Daviess County, Missouri, Divorces 1842-1896

This information was extracted from the original records in the office of Clerk of Daviess Co. Circuit Court. The date reflects the year in which the petition for divorce was heard by the court. In most cases the divorce was granted the same year. In a few cases, the petition was denied by the court or was withdrawn by the petitioner. There are several instances in which the couple reconciled their differences but re-filed for divorce some time later.

Alexander, Sarah A.Jno. Alexander1892
Allen, W. K.Lucy A. Allen1896
Baker, Alois M.Mary E. Baker1882
Baldwin, J. H.Sarah M. Baldwin1882
Baldwin, J. H.Sarah M. Baldwin1883
Baley, MattieGeorge Baley1893
Barnes, Belle F.J. H. Barnes1881
Barnes, JamesMary Barnes1850
Bear, Mary A.G. H. Bear1889
Bell, Eliza C.O. H. Bell1873
Bell, Eliza W.Jasper N. Bell1894
Bellomy, Sarah M.Joseph Bellomy1883
Best, Mary A.Silas Best1886
Black, WilliamNancy Black1894
Blankenship, Benj.Sarah Blankenship1886
Blankenship, Mary E.Jno. Blankenship1873
Blizzard, J. H.Cordelia A. Blizzard1891
Bonnie, Julia A.Jno. A. Bonnie1883
Boughman, J. W.Anna N. Boughman1886
Boughman, J. W.Anna N. Boughman1889
Bradley, J. M.G. H. Bradley1889
Brosius, S. T.Inez T. Brosius1891
Broughton, MaryJ. A. Broughton1891
Brown, AdalinePhilip Brown1875
Brown, Emily C.John Brown1893
Brown, FannieJohn Brown1891
Brown, Jno. A.Kiziah Brown1890
Brown, Lydia J.Josiah Brown1881
Brown, MaggieGeorge Brown1886
Brown, RosaD. H. Brown1896
Brune, JosephineGeorge Brune1878
Brunegor, SusannahJno. P. Brunegor1879
Bryant, Minnie M.W. P. Bryant1891
Bryess, Saul D.Mary E. Bryess1883
Burdick, ElizabethM. L. Burdick1883
Burnes, Nancy A.James Burnes1881
Burnham, Nancy J.W. W. Burnham1884
Byrd, Jno. S.Emma Byrd1891
Campbell, Sarah C.J. H. Campbell1880
Carson, Emily A.Samuel Carson1881
Carson, Emma A.S. M. Carson1884
Casebolt, EmmaBenjamin Casebolt1886
Chiles, GeorgeConey Chiles1891
Christie, J. B.Lethe Christie1859
Clore, Clarinda M.G. W. Clore1879
Cochran, G. W.Percilla P. Cochran1894
Cole, MaryThomas Cole1890
Cole, ThomasMary Cole1890
Colgrove, Amanda B.Levi Colgrove1886
Colver, W. A..Elizabeth Colver1886
Comstock, Jennie F.F. M. Comstock1881
Conwell, A. J.Arvilla Conwell1889
Corley, EllenM. J. Corley1883
Cornell, Nancy J.A. L. Cornell1883
Coulburn, D. W.Sarah Coulburn1891
Cratie, Mary E.S. T. Cratie1882
Creigo, Sarah L.Samuel Creigo1893
Crisp, BularHattie Crisp1889
Croft, Jno.Alma Croft1886
Crowder, MollieBenj. F. Crowder1894
Croy, EnochAmanda M. Croy1879
Croy, S. E.Sampson Croy1874
Culver, W. A.Minnie M. Culver1886
Daly, ElizabethJ. S. Daly1842
Darnell, Sarah A.Harvey Darnell1857
Davis, W. E.Mary Davis1883
Dee, AnnieElson Dee1886
Devonport, M. B.Sarah E. Devonport1889
Dickerson, G. W.Rachel Dickerson1854
Dillon, Margaret J.William Dillon1886
Doll, Mary E.S. R. Doll1876
Downing, Jno.Fannie Downing1873
Dreece, ReubenNancy Dreece1873
Dresser, G. W.M. F. Dresser1882
Dresser, S.Oliver Dresser1857
DuBois, Mary A.J. D. DuBois1896
Dunaway, SusanJ. N. Dunaway1870
Eads, LydiaRobert Eads1886
Eckelberry, C. N.Mary J. Eckelberry1884
Enyart, DavidEsther Enyart1855
Estes, C. M.Martha Estes1876
Ethington, JamesArmelda Ethington1881
Ethington, JamesFannie A. Ethington1891
Ethington, JamesSarah Ethington1884
Ethington, JamesSarah Ethington1886
Fandi, G. W.Sarah Fandi1881
Faulk, MarthaE. Faulk1886
Fichert, WilliamAnna Fichert1894
Fields, GeorgeSarah Fields1854
Fike, Marian C.Jno. W. Fike1882
Fisher, W. P.Mollie E. Fisher1886
Flint, Mary A.L. L. Flint1879
Flint, Thomas J.Lydia A. Flint1882
Foster, Mary A.J. B. Foster1891
Foxworthy, Rebecca A.W. A. Foxworthy1878
Foxworthy, WilliamMary E. Foxworthy1879
Frederick, D. S.Mary Frederick1884
Gaines, Mattie C.Thomas A. Gaines1895
Gallimore, LeanderJuliett Gallimore1860
Galpin, JasperPaulina Galpin1886
Gano, Sarah E.James E. Gano1886
Geagan, Sarah D.John Geagan1886
Gillilan, LizzieSamuel Gillilan1886
Gillilan, N. R.Mary E. Gillilan1893
Gillispie, Sarah E.J. A. Gillispie1886
Gray, Thomas M.Elnora F. Gray1891
Green, W. H.Eliza Green1856
Gregory, JaneGeorge W. Gregory1895
Grimes, JosieW. H. Grimes1886
Groves, RachelAbr. Groves1886
Gurney, AmandaI. B. Gurney1892
Guthery, J. W.Irena Guthery1859
Guthery, Jno. W.Irena Guthery1864
Hamilton, LucindaGeorge Hamilton1883
Hamilton, Mary E.Frank L. Hamilton1880
Hammer, Paul F.Rosa Hammer1877
Hammons, J. H.Delia C. Hammons1881
Hampton, Matilda C.Joseph Hampton1891
Hancock, MackElizabeth Hancock1889
Hand, G. W.Mary C. Hand1857
Harlow, G. W.Elizabeth Harlow1881
Harlow, Henry L.Mary M. Harlow1884
Harlow, HuldaG. W. Harlow1873
Harmon, William R.Clara Harmon1891
Harrah, E. O.Ida Harrah1883
Hay, MarthaReuben Hay1881
Hays, Charles R.Nancy J. Hays1884
Helery, Elizabeth R.W. H. Helery1886
Hendrix, Eliza A.Thomas B. Hendrix1885
Hercher, FerdinandMariah Hercher1873
Hicox, Mary E.Royal Hicox1891
Higby, D. W.Alta May Higby1881
Higgins, C. G.Annie M. Higgins1883
Higgins, Ellen R.Thomas J. Higgins1881
Hilbish, JacobSusannah Hilbish1881
Hilton, Mary J.A. G. Hilton1879
Hogan, M. J.T. L. Hogan1846
Holland, H. R.Betsey Holland1874
Hoover, Mary A.Everett Hoover1876
Hovey, MarthaC. H. Hovey1881
Hubbard, A.E. B. Hubbard1849
Hudson, E.Mary J. Hudson1876
Hughes, JosephMaggie A. Hughes1878
Hulton, Emma C.S. J. Hulton1886
Isabelle, NannieG. A. Isabelle1879
James, J. H.V. R. James1859
Jefferies, Sarah R.A. L. Jefferies1894
Jefferies, Sarah R.Albert L. Jefferies1894
Jenks, Lois M.Jno. Jenks1868
Jennings, T. T.Susan Jennings1862
Jessey, HenriettaHenry C. Jessey1884
Johnson, D. A.Thomas J. Johnson1880
Johnson, E. S.Minerva Johnson1880
Johnson, KendrickArchibald Johnson1875
Johnson, MargaretA. Johnson1873
Johnson, Nancy C.Luisey Johnson1880
Jones, MarshallAnna Jones1886
Jordan, Sadee E.Jno. R. Jordan1891
Keene, Sarah E.William Keene1884
Kelley, Lizzie F.Samuel Kelley1893
Kelly, S. C.Elizabeth A. Kelly1893
Kelsey, Emma F.A. H. Kelsey1874
Kelso, E. C.Margaret Kelso1856
Killough, Nancy A.J. H. Killough1883
Kincaid, J. H.E. C. Kincaid1873
Kirk, E. M.B. L. Kirk1857
Kittrell, Amanda F.E. H. Kittrell1886
Knight, RosanaJ. B. Knight1867
Lake, G. W.Mary R. Lake1886
Lake, G. W.Mary R. Lake1891
Lake, SarahThomas Lake1886
Landes, Jno.Synthia Landes1857
Langley, Maggie A.J. T. Langley1878
Langley, MaggieJno. Langley1877
Leabo, PurnieM. Leabo1885
Leap, PetloSarah Leap1884
Lee, H. K.America Lee1891
Lent, AnnaHartvey Lent1883
Lent, AnnaJohn Lent1884
Lierley, MaryCharles Lierley1890
Lile, George A.Mary E. Lile1891
Lindsey, Asa F.Sarah Lindsey1886
Litton, A.Louisa Litton1889
Lockwood, BelleNancy W. Lockwood1886
Loman, MelvinaW. H. Loman1886
Long, CoraJames H. Long1894
Long, Nancy J.Jno. M. Long1880
Lowe, Eugenia F.Jno. N. Lowe1889
Lowery, S. E.D. Lowery1873
Lowman, Cynthia C.E. W. Lowman1891
Loyd, Hannah A.J. L. Loyd1880
Lucas, G. W.Frances B. Lucas1874
Macy, SallieOda Macy1886
Mann, Nancy J.R. N. Mann1884
Mapes, B. C.Mary Mapes1878
Martin, EllaWilliam Martin1894
Mathews, Mary A.D. A. Mathews1849
Mathews, Mary B.James Mathews1886
McCammond, W. H.Eliza J. McCammond1875
McCoy, Francis M.S. F. McCoy1883
McCully, Grace M.D. J. McCully1890
McGaugh, MarthaThomas McGaugh1886
McGee, W. O.Fannie McGee1893
McMadden, CatherineJno. McMadden1883
McMurtry, G. W.Mary A. McMurtry1877
McNaught, J. W.Anna M. McNaught1875
McVey, HarriettThomas McVey1845
McVey, Sarah L.J. W. McVey1860
McWard, AlonzoMaggie McWard1883
Meadows, Margaret J.G. W. Meadows1889
Michael, AlieJacob Michael1881
Michael, J. C.Susan E. Michael1893
Michael, Mary E.W. H. Michael1881
Michaels, CharityHenry Michaels1876
Miles, LauraFrank Miles1894
Miller, AngieM. M. Miller1886
Miller, D. G.Pauline Miller1889
Miller, DearmanLouisa Miller1863
Miller, J. S.Sarah Miller1873
Miller, MaggieJ. M. Miller1890
Moore, JosephSarah A. Moore1878
Moore, MarthaG. D. Moore1879
Morford, A. J.Lucy Morford1891
Mott, Barbara E.S. T. Mott1884
Mott, S. T.Barbara E. Mott1882
Mullins, Ollie B.A. D. Mullins1880
Munson, G. A.Robert N. Munson1882
Murray, Laura B.J. B. Murray1875
Murry, ElizabethWarren Murry1889
Myers, WilliamMinerva A. Myers1883
Nance, Sarah A.S. D. Nance1886
Nash, JamesEmma Nash1894
Nations, Clara J.W. E. Nations1893
Nelson, SarahHenry Nelson1858
Newton, Eliza A.J. J. Newton1857
Nichols, FrancesThomas Nichols1880
Noah, G. F.Lydia Noah1856
Noah, J. K.Amanda J. Noah1874
Ogburn, E. J.Malinda A. Ogburn1885
Orton, J. B.Oclarra J. Orton1883
Owings, EmmaCharles Owings1893
Oxford, Jno.Ursula Oxford1885
Parberry, AnnaWilliam Parberry1886
Patterson, Mary A.W. J. Patterson1881
Payne, JacobMary Payne1877
Payne, MaryJacob Payne1879
Phillips, BriceMary Phillips1893
Phillips, JennieC. E. Phillips1886
Pike, NelsonMary Pike1877
Place, PelegAlmira Place1859
Porter, C. T.Minerva Porter1884
Porter, MarthaG. B. Porter1858
Porter, NettieC. L. Porter1881
Powell, JennieJ. W. Powell1886
Powell, Lucy A.J. P. Powell1853
Power, Sarah J.A. C. Power1890
Pugh, D. B.A. J. Pugh1884
Pugh, ThomasP. A. Pugh1884
Pulliam, MerticaWilliam Pulliam1877
Rader, G. W.Emily Rader1886
Railsback, R. T.Martha Railsback1885
Redd, MariaLorenzo Redd1891
Redd, MariaLorenzo Redd1893
Redding, AnnJoseph Redding1844
Reed, Alva E.Abraham Reed1891
Reno, ElizabethThomas Reno1875
Reynolds, S. M. C.Sallie M. Reynolds1873
Richardson, Eliza C.Arch Richardson1893
Riggs, EnochAnna Riggs1847
Riggs, J.Belle Riggs1891
Rogers, Bathsheba E.Jno. F. Rogers1891
Rogers, HenryLydia Rogers1886
Rogers, Levi B.Martha Rogers1891
Rogers, Lockey E.George F. Rogers1890
Rogers, Lulu A.Clendenon Rogers1891
Rondebush, ElizabethGeorge Rondebush1889
Ryan, Barsheba B.S. S. Ryan1884
Sams, Mary A.A. Sams1884
Scott, AllenJane Scott1843
Scott, J. K.Martha A. Scott1886
Shaffer, A. R.Ann C. Shaffer1878
Shaffer, SabiskaSerena Shaffer1891
Sharrah, EliMatilda Sharrah1877
Sharrah, MatildaEli Sharrah1875
Shaw, OliverNancy E. Shaw1877
Shintaffer, HarriettGeorge Shintaffer1885
Shisler, BolahE. Shisler1886
Shockley, NancyM. Shockley1859
Shrum, CarolineHenry Shrum1865
Silvey, SadieDavid Silvey1894
Simmons, J. M.Mary Simmons1891
Sligar, EleanorSimon Sligar1885
Smalley, S. H.P. A. Smalley1872
Smalley, S. H.P. A. Smalley1874
Smith, B. F.Annie M. Smith1886
Smith, D. L.Malinda Smith1867
Smith, E. B.Mary J. Smith1877
Smith, E. J.W. Smith1872
Smith, RachelHenry Smith1889
Smith, Virginia C.R. L. Smith1877
Snider, LewisCatharine Snider1859
Speaker, Martha J.Joseph Speaker1879
Sperry, AliceW. F. Sperry1884
Staulurf, MariahD. A. Staulurf1883
Stegall, SarahW. Stegall1889
Stephens, Mary J.Thomas J. Stephens1883
Stephens, Mary J.Thomas J. Stephens1883
Steuben, J. M.Laura L. Steuben1893
Stewart, Elvira J.J. W. Stewart1886
Stoltz, JosephSusannah Stoltz1881
Stout, Nancy A.D. H. Stout1879
Stout, SamuelMary Stout1891
Stout, WilliamMargaret Stout1884
Stroup, A.Sarah A. Stroup1889
Stroup, MarthaJoseph Stroup1893
Summers, MinervaJ. E. Summers1886
Tamates, AmandaLevi Tamates1860
Tarwater, Amanda E.Levi Tarwater1875
Taylor, B. F.Lillie S. Taylor1881
Taylor, Mollie E.J. W. Taylor1886
Terry, AnselLydia Terry1850
Thomas, EttaDaniel Thomas1890
Thomas, W. D.Ollie Thomas1889
Thompson, C. C.Mary E. Thompson1885
Thorn, W. S.Elizabeth Thorn1894
Thorp, William J.Mary Thorp1878
Tichnell, B. T.I. Tichnell1885
Tomlin, WilliamLena Tomlin1890
Torrel, Hannah J.J. A. Torrel1886
Trosper, G. N.L. C. Trosper1857
True, Jennie P.Paul E. True1893
Tuggle, Henry P.Flora B. Tuggle1881
Tuttle, BessieEdward Tuttle1893
Utz, G. W.Georgie E. Utz1886
Waggoner, E. H.Malissa J. Waggoner1881
Walker, E. M.J. E. Walker1869
Walker, W. P. T.Nancy Walker1893
Wallace, SamuelBelle Wallace1891
Walling, D. P.Mary A. Walling1883
Walling, D. P.Mary A. Walling1891
Ward, PhilandaG. W. Ward1878
Warford, J. B.Sarah T. Warford1891
Watkins, MarandaBenjamin Watkins1891
Watson, DavidEmma Watson1886
Welden, MaryCrockett Welden1886
Wells, J. J.Mary Wells1885
Whetstone, Elsie A.James Whetstone1894
White, RobertRocinda White1849
Whiteside, Elizabeth A.A. Whiteside1877
Whitt, Mary L.Lycurgus Whitt1876
Wilcox, Mary E.Philip Wilcox1874
Willet, Ellen L.George Willet1872
Williams, MaryWilliam Williams1877
Williams, ThomasLutie Williams1894
Willis, J. D.Sarah A. Willis1882
Wilson, LucindaJames H. Wilson1886
Winber, E. L.Matilda Winber1889
Woodward, RalphNancy J. Woodward1878
Woolston, Nancy V.J. C. Woolston1878
Wright, Charles W.Nellie L. Wright1886
Wright, Fisher R.J. J. Wright1879
Wright, J. K.Cora B. Wright1883
Yallaly, Sarah J.T. C. Yallaly1873
Yost, J. M.Thomas W. Yost1885

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