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Harry MILLARD died in Jun 1975.

Spouse: Susie Ellen SHARP.


Spouse: John HARR. Children were: Rufus Orlando HARR.

Mary MILLARD was born on 12 Apr 1831 in Alsace Lorraine, France. She died on 28 Feb 1918 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 4 Mar 1918 in St. Columban Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Peter MILLARD and Mary BORAN.

Spouse: Joseph PIERSON. Children were: Louisa Wilhelmina PIERSON.


Spouse: Albert NOBLE. Children were: Nellie Esther NOBLE.

Peter MILLARD was born in France.

Spouse: Mary BORAN. Children were: Mary MILLARD.


Spouse: Anita G. WELLS.

George MILLAY.

Spouse: Harriet E. WELLS. George MILLAY and Harriet E. WELLS were married on 1 Sep 1892 in Avalon, Livingston, Missouri. The bride was of Avalon, the groom of Livingston Co.


Spouse: Martha Jane "Mattie" MATTHEWS. MILLER and Martha Jane "Mattie" MATTHEWS were married before 1934. Mr. Miller and Mattie lived in St. Louis in 1934.


Spouse: LaDonna Frances ENGLERT.


Spouse: Frankie E. BEAMAN.


Spouse: Elizabeth.


Spouse: Annabell RAGER.


Spouse: Rachel PARK.


Spouse: Julia Elizabeth BACON.


Spouse: Minnie Laveta LUNGREN.


Spouse: Marguerite R. KILKENNY. Children were: John MILLER, Patricia MILLER.


Spouse: Valerie HAMPTON.


Spouse: Paula HENDERSON.


Spouse: Patricia MCINTOSH.


Spouse: Willa HORTON.


Spouse: Luretha RAYMER.


Spouse: Mary Grace HARPER.


Spouse: Norma MELTE.


Spouse: Lavena REEDY.


Spouse: Thelma S. PENCE.


Spouse: Agnes BRADSHAW. This couple had no children.

MILLER died before 1900.

Spouse: Emma. Children were: Emma E. MILLER.

MILLER died before 1910.

Spouse: Adaline BARCUS.

MILLER died before 1920.

Spouse: Lilly Unice WILLIAMS. Children were: Francis A. MILLER, Emma J. MILLER, William C. MILLER.

Abraham MILLER.

Spouse: Phebe PLACE.

Abraham MILLER was born in Ohio.

Spouse: Deborah MAXWELL. Children were: Sophrona Jane MILLER.


Spouse: Thomas Jefferson UPDYKE. Children were: Cruzen Gronzo "Jack" UPDYKE.

Adam MILLER was born in West Virginia.

Spouse: Mary Ann. Children were: Chloe Jane MILLER.

Addie L. MILLER was born in Mar 1874 in Breckenridge, Caldwell, Missouri. Parents: Peter MILLER and Rachel.

Spouse: Edward GIBBS. Edward GIBBS and Addie L. MILLER were married on 3 Sep 1890 in Breckenridge, Caldwell, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Breckenridge. She is identified as Miss Addie Miller. "The father of the lady named in this license has given his written consent to this marriage."

Spouse: Walker David MILLER. Walker David MILLER and Addie L. MILLER were married on 29 Aug 1898 in Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri. The bride was of Breckenridge, the groom of Ludlow.

Agnes MILLER died in Elwood, Doniphan, Kansas.

Spouse: Richard A. HILL. Children were: Buchanan HILL.

Agnes Delphina MILLER was born on 28 May 1932 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She died on 21 Nov 2012 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. There was cremation. A funeral mass was held on 27 Nov 2012. Parents: Raymond L. "Buck" MILLER and Effie Frances BROCKMAN.

Spouse: Larry Lee MILLER. Larry Lee MILLER and Agnes Delphina MILLER were married on 22 Aug 1959 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri.

Albert Austin MILLER was born on 16 Jul 1913 in Gilman City, Harrison, Missouri. He died on 17 Jan 1998 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. He was buried on 20 Jan 1998 in Gilman City, Harrison, Missouri. He served as superintendent of several schools in north Missouri. Parents: Percy Austin MILLER and Eva Aloe BARNGROVER.

Spouse: C. Ellen TERHUNE. Albert Austin MILLER and C. Ellen TERHUNE were married on 29 Dec 1937 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Children were: Mary Ellen MILLER, Shirley Ann MILLER.

Albert Jefferson MILLER was born on 5 Jan 1877 in Mirabile, Caldwell, Missouri. He died on 14 Jun 1940 in Grand River Twp., Daviess, Missouri. He was buried on 15 Jun 1940 in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: John Willis MILLER and Mary Elizabeth BLAND.

Spouse: Opal A.

Alexander E. MILLER was born on 16 Nov 1848 in Albany, Albany, New York. He died on 21 Oct 1940 in Breckenridge, Caldwell, Missouri. He was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. Parents: John H. MILLER and Elizabeth.

Spouse: unknown. Children were: Mary Ellen MILLER, Susan MILLER.

Spouse: Mary E. WARD. Alexander E. MILLER and Mary E. WARD were married on 9 Mar 1873 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Children were: Elizabeth Maria MILLER, May MILLER, George Clarence MILLER, Georgia J. MILLER, Frank Dempster MILLER, Ida Pearl MILLER.

Alice "Allie" MILLER was born about 1856 in Missouri. Parents: William Frederick MILLER and Elizabeth T. MOSELEY.

Alice "Allie" MILLER was born about 1885 in Livingston Co., Missouri.

Spouse: Isaac Columbus BLIZZARD. Isaac Columbus BLIZZARD and Alice "Allie" MILLER were married on 9 Jul 1914 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Jamesport. Children were: Earl BLIZZARD, William Jewel BLIZZARD, Orin BLIZZARD.

Alice Darlene MILLER was born about 1926 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Chester O. MILLER and Elizabeth R. "Lizzie" STREET.

Alice Elizabeth MILLER.

Spouse: Dr. Lawrence Edward BREEZE. Dr. Lawrence Edward BREEZE and Alice Elizabeth MILLER were married on 25 Mar 1955 in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida. Children were: Alison Jean BREEZE, Daniel Miller BREEZE.

Alice Matilda MILLER was born on 1 Feb 1858 in Kingston Twp., Caldwell, Missouri. She died on 22 Sep 1861. She was buried in Brown Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. Parents: Major John Jacob MILLER and Hannah Catherine CROUSE.


Spouse: George E. NORMAN. Children were: William O. NORMAN.

Alma R. MILLER was born about 1898 in Missouri. Parents: Robert H. MILLER and Amanda.

Amanda MILLER was born on 12 Jan 1855 in Iowa. She died on 24 May 1943 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri. She was buried on 26 May 1943 in Grundy Co., Missouri. Parents: Dave MILLER and Martha LISNER.

Spouse: Milton "Milt" DOCKERY. Milton "Milt" DOCKERY and Amanda MILLER were married on 10 Apr 1873 in Grundy Co., Missouri. Children were: Malissa DOCKERY, Charles Edward DOCKERY, Ethel DOCKERY, William Oscar DOCKERY.


Spouse: Caleb NEAL. Children were: William NEAL.

Andrew MILLER.

Spouse: Mary Susan STEVENS.

Andrew MILLER.

Spouse: Nancy. Children were: Andrew MILLER, Samuel MILLER, Sarah J. MILLER, John MILLER, Anna M. MILLER, Edward "Ed" MILLER, George MILLER.

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