Breckenridge Night Life


[Night Life]

Saturday night activity in Breckenridge, Missouri in the summer of 1949 after the sidewalks had been rolled up for the night. Eating watermelon in the front doorway of Place's Grocery are (left to right) Keith "Cotton" Moorshead, Charles "Pete" Hargrave, Bob "Lum" Bell, and Junior "Oscar" Hubbard.

Now for those of you who remember making an occasional nocturnal visit to Fred Morgan's watermelon patch and are thinking that is the case here, you are wrong this time. Junior Hubbard worked at Milby's Grocery and I worked at Place's Grocery. On this particular Saturday, Milby's had "ice cold watermelons" in a big water tank so Junior and I pooled our resources and bought one to have when we got off work that night. Somehow a couple of our "friends" found out about our watermelon feed and showed up to help us eat it. I don't know who took the picture or remember how I happen to have it.

Keith Moorshead
July 6, 2008

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