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Sarah Josephine was born in Jul 1832 in Kentucky. She died after Jun 1900.

Spouse: Henry GRITTON. Henry GRITTON and Sarah Josephine were married about 1855. Children were: Louis GRITTON, Almira GRITTON, Nathan GRITTON.

Sarah L.

Spouse: WILTY.

Spouse: Adolphus D. WHITT. Adolphus D. WHITT and Sarah L. were married on 17 Oct 1920 in Jamesport, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Gallatin.

Sarah L. was born about 1846 in Maine. All three of her children survived to 1910.

Spouse: William R. COE. William R. COE and Sarah L. were married about 1869.

Sarah L. was born in May 1855 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: John H. BEERS. John H. BEERS and Sarah L. were married about 1881. Children were: Pricilla E. BEERS, Hilton BEERS, Jesse BEERS, Lorna Doone BEERS.

Sarah L. was born about 1875 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Joseph B. WILSON. Joseph B. WILSON and Sarah L. were married about 1896.

Sarah M.

Spouse: Levi M. SCHOLL. They were divorced on 25 Mar 1891 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Levi sued Sarah for divorce, citing desertion.

Sarah M. was born in 1805. She died in 1864 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Abraham FANCKBONER. Children were: Mary FINGBONER.

Sarah M. was born about 1830 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Washington WADE. Children were: George WADE, Margaret WADE.

Sarah M. was born on 9 Jan 1834 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York. She died on 20 Dec 1893. She was buried in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Henry J. RICE. Children were: George William RICE, Eudora L. "Dora" RICE, Frank RICE, Blake RICE.

Sarah M. was born in Jun 1843 in Ohio.

Spouse: Zenas F. JAGGER. Zenas F. JAGGER and Sarah M. were married about 1865. Children were: John C. JAGGER, Zenas N. JAGGER, Nancy G. JAGGER.

Sarah M. was born about 1846 in Illinois.

Spouse: THOMPSON. Children were: Nellie THOMPSON.

Sarah M. was born in Nov 1847 in Tennessee.

Spouse: George Washington GARST. George Washington GARST and Sarah M. were married about 1867. Children were: Nina GARST, Florence GARST, Frederick C. "Fred" GARST, Sarah E. GARST, Rufus Montgomery GARST, Benjamin F. GARST, Grace GARST, Edina A. GARST, Roy GARST, George Ray GARST.

Sarah M. was born about 1851 in Ohio.

Spouse: Martin BISHOP.

Sarah M. was born in Nov 1854 in Missouri.

Spouse: Oliver "Ollie" SHEPHERD. Oliver "Ollie" SHEPHERD and Sarah M. were married about 1876. Children were: Homer SHEPHERD, Denslow H. SHEPHERD, Merton SHEPHERD, Mary SHEPHERD, Corda SHEPHERD, Philetus SHEPHERD.

Sarah M. was born about 1870 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Oliver B. DRYDEN. Oliver B. DRYDEN and Sarah M. were married on 26 Mar 1901. Children were: Mary L. DRYDEN, David DRYDEN, Charles E. DRYDEN.

Sarah Matilda was born in Sep 1869 in Texas.

Spouse: William Albert PETERSON. William Albert PETERSON and Sarah Matilda were married about 1896. Children were: William Waldo PETERSON, John L. PETERSON.

Sarah Olive.

Spouse: John William KEITH. Children were: Carrie Olive KEITH, John L. KEITH.

Sarah Priest was born about 1801 in Maryland. She died in 1855 in Grundy Co., Missouri.

Spouse: David WILSON. David WILSON and Sarah Priest were married in 1817 in Morgan Co., Ohio. David and Sarah were killed in Grundy Co., Missouri in 1855. Children were: Susan WILSON, Permilia WILSON, Nathan WILSON, Jonathan Thomas WILSON, Margaret WILSON, William James WILSON, Lydia Ann WILSON.

Sarah R. was born about 1850 in Missouri.

Spouse: James Riley SWITZER. Children were: Oscar SWITZER, George SWITZER, Sanora SWITZER.

Sarah R. Mitchell.

Spouse: William P. OVERTON. Children were: John E. OVERTON.

Sarah Rachel.

Spouse: Isaac PLUMMER. Children were: George Washington PLUMMER.

Sarah S. was born about 1830 in Indiana.

Spouse: William BRISTOW. Children were: Margaret BRISTOW.

Sarah Scranton was born in 1726 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut. She died on 28 Jan 1772 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut. She was buried in North Madison, New Haven, Connecticut.

Spouse: Deacon Thomas STONE. Children were: James STONE.

Sarah W. was born about 1826 in Virginia.

Spouse: William B. HAYS. Children were: Samuel Henry HAYS, David HAYS.


Spouse: David COOK.


Spouse: James "Jim" BURK.


Spouse: Jeffrey CROOKSHANKS. Children were: Charlotte CROOKSHANKS.


Spouse: Amos BANISTER. Children were: Elizabeth BANISTER.

Savanna was born about 1880 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Frederick "Fred" TURNER. Frederick "Fred" TURNER and Savanna were married about 1903. Children were: Mary P. TURNER, Dean E. TURNER.


Spouse: Ann REED.

Selecia was born about 1816 in Vermont.

Spouse: Nathan SMITH. Children were: Ann SMITH, Olive SMITH, Lewis SMITH, John SMITH, Howell SMITH.

Selena was born in Jul 1848 in Missouri. She is also identified as Senora. Living with Senora in 1910 was her step-mother, Mrs. Mary Ann Noblitt.

Spouse: HARRELL. Children were: Milton HARRELL, Cora A. HARRELL, Robert S. HARRELL, Wayne N. HARRELL.

Selena A. was born about 1862 in Missouri.

Spouse: Crittendon J. FEURT. Crittendon J. FEURT and Selena A. were married about 1883.

Selina "Lina" was born in Feb 1864 in Illinois.

Spouse: John H. AYE. John H. AYE and Selina "Lina" were married about 1886. Children were: Murry L. AYE, Clara Winona "Nona" AYE, Lucy M. AYE, Frederick H. "Fred" AYE, Ralph B. AYE, Clarence H. AYE, Robert E. AYE.

Serena Ann was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: John A. NIESMER. Children were: Anna Lee NIESMER.

Serena Johnson was born on 2 Sep 1846 in Harper Co., West Virginia. She died on 2 Feb 1926 in Jamesport Twp., Daviess, Missouri. She was buried on 4 Feb 1926 in Masonic Cemetery, Jamesport, Missouri. All four of her children survived to 1910.

Spouse: Sobeski A. SHAFFER. Sobeski A. SHAFFER and Serena Johnson were married on 24 May 1866. Children were: Ida May SHAFFER, Amanda J. "Minnie" SHAFFER, Allen Lee "Al" SHAFFER, Sobeski Adolphus "Doc" SHAFFER Jr.


Spouse: John ENGLAND. Children were: Serilda ENGLAND.

Serilda A. was born in Apr 1855 in Illinois.

Spouse: John JEFFRIES. John JEFFRIES and Serilda A. were married about 1875. Children were: William B. JEFFRIES, Anna B. JEFFRIES, Waldo JEFFRIES, Milo Enoch JEFFRIES.

Serphina E. was born in Feb 1854 in Missouri.

Spouse: Isaac Martin SWOFFORD. Isaac Martin SWOFFORD and Serphina E. were married about 1873. Children were: Clarence SWOFFORD, Everett R. SWOFFORD, Lona B. SWOFFORD, Richard E. SWOFFORD, Clara E. SWOFFORD.

Setha Agnes was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: John Bryant JONES. Children were: Setha Agnes JONES, John Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" JONES.


Spouse: Andrew Jackson BOTTS.


Spouse: Luke GRIFFIN.


Spouse: Kelly ELLIOTT.


Spouse: Richard BAKER.


Spouse: Daniel Ewing SMITH.


Spouse: Daniel Lee EWING.


Spouse: Wayne HARPER.


Spouse: James OLNEY.


Spouse: Larry Dwain HUFF.


Spouse: Charles Leroy PETERS. Children were: Tyson PETERS, Corbin PETERS.

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