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Spouse: David SANSON.


Spouse: Rusty DONOHO.

Delaware L. was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles R. TROTTER. Charles R. TROTTER and Delaware L. were married about 1905. Children were: Signa A. TROTTER, Mabel Easter TROTTER, Mary L. TROTTER.

Delbert O. was born about 1907 in Missouri. Parents: Clayton SMITH and Estie Maude.


Spouse: Lafayette WILLIAMS. Children were: Verna WILLIAMS.

Delia was born about 1833 in Ohio.

Spouse: Isaac SALISBURY. Children were: Alva SALISBURY, Vina SALISBURY, Orlando SALISBURY.

Delia was born in Jun 1874 in Missouri.

Spouse: Elmer L. NORMAN. Elmer L. NORMAN and Delia were married about 1897. Children were: Frances L. NORMAN, Laura NORMAN.

Delia O. was born about 1907 in Missouri.


Spouse: Elmer Hiram BROOKSHIER. Elmer Hiram BROOKSHIER and Delia O. were married on 10 Dec 1933 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Lock Springs.

Delila was born in 1834 in Illinois.

Spouse: Robert H. SALMON.


Spouse: James Ernest MCWILLIAMS.

Delilah was born about 1790 in Maryland.

Spouse: Nicholas WELLS Sr. Children were: John B. WELLS, Augustus "Agur" WELLS, Nicholas WELLS Jr., Elisha WELLS.

Delilah was born about 1820 in Kentucky.

Spouse: David W. CURTIS. Children were: William Matterson CURTIS, Moses CURTIS, Adaline CURTIS, Evaline CURTIS, Brannock R. CURTIS.

Delilah was born in Apr 1842 in Indiana.

Spouse: William Dennison PHILLIPS. William Dennison PHILLIPS and Delilah were married about 1886.

Dell was born in Page Co., Iowa.

Spouse: Lee WILSON. Children were: Hazel Lee WILSON.


Spouse: Allen GRIMES.


Spouse: Paul CARROLL.


Spouse: Robert K. MERCER. Robert K. MERCER and Della were married in 1894.

Della was born in Jul 1861 in Michigan.

Spouse: James D. SNYDER. James D. SNYDER and Della were married about 1886. Children were: Fred SNYDER, Guy SNYDER.

Della was born in May 1874 in Illinois.

Spouse: BRADLEY. Children were: Lela BRADLEY.

Spouse: John W. YOUTSEY. John W. YOUTSEY and Della were married about 1896. Children were: Anna L. YOUTSEY, Arthur YOUTSEY, Mattie YOUTSEY.

Della was born in Dec 1878 in Missouri.

Spouse: Virgil? M. BROWNFIELD. Virgil? M. BROWNFIELD and Della were married about 1896. Children were: Maro BROWNFIELD.

Della was born in Feb 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: David STITT. David STITT and Della were married about 1900.

Della was born on 6 May 1894. She died on 6 Aug 1952 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. Her body was donated to anatomical study.

Spouse: Denvil Eugene WILDER.

Della was born about 1916 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas Nicholas LIPPS. Children were: Gerald W. LIPPS, Don Keith LIPPS.

Della Ethel.

Spouse: James Edward WHITWORTH.

Della Hattie was born in Nov 1862 in Missouri.

Spouse: Lafayette B. FEESE. Lafayette B. FEESE and Della Hattie were married on 24 Dec 1880 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Children were: Ethel FEESE, Glenn V. FEESE, David M. FEESE.

Della Leota.

Spouse: Abel Cornelius COX.


Spouse: Dennis Merl O'DELL. Dennis Merl O'DELL and Delores were married on 10 Nov 1979.


Spouse: James R. TOLEN. Children were: Linda TOLEN, John TOLEN.


Spouse: William Maurice "Bill" DORNEY.

Delsie was born about 1898 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Manford L. NEESE. Children were: Lyle NEESE, Emma Jean NEESE, Iris NEESE, Betty Lou NEESE.

Dema L.

Spouse: Alonzo Edward GALE. Children were: Alonzo GALE Jr., Robert H. GALE, Lucille GALE, Beatrice GALE.


Spouse: John RONEY.


Spouse: Thomas HOBBS.


Spouse: John W. CARPENTER.


Spouse: William Floyd "Bill" CROOKSHANKS Jr.


Spouse: Robert BASSETT.


Spouse: John Michael MCMILLEN.


Spouse: Danny Joe DIXON.


Spouse: Steve DANA.


Spouse: James Loren "Jim" DAVIS.


Spouse: Emma Caroline DIETRICH.


Spouse: Morgan Mark HUGHES.

Diana was born about 1826 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Ashley R. GUFFEY. Children were: William F. GUFFEY, S. C. GUFFEY, Jeremiah C. GUFFEY, Ashley N. GUFFEY, Mary GUFFEY.


Spouse: Benjamin Joseph "Benny" GRAVES.


Spouse: John Charles LOCKE.


Spouse: Lee W. FOLTZ.


Spouse: Henry Earl SINGLETON.


Spouse: Craig WARD.


Spouse: William Eugene JONES.


Spouse: Tom PITTMAN. Children were: Dewayne PITTMAN, Kyle PITTMAN.

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