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Amy. Parents: Eric Lewis and Frances FOWLER.

Amy J. was born about 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: CUMMINGS. Children were: Orville CUMMINGS, Virginia CUMMINGS.

Spouse: Burr R. COPELAND.

Amy P. was born about 1861 in Iowa.

Spouse: Jasper S. SHOTWELL. Jasper S. SHOTWELL and Amy P. were married about 1880. Children were: Ethyl SHOTWELL, Mack SHOTWELL, May SHOTWELL.

Amy R. was born on 26 May 1822 in Kentucky. She died on 17 Apr 1893. She was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. She is identified as Ann in the 1850 Federal census.

Spouse: Edward M. GUDGELL. Edward M. GUDGELL and Amy R. were married about 1846. Children were: John H. GUDGELL, Robert W. GUDGELL, M. Pierce GUDGELL, Martin T. GUDGELL, Susannah M. GUDGELL, Edward GUDGELL, Eliza J. GUDGELL.

Ana died on 18 Nov 1625.

Spouse: Marcus FINKBOHNER. Marcus FINKBOHNER and Ana were married about 1580. Children were: Anna FINKBOHNER, Maria FINKBOHNER, Johann FINKBOHNER, Jacob FINKBOHNER, Barbara FINKBOHNER, C. FINKBOHNER, George FINKBOHNER, M. FINKBOHNER, Andreas FINKBOHNER.


Spouse: Harold R. STRAIGHT. Children were: Janie Sue STRAIGHT, Harold STRAIGHT Jr., Cora Ann STRAIGHT, Duane STRAIGHT.


Spouse: Dr. Robert John CURNOW. Children were: Clark Willard CURNOW.

Andrew Roland.

Spouse: Mary Belle FULLERTON.


Spouse: William "Bill" GRAHAM.


Spouse: Mark HIGHTREE. Children were: James HIGHTREE, Kevin HIGHTREE, Sarah HIGHTREE.


Spouse: Larry Mitchell CLARIDAY Jr.


Spouse: Phillip CARROLL.

Dr. Angela.

Spouse: Frank D. ETZENHOUSER Jr.

Angelina was born about 1808 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Jennings BALLINGER. Children were: Nancy J. BALLINGER, Eliza J. BALLINGER, Angelina "Lina" BALLINGER, Griffith BALLINGER, Hannah BALLINGER, Fanny E. BALLINGER, Susan P. BALLINGER, Lucy G. BALLINGER, Ned BALLINGER.


Spouse: J. B. HOOVER. Children were: David Pearl HOOVER.


Spouse: Kyle D. GUDGELL. Children were: Doris GUDGELL, Barbara GUDGELL.

Angeline was born about 1832 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: George SMITH. Children were: Martin C. SMITH, John SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, James SMITH, Hester SMITH.

Angeline was born about 1856 in Ohio.

Spouse: Peter BARLOW.

Angeline "Lena" was born about 1875 in Missouri.

Spouse: James W. STITH. They were divorced. Children were: Verna Lois STITH, Brooke Walter STITH.


Spouse: Donald D. ROSS.


Spouse: Jim BONDERER.


Spouse: Brent ADAMS.


Spouse: Jerry Leroy FAUBION.


Spouse: Kenneth L. KITCHEN. Children were: Kenneth Lee KITCHEN Jr., Tammy KITCHEN.


Spouse: Lloyd DEWEY.


Spouse: Eugene Len RIGGLE.


Spouse: William HOLDING. Children were: Benjamin HOLDING.


Spouse: James Ernest TERRILL.

Ann was born in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: David BALES. Children were: David BALES.


Spouse: Thompson "Thomas" PONTING. Children were: Elizabeth PONTING, Anna PONTING, Bella PONTING.


Spouse: John FISHER. Children were: Paulina FISHER.


Spouse: Randy HAMILTON. Children were: Nathan Randall HAMILTON.


Spouse: Christian M. MUSSELMAN. Children were: Elsie Gertrude MUSSELMAN.


Spouse: Melvin Eugene SHERROW.


Spouse: Frank MILLER Jr. Children were: Linda MILLER, Donald MILLER, David MILLER.


Spouse: Bryan Dale WOOD.


Spouse: Nelson Wayne GIBSON.


Spouse: David OWENS. Children were: David D. OWENS.


Spouse: Luther RIDDLE. Children were: Floyd Franklin RIDDLE, Clarence RIDDLE.


Spouse: Emory L. LONG. Children were: Dale LONG.


Spouse: Garland W. ROBBINS. Children were: Sharon ROBBINS, Salley ROBBINS, Robert ROBBINS, Jeff ROBBINS.


Spouse: Dean OERTWIG. Children were: Brian Wayne OERTWIG.

Ann was born about 1790 in Virginia.

Spouse: Thomas KEMP. Children were: John KEMP.

Ann was born about 1801 in South Carolina.

Spouse: Milburn COE. Children were: Nancy Jane COE, William R. COE.

Ann was born about 1811 in Kentucky.

Spouse: James STOCKWELL. Children were: Robert Hughes "Hugh" STOCKWELL, Mary STOCKWELL, Abigail STOCKWELL, Sarah STOCKWELL.

Ann was born about 1836 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Wyatt Thomas OGLE. Wyatt Thomas OGLE and Ann were married about 1859. Children were: Annie Laurie OGLE, infant son OGLE.

Ann was born about 1836 in Ireland.

Spouse: John JAMISON. Children were: Isaiah JAMISON, Martha J. JAMISON, Margaret JAMISON, John JAMISON, Lela JAMISON, Robert JAMISON, Nettie JAMISON.

Ann was born in Mar 1841 in Missouri.

Spouse: CLORE. Children were: Ella CLORE.

Ann Eliza was born in Aug 1852 in Tennessee.

Spouse: William CANNON. William CANNON and Ann Eliza were married about 1881. Children were: Elmer L. "Ben" CANNON, Ester CANNON.

Anna was born in Virginia.

Spouse: Thomas ANDERSON. Children were: Judith ANDERSON.

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