

Rosalee was born in Aug 1850 in Vermont.

Spouse: BARRON. BARRON and Rosalee were married before 1895.

Spouse: John Wesley DEVAUL. John Wesley DEVAUL and Rosalee were married on 4 Jun 1896.

Rosalie was born about 1821 in Canada.

Spouse: LESAIRE. Children were: Francis LESAIRE, Delia LESAIRE, Duadge LESAIRE.

Rosana was born about 1824 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: GILMORE. Children were: Mary L. GILMORE.

Rosanna "Rose".

Spouse: John FOSTER Jr. John FOSTER Jr. and Rosanna "Rose" were married in 1749. Children were: Amelia FOSTER, Isaac FOSTER, John FOSTER, Jesse FOSTER, Josiah FOSTER, Joel FOSTER, Louisa FOSTER, Sarah FOSTER.

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