Hicks - Curnow Family Album

Most of these families lived in Breckenridge or Gomer Townships, Caldwell County, Missouri.

Thanks to Denis Collins of San Antonio, Texas, for sharing these old photos!

Bennett, SpiveyFair, DanHicks, Tom
Berry, RandyGastineau, ClarenceHicks, Walter
Bowen, FredGaunt, KennethHicks, Walter
Bowen, MerlinGriffin, BenHicks, Walter
BryantHargrove, JamesHicks, Walter
Bryant, EarlHart, WalterHicks, Walter
Bryant, MarjorieHenry, OrdaHicks, Walter
Clark, NadineHicks, AliceHicks, Walter
Colvin, RoseHicks, AnnaHicks, Walter
Connor, PaulHicks, BarbaraHicks, William John
Cox, LewisHicks, BarbaraHodges, Guy
Curnow, BessieHicks, BarbaraHollow, Grace
Curnow, GraceHicks, BobHolmes, Charles
Curnow, Grace Mrs.Hicks, FredKilburn, Harold
Curnow, JackHicks, GraceMcCoskrie, Fern
Curnow, Mary GraceHicks, GraceMcCoskrie, John
Curnow, Mary GraceHicks, Grace Mrs.McCoskrie, Laura
Curnow, Mary GraceHicks, Grace Mrs.McCoskrie, Leona
Curnow, Mary GraceHicks, HesterMcCoskrie, Lizzie
Curnow, PeterHicks, JohnMcCoskrie, Lizzie
Curnow, PhilippaHicks, JohnMcIntosh, Martha
Curnow, PhilippaHicks, JohnMethany, Dr.
Curnow, RaeburnHicks, JohnMoorshead, Charles
Curnow, Richard HaroldHicks, JohnNettleton, aerial view
Curnow, Richard HaroldHicks, JosephNettleton Grade School
Curnow, RichardHicks, L. J.Nettleton High School
Curnow, Ruth Mrs.Hicks, Lizzie Mrs.Patrick, John
Curnow, SamHicks, Lizzie Mrs.Potts, Emmet
Curnow, SamHicks, Lizzie Mrs.Potts, Richard
Curnow, WalterHicks, MargaretRogers, Nellie
Curnow, WalterHicks, MarilynSaddler, Russel
Curnow, WaltHicks, Nellie Mrs.Sage, Bill
Curnow, WilliamHicks, RalphShaney, Dixie
Damerell, Fern Mrs.Hicks, RalphSwaithes, Ruth
Etherton, BillHicks, RichardVadnais, Anson
Estabrook, JackHicks, RichardWilson, Leon
Evans, JackHicks, RobertWilson, Ralph
Evans, SammyHicks, Rose Mrs. 
Fair, BillyHicks, Russel