Black Oak School


This school was in Davis Township, Caldwell County, Missouri.

From the end of World War II to about 1960, Paul Nail taught mathematics and electronics technology at Central Technical Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.

1 Paul Nail, Teacher17 Blanche Voyles
2 Carl Voyles18 Nadine Silkwood
3 Lois Clevenger19 ____ Archer
4 John Lowry20 Vivian Lane
5 Mida Mae Cox21 Patsy Cane
6 Jimmie Hatfield22 Harold Lowry
7 Wilma Lee Davis23 Marie Davis
8 Irving Clevenger24 Lavere McBee
9 Ruby Clevenger25 F. D. Lamley
10 C. L. "Bud" Petty26 Floyd Leake
11 Harold Voyles27 Rowena Bryant
12 Mildred Wheeler28 Willie Clevenger
13 Wayne Clevenger29 Helen Cane
14 Ival Cramlet30 Perry Davis
15 Billy Petty31 Charles David Lowry
16 Betty Lee Bryant32 Raymond Lee Bisel

Thanks to Jimmie L. Hatfield of Springfield, Missouri, for sharing this photo!

[Black Oak School, 1934]