Shriver's Mill

Near Gallatin, Daviess Co., Missouri

Located on Grand River north of Gallatin, this mill was constructed in 1853 by Samuel Crews. Crews sold it to Andrew Shriver in May 1854. Official records dated July 1854 identify the place as Shriver and Scotts Mill. A plat map published in 1876 identifies it as the Daviess County Milling Company.

The location was near the mouth of Ellis Creek which enters Grand River from the west, just out of sight at the left side of this photo. It was on the primary road to the north from Gallatin. A ford and ferry were located here at various times. The ferry was operated by a rudder.

The mill itself evolved into a number of configurations. One of the designs consisted of an anchored barge and water wheel. Power from the water wheel was transferred to a mill house on the east bank, near the center of this photo. At other times, a low wooden dam was used (during low water times) with the mill race near the east bank of the river.

There is archeological evidence of an Indian camp at this spot. Later, white settlers established a small settlement on the south bank. Before 1865, most of the occupants of this settlement were probably slaves engaged in the operation and maintenance of the mill.

Kansas City jazz man Walter "Hot Lips" Page (1900-1957) is reported to have been born here. Page led the Blue Devils Band and later played in the band of Kansas City musician Benny Moten (1894-1935).

This photo was copied from a postcard postmarked in 1909.

Thanks to Dave Stark of Gallatin, Missouri, for sharing the history of the old mill!

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