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Spouse: William HOWE.

Rosanna "Rose" was born in Aug 1831 in Ohio.

Spouse: BARNETT. Children were: Marion L. BARNETT.


Spouse: Elmer HEAD. Children were: Larry HEAD, Christine HEAD, Tim HEAD.


Spouse: John Wesley CASE. Children were: John W. CASE.


Spouse: John O'NEAL. Children were: Margaret Hazel O'NEAL.


Spouse: Bill MURRY.

Rose was born in Jul 1874 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles HERIFORD. Charles HERIFORD and Rose were married about 1899.

Rose was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: Vern OREN. Children were: Rex OREN, Mildred OREN.

Rose was born about 1911 in Missouri.

Spouse: Roger C. HIGGINS. Children were: George Charles HIGGINS.

Rose A. was born about 1898 in Missouri.

Spouse: William F. HOLMES. Children were: Willetta F. HOLMES.

Rose E. was born about 1880 in Iowa.

Spouse: Asa D. LAWRENCE. Children were: Webster LAWRENCE, Asa D. LAWRENCE Jr., Katherine C. LAWRENCE, Jessie V. LAWRENCE, Margaret L. LAWRENCE.

Rose Lee was born about 1893 in Missouri.

Spouse: Carl Wesley LOWE. Children were: Carl Wesley LOWE Jr.

Rose M.

Spouse: Francis M. "Frank" MCMURTRY.

Roseanna was born about 1835 in Vermont. Three of her six children survived to 1910. In that year, the census enumerator reported that Roseanna was married (no divorced or widowed) but her husband is not included in the enumeration.

Spouse: PROUTY. Children were: Vinton L. PROUTY, Edith B. PROUTY.

Rosemary was born about 1912 in Missouri.

Spouse: Narcellus HENDERSON. Children were: Marcy HENDERSON, Ann HENDERSON.

Rosetta was born in Nov 1865 in Illinois.

Spouse: Samuel BURR. Samuel BURR and Rosetta were married about 1882. Children were: Levetta A. "Lena" BURR, Robert O. BURR, Charles F. BURR, Samuel A. BURR, Celia A. BURR, Otis B. BURR, Daniel F. BURR, Alvis BURR, Alvin BURR.

Rosetta "Rose" was born in Apr 1873 in Missouri. She was the mother of one child. That child was living in 1900.

Spouse: NETHERTON. NETHERTON and Rosetta "Rose" were married in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Reed NETHERTON.

Spouse: James M. EVERLY. James M. EVERLY and Rosetta "Rose" were married on 16 Nov 1898 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Rosetta was born in 1901 in Missouri. She died in 1998. She was buried in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Otis SMITH.

Rosey was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: Benona "Oney" LAMB. Benona "Oney" LAMB and Rosey were married about 1903.

Rosie was born about 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: William S. HEWITT. William S. HEWITT and Rosie were married about 1892. Children were: Guy J. HEWITT, Lloyd W. HEWITT, Monnie M. HEWITT.

Rosie was born about 1888 in Kansas.

Spouse: Henry BENNETT. Children were: William BENNETT.

Rosie L. was born in Aug 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jesse E. YOUMANS. Jesse E. YOUMANS and Rosie L. were married about 1899. Children were: Vera YOUMANS, Vasco YOUMANS, Miner YOUMANS.


Spouse: Nolan MILLER. Children were: Mindy MILLER.


Spouse: Lewis WILLIAMS. Children were: Sarah D. WILLIAMS.


Spouse: Tinsley Albert NEWTON.

Spouse: Barney EVANS. Barney EVANS and Roxie were married on 14 Sep 1959 in Linneus, Linn, Missouri.

Roxie was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: REINING. Children were: Willard REINING.

Spouse: Ira Mansur REECE.

Roxina was born in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Peter HIGHTREE. Children were: Dr. John Wesley HIGHTREE.

Rev. Ruby.

Spouse: Walter MCCLEOD. Children were: Gene MCCLEOD.


Spouse: Howard Dane HOWE.


Spouse: James Russell ELSEA.


Spouse: Robert Johnson SMITH.


Spouse: Jerry L. CRANMER. Children were: Timothy Lee CRANMER.


Spouse: Corey WALKER.

Ruby died in Dec 1975.

Spouse: Glen FERGUSON Jr. Children were: Roselena FERGUSON.

Ruby died in 1992.

Spouse: David E. WATKINS.

Ruby was born in Jun 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank E. BROWN. Children were: Bell E. BROWN.

Ruby was born in Sep 1879 in Missouri.

Spouse: R. L. WOOD. R. L. WOOD and Ruby were married about 1894. Children were: Ruth WOOD.

Ruby was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Glen MORRIS. Children were: James C. MORRIS.

Ruby E. "Becky" was born about 1903 in Missouri. She died in 1973. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Little VanDyke BREWER. Little VanDyke BREWER and Ruby E. "Becky" were married about 1921. Living with this family in 1930 was Coleman Tippit, age 74, "grandpa."

Ruby Jeannette was born on 7 Aug 1924. She died on 3 Dec 1983. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Russell Lee SHARP.

Ruby W. was born about 1892 in Kansas.

Spouse: Dean Douglas CRAVENS. Children were: Nadine F. CRAVENS.


Spouse: Larry HEDDINGS.

Rulia May.

Spouse: Clarence Arthur NICKOLS.

Rutelia M. was born in Dec 1856 in Tennessee.

Spouse: John T. COULSON. John T. COULSON and Rutelia M. were married about 1883. This couple had no children.


Spouse: William MCCOY. Children were: Elizabeth Altona "Toni" MCCOY.


Spouse: Lewis Leon BAKER. Children were: Linda BAKER, Charles BAKER, Buddy BAKER, Trudy BAKER.


Spouse: Harold L. E. FINK. Children were: James FINK.


Spouse: Hadley Francis RICE.


Spouse: Benjamin Malone MARTIN. Benjamin Malone MARTIN and Ruth were married about 1945. Children were: Susan MARTIN, Benjamin M. MARTIN Jr., James W. "Jim" MARTIN, Mary Beth MARTIN.

Ruth was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: John ELLIOTT. Children were: Rebecca ELLIOTT.

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