Martha was born about 1792 in North Carolina.

Spouse: BOTTS. Martha and BOTTS were married. Children were: Joshua J. BOTTS.

Martha was born about 1795 in South Carolina.

Spouse: Jonathan P. SMITH. Martha and Jonathan P. SMITH were married. Children were: Sophronia SMITH, Rebecca SMITH, Martha A. SMITH, William SMITH, Sarah Ann "Sally" SMITH.

Martha was born about 1803 in Virginia.

Spouse: John BREEZE Jr.. Martha and John BREEZE Jr. were married. Children were: James Porter BREEZE.

Martha was born about 1811 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Lewis N. WINFREY. Martha and Lewis N. WINFREY were married. This family moved from Livingston to Grundy County, Missouri at an early date. Children were: Tabitha "Lockey" WINFREY, James C. WINFREY, William G. WINFREY, Mahala WINFREY, Nancy WINFREY, Mary "Polly" WINFREY, Emily WINFREY, Jeremiah WINFREY, George B. WINFREY, Sarah Elizabeth WINFREY, John WINFREY, Clayton WINFREY.

Martha was born about 1813 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Harrison JENNINGS. Martha and Harrison JENNINGS were married. This family returned from Texas to Ray Co., Missouri sometime between 1862 and 1870. Children were: Missouri JENNINGS, John JENNINGS, James R. JENNINGS, Louisa JENNINGS.

Martha was born about 1832 in Kentucky. She was age 28 in the 1860 Slave Schedule of Livingston Co., Missouri. The 1870 Federal census lists Martha as black, age 38, and all of her children as mulatto. Martha was a slave of John W. Allnutt (1817 - 1874) of Livingston Co. Descendant John Carl Alnutt (1913 - 2006) said the surname of Martha's mulatto children was intentionally spelled ALNUTT to set them apart from the Caucasian children of their father.

Spouse: John William ALLNUTT. Martha and John William ALLNUTT were married. No marriage record is found. Children were: James Nelson ALNUTT, Robert N. ALNUTT, Nathan ALNUTT, Samuel ALNUTT.

Spouse: Alexander M. GREEN. Martha and Alexander M. GREEN were married on 3 September 1890 in Livingston Co., Missouri. They were married near Graham's Mill.

Martha was born about 1844 in Missouri.

Spouse: Robert L. OXFORD. Martha and Robert L. OXFORD were married. Children were: Minnie OXFORD, Alfred A. OXFORD, Hattie OXFORD, Gertrude OXFORD.

Martha was born about 1846 in Ohio.

Spouse: Lewis WELKER. Martha and Lewis WELKER were married.

Martha was born about 1850 in Missouri.

Spouse: James E. HOUSE. Martha and James E. HOUSE were married. Children were: James HOUSE.

Martha was born in February 1852 in Missouri.

Spouse: William DAVIS. Martha and William DAVIS were married about 1874. Children were: Russell DAVIS.

Martha was born about 1856 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Albert W. COOPER. Martha and Albert W. COOPER were married. Children were: Frank COOPER.

Martha was born in June 1863 in Illinois.

Spouse: Perry EWING. Martha and Perry EWING were married about 1885. Children were: Guy L. EWING, Blanche EWING, Roscoe EWING, Ruby EWING, Rita EWING.

Martha was born about 1863 in Missouri.

Spouse: William Curtis WILLIAMS. Martha and William Curtis WILLIAMS were married about 1900.

Martha was born about 1878 in Missouri.

Spouse: Lee Roy EMBS. Martha and Lee Roy EMBS were married.

Martha was born about 1884 in Missouri.

Spouse: John Ammon CLEVENGER. Martha and John Ammon CLEVENGER were married. Children were: Dallas CLEVENGER, Marshall CLEVENGER, Farris CLEVENGER.

Martha was born about 1884 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank E. FOSTER. Martha and Frank E. FOSTER were married about 1902. Children were: Iola FOSTER, Lindon Wayne FOSTER.

Martha was born about 1904 in Indiana.

Spouse: Frank Everett ROGERS. Martha and Frank Everett ROGERS were married. This family lived in Chicago, Illinois in 1935. Children were: Frank ROGERS, Robert ROGERS, William ROGERS, Harry ROGERS.

Martha A. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clayborne W. "Labe" BUSTER. Martha A. and Clayborne W. "Labe" BUSTER were married.

Martha A. was born in 1850 in Ohio.

Spouse: George Burris HAWK. Martha A. and George Burris HAWK were married in 1876.

Martha A. was born in January 1875 in Iowa.

Spouse: Burks YUILLE. Martha A. and Burks YUILLE were married about 1890. Children were: Dora L. YUILLE, William O. YUILLE, George T. YUILLE.

Martha A. was born about 1877 in Kentucky.

Spouse: John W. FOSTER. Martha A. and John W. FOSTER were married about 1894. Children were: Charles E. FOSTER.

Martha Ann was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Joseph W. CAIN. Martha Ann and Joseph W. CAIN were married. Children were: Ethel Grace CAIN.

Martha C. was born in March 1862 in Missouri.

Spouse: HARDIN. Martha C. and HARDIN were married. Children were: Robert L. HARDIN, Nettie HARDIN, Grover C. HARDIN.

Spouse: Robert D. TOMLIN. Martha C. and Robert D. TOMLIN were married about 1891. Children were: May TOMLIN.

Martha E. was born about 1827 in Kentucky.

Spouse: James E. BIGGS. Martha E. and James E. BIGGS were married. Children were: John H. BIGGS, Elizabeth E. BIGGS, William H. BIGGS, James A. BIGGS, Rhoda C. BIGGS, Charles W. BIGGS, Sophia BIGGS, Mary L. BIGGS, Levi L. BIGGS.

Martha E. was born in November 1844 in Georgia.

Spouse: John W. SHERMAN. Martha E. and John W. SHERMAN were married about 1866. Children were: Minnie SHERMAN, Sallie B. SHERMAN, William M. SHERMAN, Maud SHERMAN, Nellie SHERMAN.

Martha E. was born on 20 November 1846 in Kentucky. She died on 23 August 1870 at the age of 23 in Jamesport, Daviess, Missouri. She was buried in Hill Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: George Washington GILLILAN. Martha E. and George Washington GILLILAN were married about 1869. Children were: Cordelia GILLILAN.

Martha E. was born in February 1860 in Missouri.

Spouse: James W. DAVIS. Martha E. and James W. DAVIS were married about 1880. Children were: Oliver J. "Jerry" DAVIS, Luebessie DAVIS, Eva L. DAVIS, Albert E. DAVIS, Lloyd J. DAVIS, Amos F. DAVIS.

Martha E. was born about 1869 in Missouri.

Spouse: Alexander M. ARBUCKLE. Martha E. and Alexander M. ARBUCKLE were married. Children were: Charles ARBUCKLE, Loretta ARBUCKLE, Frank ARBUCKLE, Jennett M. ARBUCKLE.

Martha E. was born about 1886 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Johnson J. CORNETT. Martha E. and Johnson J. CORNETT were married about 1904 in Missouri. Children were: Fitzgerald H. CORNETT, Omer CORNETT, Rosa CORNETT.

Martha Ellen was born (date unknown).

Spouse: J. O. DOWNS. Martha Ellen and J. O. DOWNS were married. Children were: Virginia Pauline DOWNS, Dewey DOWNS, John DOWNS, Clyde DOWNS, Chester DOWNS, Farris DOWNS, Harold DOWNS, Ruth DOWNS.

Martha Frances was born in May 1858 in Kentucky. She died before 1920 at the age of 62.

Spouse: George Preston BROWN. Martha Frances and George Preston BROWN were married about 1891. Children were: Amstard P. BROWN.

Martha H. was born about 1840 in Tennessee.

Spouse: William H. LOLLAR. Martha H. and William H. LOLLAR were married. Children were: Fernando M. LOLLAR, Virginia M. LOLLAR, Eliza J. LOLLAR, Eugene LOLLAR, Daniel LOLLAR, Robert LOLLAR.

Martha J. was born in Missouri.

Spouse: H. C. BAIRD. Martha J. and H. C. BAIRD were married. Children were: James A. BAIRD, William Edward BAIRD, Mathew A. BAIRD, Emma L. BAIRD, Ethel BAIRD, Thomas W. BAIRD.

Martha J. was born on 6 April 1816 in Kentucky. She died on 22 May 1866 at the age of 50. She was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: James Albert SHIRLEY. Martha J. and James Albert SHIRLEY were married. Children were: I. SHIRLEY, James A. SHIRLEY, Charles H. SHIRLEY.

Martha J. was born about 1825 in Kentucky.

Spouse: William RICHARDSON. Martha J. and William RICHARDSON were married. Children were: Rufus A. RICHARDSON, Dessie RICHARDSON, Canna C. RICHARDSON, Alonzo O. RICHARDSON, James A. RICHARDSON.

Martha J. was born about 1832 in Missouri. She died on 1 September 1866 at the age of 34. She was buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Pierson Miller MARLOW. Martha J. and Pierson Miller MARLOW were married. Children were: Mary J. MARLOW, Anna E. MARLOW, John R. MARLOW, George B. MARLOW.

Martha J. was born about 1888 in Tennessee.

Spouse: James S. FRAZIER. Martha J. and James S. FRAZIER were married. Children were: Telitha FRAZIER, Bessie FRAZIER, Martha FRAZIER, Woodrow W. FRAZIER.

Martha Jane was born in 1832 in Tennessee.

Spouse: LONG. Martha Jane and LONG were married.

Spouse: Clinton C. BALL. Martha Jane and Clinton C. BALL were married on 18 November 1851 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee. Children were: Tabitha Jane BALL.

Martha Jane was born in May 1838 in Delaware. She died on 23 June 1878 at the age of 40 in Livingston Co., Missouri. She was buried in Jones Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: COLLINS. Martha Jane and COLLINS were married before 1873.

Spouse: Joseph WOLFSKILL. Martha Jane and Joseph WOLFSKILL were married on 15 March 1874 in Livingston Co., Missouri.

Martha M. was born about 1890 in Illinois.

Spouse: Guy B. YOUTSEY. Martha M. and Guy B. YOUTSEY were married about 1908.

Martha Mary was born about 1879 in Missouri.

Spouse: William J. O'DELL. Martha Mary and William J. O'DELL were married about 1899. Children were: Charles W. O'DELL, Nellie J. O'DELL.

Martha May was born about 1899 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jesse HASTON. Martha May and Jesse HASTON were married. Children were: Betty Ann "Betsy" HASTON.

Martha Miranda "Rannie" was born about 1873 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jesse W. WISE. Martha Miranda "Rannie" and Jesse W. WISE were married. Children were: Ross R. WISE, Roy WISE, Sylvia A. WISE, Ruby B. WISE.

Martha Myrtle was born in 1892. She died in 1954 at the age of 62. She was buried in Fredonia, Wilson, Kansas.

Spouse: Fred C. OLENHOUSE. Martha Myrtle and Fred C. OLENHOUSE were married. Children were: Don OLENHOUSE, Rex OLENHOUSE, Deloris OLENHOUSE.

Martha P. was born in March 1837 in Indiana.

Spouse: RAINES. Martha P. and RAINES were married. Children were: William E. RAINES.

Martha W. was born in February 1818 in Tennessee. She died on 5 August 1902 at the age of 84 in Dawn, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 6 August 1902 in Cowgill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: HANNAH. Martha W. and HANNAH were married. Children were: Sarah Ann "Sallie" HANNAH, Lavenia A. HANNAH, Sultana B. HANNAH.

Martin was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Kathleen KING. Kathleen KING and Martin were married.

Marvel was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Guy B. PERSINGER. Marvel and Guy B. PERSINGER were married.

Mary was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William BRYAN. Mary and William BRYAN were married. Children were: Andrew Jackson BRYAN, John BRYAN.

Mary was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John EARL. Mary and John EARL were married. Children were: Dr. James EARL, Daniel EARL.