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Spouse: Charles Woodward PEIRCE III.


Spouse: Forrest Wayne ALLNUTT. Children were: Vicki ALLNUTT, Robin ALLNUTT, Susan ALLNUTT.


Spouse: Lyle Dean FRY.


Spouse: Bruce BOORN.


Spouse: Joseph Patrick SLATTERY.


Spouse: Gerald A. SPRAGUE. Children were: Mike A. SPRAGUE, Brian J. SPRAGUE, Debbie SPRAGUE, Cheri SPRAGUE, Staci SPRAGUE.


Spouse: Scott STOBER. Children were: Steve S. STOBER.


Spouse: Gary Paul COX.


Spouse: Ronald BLAKELY Jr.


Spouse: Richard W. VORBECK.


Spouse: Claude MATHEWS. Children were: Lori MATHEWS.


Spouse: John R. LINEBERRY.


Spouse: Randall PARKS.


Spouse: James "Jim" HORTON.

Carol was born on 16 Feb 1950 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died on 26 Aug 2006. She was buried on 31 Aug 2006 in Houston, Harris, Texas.

Spouse: Barry Lynn WHITEHEAD. Children were: Christopher WHITEHEAD, Alicia WHITEHEAD, Nathaniel WHITEHEAD, Tyler WHITEHEAD.

Carol Ann.

Spouse: Forrest Robert SYKES.

Carol Dell was born on 8 Oct 1896 in Kansas. She died on 17 Nov 1987 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 19 Nov 1987 in Haseville, Linn, Missouri.

Spouse: Ferman Edgar SAYERS. Ferman Edgar SAYERS and Carol Dell were married in 1941.

Spouse: Charlie GORDON. Children were: Jess Allen GORDON.

Carolina "Orleans" was born about 1825 in Alabama.

Spouse: Washington "Wash" KEISTER. Children were: Alice KEISTER.


Spouse: William WILLIAMSON. Children were: Flora Cordella WILLIAMSON.



Spouse: George Earl BROUGHTON. George Earl BROUGHTON and Caroline were married on 2 Apr 1934 in Hunnewell, Shelby, Missouri. The groom was of Emden, the bride of Hunnewell, Missouri.


Spouse: Thomas LEWIS.


Spouse: Charles SCHROEDER. Children were: Mae Louise SCHROEDER.

Caroline was born about 1792 in Germany. She died on 31 Dec 1865. She was buried in Dockery Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: BRIEGEL. Children were: John BRIEGEL, Valentine BRIEGEL.

Caroline was born about 1813 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Henry L. HEYSER. Children were: Elizabeth A. HEYSER, John H. HEYSER, William Preston HEYSER, Eliza J. HEYSER, Arabella HEYSER, Amelia W. HEYSER, Porterfield HEYSER, Samuel E. HEYSER.

Caroline was born about 1822 in England.

Spouse: POINTON. POINTON and Caroline were married on 21 Feb 1877 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Lillie G. POINTON.

Spouse: Benjamin MATCHETT.

Caroline was born in Aug 1822 in Germany.

Spouse: SCHULTZ. Children were: John A. SCHULTZ.

Caroline was born about 1829 in New York.

Spouse: CREAMER. Children were: Frank CREAMER.

Caroline was born about 1832 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Low Anderson WOOLSEY. Children were: Sarah C. WOOLSEY, James T. WOOLSEY, Eliza A. WOOLSEY, William A. WOOLSEY.

Caroline was born about 1856 in Missouri.

Spouse: John KAPPUS Jr. John KAPPUS Jr. and Caroline were married in Apr 1880 in Rich Hill Twp., Livingston, Missouri. Children were: Louis KAPPUS.

Caroline Elizabeth.

Spouse: BAIN.

Spouse: William Oscar DOCKERY. William Oscar DOCKERY and Caroline Elizabeth were married on 15 Nov 1917 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Grundy Co.

Caroline N. was born about 1839 in Ohio. Six of her eleven children survived to 1910.

Spouse: Linus MAXAM. Children were: Jane June "Jennie" MAXAM.

Spouse: George M. AUSTIN. George M. AUSTIN and Caroline N. were married on 23 Nov 1890 in Caldwell Co., Missouri.

Caroline O. was born in 1829. She died in 1869. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: James Franklin COLBY.


Spouse: Mike KELLY.


Spouse: David CARPENTER.


Spouse: Vinton ELLIOTT.


Spouse: Tal MATTHES.


Spouse: Hiram Asa MCCALL.


Spouse: William MCKERROW.

Carrie died in May 1966.

Spouse: Eugene Allen JONES. Children were: Larry JONES, Ed JONES, Jerry JONES, Ricky JONES, Tracy JONES, Linda Kay JONES, Maggie JONES.

Carrie was born about 1850 in Virginia.

Spouse: POAGUE. Children were: Claudia A. POAGUE.

Carrie was born about 1856 in Missouri.

Spouse: HOUSTON. Children were: Vada HOUSTON.

Carrie was born in Jan 1863 in Missouri.

Spouse: Samuel FIELDS. Samuel FIELDS and Carrie were married about 1878. Children were: Jesse G. FIELDS, Ollie O. FIELDS, Emma FIELDS, Jacob FIELDS, Arthur FIELDS, Rose FIELDS, Maggie FIELDS, Cora E. FIELDS, Lula M. FIELDS.

Carrie was born in Jun 1877 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas F. VANDERPOOL. Thomas F. VANDERPOOL and Carrie were married about 1895. Children were: Claude Harold VANDERPOOL, Fern VANDERPOOL, Wilma VANDERPOOL.

Carrie was born about 1885 in Missouri.

Spouse: Nathan HOBBS. Nathan HOBBS and Carrie were married about 1907.

Carrie was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Roy FRANCISCO. Roy FRANCISCO and Carrie were married about 1909.

Carrie was born about 1890 in Missouri.

Spouse: Fayette W. ROBINSON. Fayette W. ROBINSON and Carrie were married about 1908. They were divorced. Children were: Dale ROBINSON.

Carrie was born about 1915 in Missouri.

Spouse: SHEPHERD. Children were: L. Dean SHEPHERD.

Spouse: Millard WILSON. Millard WILSON and Carrie were married on 13 May 1933 in Chula, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chula. Children were: Betty WILSON, Bessie WILSON.

Carrie A. was born in Apr 1878 in Missouri.

Spouse: Adam A. HARTMAN. Adam A. HARTMAN and Carrie A. were married about 1897. Children were: Zella M. HARTMAN.

Carrie E.

Spouse: Joseph I. KAYE. Children were: John W. "Bill" KAYE, James R. KAYE, Joseph I. KAYE Jr., Charles KAYE, Donald KAYE.

Carrie E. was born about 1881 in Illinois.

Spouse: Clifford E. PAUGH. Clifford E. PAUGH and Carrie E. were married about 1901. Children were: Maynard E. PAUGH, Mable PAUGH.

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