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Spouse: Clifford Arnold WILHITE. Clifford Arnold WILHITE and Ruth were married about 1957.


Spouse: Donald KLINGENSMITH.


Spouse: Charles Chapman STOTLER.


Spouse: William DEWITT. Children were: Lena DEWITT, Ray DEWITT, Ron DEWITT, Bryan DEWITT.


Spouse: John HAYNES.


Spouse: Raymond L. "Ray" KARST. Children were: Ronald KARST, Patsy KARST.


Spouse: John ALLEN. Children were: Martha Louise "Polly" ALLEN.

Ruth was born about 1828 in New Jersey.

Spouse: William LORENTZ. Children were: Anneta "Nettie" LORENTZ.

Ruth was born about 1840 in Indiana.

Spouse: Henry COEN. Children were: Lillie COEN, Ora COEN, Cora COEN.

Ruth "Pansy" was born about 1882 in Illinois. Her father lived in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1923.

Spouse: Philander Perry SPRAGUE. Children were: Irene SPRAGUE.

Ruth was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: William Stokely GUFFEY. Children were: Mary J. GUFFEY.

Ruth was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Cecil LOWREY. Children were: Charles A. LOWREY, Lavon LOWREY, Henry LOWREY, Geraldine LOWREY.

Ruth was born about 1904 in Missouri.

Spouse: HOLT. Children were: Howard E. HOLT, Blanche E. HOLT.

Spouse: Leo A. SISK. Children were: Bessie Lou SISK, Leo Don SISK, Patsy Jane SISK, Aneta Ruth SISK.

Ruth was born about 1909 in Missouri.

Spouse: Harry COLE. This family lived in Cooper County, Missouri in 1935. Children were: Richard Keith COLE.

Ruth E. was born on 11 Jan 1908. She died on 30 Apr 1997 in Cameron, Clinton, Missouri.

Spouse: Clay Wilbur LOTZ.

Ruth L.

Spouse: Fred Clare STREETER.

Ruth L. was born on 19 Jul 1909 in Missouri. She died on 9 Apr 2008 in Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri. She was buried on 14 Apr 2008 in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Floyd Wayne MCCUBBIN. Floyd Wayne MCCUBBIN and Ruth L. were married in 1930. Floyd and Ruth were lifelong residents of Hamilton.

Ruth M. was born on 12 Jan 1833 in Ohio. She died on 12 Jun 1908 in Nichols Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: James Allen WARD. James Allen WARD and Ruth M. were married about 1852. Children were: Mounts O. WARD.

Ruth N. was born about 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Benjamin H. "Ben" LEE. Children were: Eugene B. LEE.

Ruth? was born in Aug 1869 in Missouri.

Spouse: Robert FAULKNER. Robert FAULKNER and Ruth? were married about 1889. Children were: Robie FAULKNER.

Rutha A. was born in Nov 1848 in Illinois.

Spouse: Sidney D. SHATTUCK. Sidney D. SHATTUCK and Rutha A. were married about 1867.


Spouse: William H. LITTRELL.


Spouse: Clark CARLTON.

S. was born about 1805.

Spouse: HAMILTON. Children were: Mary E. HAMILTON, Joseph Warren HAMILTON.

S. A. was born about 1863 in Alabama.

Spouse: Samuel Wiley BENCH Jr. Children were: Mary BENCH.

S. Florence was born about 1862 in Missouri.

Spouse: Henry MOTT. Henry MOTT and S. Florence were married about 1878. Children were: Jennie L. MOTT.

S. K. was born about 1815 in Alabama.

Spouse: John W. COOK. Children were: Louisa Catherine COOK.

S. Maude was born about 1880 in Missouri. She died in 1968. She was buried in Pattonsburg Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Burial was in Old Town Cemetery.

Spouse: Robert Hamilton ROYSTON. Children were: Ruby ROYSTON, Pauline ROYSTON, Mabel F. ROYSTON.

S. P. was born about 1815 in Ireland.

Spouse: John CANADA. John was a shoemaker in Mooresville in 1870. Son Patrick worked on the railroad and owned a home valued at $250. Children were: John Patrick CANADA, Thomas CANADA, James CANADA.


Spouse: Robert R. FRAZIER.

Sabina was born about 1807 in Kentucky.

Spouse: RIGS. Children were: Mary RIGS, Charity RIGS, Abigail RIGS, Francis RIGS.

Sabrina was born about 1851 in Canada.

Spouse: Francis LESAIRE.

Sabrina was born about 1866 in Indiana.

Spouse: Joseph MCCOY.

Sabrina Watkins was born on 21 Jan 1803 in North Carolina. She died on 11 Nov 1876. She was buried in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa.

Spouse: Ninevah BARNES Jr. Children were: Andrew Jackson BARNES.

Sadie. She was said to be 100% Kickapoo Indian.

Spouse: Robert ARNEL. Children were: John F. ARNEL.


Spouse: Robert SHULTZ. Children were: Grover SHULTZ, Pauline SHULTZ, Kenneth SHULTZ, Earl SHULTZ.


Spouse: JAMESON.

Spouse: James Samuel STECKER. James Samuel STECKER and Sadie were married on 30 Mar 1917 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. The bride was of Kansas City, Missouri, the groom of Winston.


Spouse: Doug LEABO.

Sadie was born about 1860 in Wisconsin.

Spouse: CALLISON. Children were: James CALLISON.

Sadie was born about 1877 in Missouri.

Spouse: Dr. Horace Simpson DOWELL.

Sadie B. was born about 1877 in Illinois.

Spouse: Theodore T. JOHNSTON. Theodore T. JOHNSTON and Sadie B. were married about 1896. Children were: Lucille JOHNSTON, Blanche E. JOHNSTON, Gladys JOHNSTON, George Raymond JOHNSTON, Imogene JOHNSTON, Ethel B. JOHNSTON.

Sadie J. was born about 1852 in Missouri. She died on 14 Dec 1924 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. She was buried in Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Henry D. LEEPER. Children were: Dora LEEPER, Maude LEEPER, Zana LEEPER.

Sadie Leora was born on 14 Nov 1895. She died on 20 Apr 1991. She was buried in Enon Cemetery, Carroll, Missouri.

Spouse: Elijah William JOHNSON.


Children were: Retta E. GRITTON.

Sallie was born in Canada.

Spouse: Edward HANDLEY. Children were: Katherine G. "Kate" HANDLEY.


Spouse: John P. HUGGETT. Children were: Grace HUGGETT.

Sallie was born in Virginia.

Spouse: William ALLEN. Children were: Sarah P. "Sallie" ALLEN.

Sallie died before Jul 1900.

Spouse: Thomas B. CROWDER. Children were: Dudley K. CROWDER, Benjamin Franklin CROWDER.

Sallie was born about 1856 in Missouri.

Spouse: Harrison GUDGELL. Children were: Arthur GUDGELL, Frank GUDGELL, Harry GUDGELL, George GUDGELL, Tina M. GUDGELL, Roy GUDGELL.

Sallie was born about 1869 in Illinois.

Spouse: Dennis BOWMAN. Dennis BOWMAN and Sallie were married about 1888. Children were: M. K. BOWMAN, C. H. BOWMAN, Pearl M. BOWMAN, W. H. BOWMAN, M. E. BOWMAN, Vera O. BOWMAN, Delores BOWMAN.

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