Breckenridge Town Team

From the 1880s through the early 1920s, every town had its "town team" of baseball players. These teams were not associated with any scholastic programs; they consisted of the best local athletes willing and able to play baseball.

Left to right, front row: Lawrence Westlake (bat boy), Clair Emerson, Earl Emerson, John Scanlon, Roy Grun. The barefoot boy with the catcher's mitt is Raymond "Kid" Harlow.

Back row: Richard "Dick" Stagner, Noah Coit, John Hicks, Ray Grun, Donald Warner, Braden Hall and Fredus (or Tredus) Pitcher.

This team beat all the competition in the region, including most of the semi-pro teams that toured the area. It was said that Dick Stagner was the top player on the team.

Thanks to Travis D. Hicks of Shawnee Mission, Kansas, for sharing this photo!

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