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Elba was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Grant AKERS. Grant AKERS and Elba were married about 1906. Children were: Ernest AKERS, Edna Vera AKERS.

Eldora "Dora" was born in Jun 1870 in Missouri. Six of her six children survived to 1910.

Spouse: William W. GIBSON. William W. GIBSON and Eldora "Dora" were married about 1889. Children were: Eva May GIBSON, Mattie P. GIBSON, Pearl GIBSON, Guy O. GIBSON, Tressie L. GIBSON, Theo W. GIBSON, Alma L. GIBSON.


Spouse: James Riley NAY.


Spouse: Mac C. PEARSON. Children were: Marjorie PEARSON, Mary PEARSON, Mac PEARSON Jr., Michael PEARSON.


Spouse: Billy Merrill ROOF.

Eleanor was born about 1787 in Virginia.

Spouse: John COUCH Sr. Children were: Alfred COUCH, John COUCH III.

Eleanor was born about 1798 in North Carolina.

Spouse: DOWDY. Children were: Orren DOWDY, Perry DOWDY, Hanson DOWDY, John A. DOWDY, Hayden DOWDY, Meriday DOWDY.

Eleanor was born about 1803 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: William STOUT. Children were: Felix STOUT, Braddock W. STOUT, James STOUT, Stephen H. STOUT, Isaac STOUT.

Eleanor was born on 18 Dec 1804. She died in 1876 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: HART. Children were: Elinore HART, John Hannon HART.

Eleanor was born about 1815 in Tennessee.

Spouse: James LEEPER Sr. James LEEPER Sr. and Eleanor were married about 1844. Children were: Nancy Ellen LEEPER, James C. LEEPER, Samuel LEEPER, Henry A. LEEPER.

Eleanor was born about 1843 in Michigan.

Spouse: John ROGERS. Children were: Carl A. ROGERS, Jessie ROGERS.

Eleanor D. was born about 1822 in Ohio.

Spouse: Bluford WEST. Children were: Elisa G. WEST, Ralph WEST, Edgar WEST, David WEST.



Spouse: Alonzo BRATCHER. Alonzo BRATCHER and Eleanora were married on 30 Jun 1934 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. The bride was of Chillicothe, the groom of Pattonsburg.

Eleanora was born in Apr 1857 in Missouri.

Spouse: William TODD. William TODD and Eleanora were married about 1875. Children were: Bertha R. TODD.

Electa G. was born in May 1839 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: L. B. BISHOP. Children were: M. M. BISHOP, R. E. BISHOP, Anna Bell BISHOP, Hattie BISHOP.

Electa V. was born on 5 Oct 1922. She died on 23 Dec 2001 in Kanss City, Jackson, Missouri. She was buried on 26 Dec 2001 in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Jackson, Missouri. She was raised in Bethany and spent most of her adult life in Kansas City.

Spouse: Arnold D. WILSON.


Spouse: Jerome D. SLATTERY.

Elinor Roena was born on 19 Oct 1902. She died on 12 Nov 1994. She was buried in Hanston, Hodgeman, Kansas.

Spouse: William C. MACY.


Spouse: Robert "Rob" JONES Jr. Children were: Joshua D. JONES.

Elisa was born about 1812 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Amasa SILVEY. Children were: William SILVEY, Mary SILVEY, Sarah "Sally" SILVEY, Frances SILVEY.

Elisabeth was born about 1824 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Henry SAILOR. Children were: Oscar SAILOR, Dr. Edward SAILOR, Isadore SAILOR, Martha SAILOR.


Spouse: SHEPHERD. Children were: Ella SHEPHERD, Julia SHEPHERD, Nettie SHEPHERD, Florence SHEPHERD, Roy E. SHEPHERD, James W. SHEPHERD.


Spouse: FLETCHEL. Children were: Mary FLETCHEL.


Spouse: Fred MONROE. Children were: Marie MONROE.


Spouse: John MITCHELL. Children were: Margaret Flay MITCHELL.


Spouse: David SIMPKINS. Children were: Albert L. SIMPKINS.

Eliza was born in May 1816 in Virginia. The 1900 Federal census reports Eliza's birth date as May 1825. She died on 25 Jul 1902 in Mooresville Twp., Livingston, Missouri. "Aunt Eliza" Allen, colored, died at 11:30 Friday night at her home near Mooresville." She was buried in Mooresville Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. In 1870, the widow Eliza was a domestic servant in the home of Charles Clark in Mooresville Towship. Living with her in the Clark home were several of her children: Charles, Thornton, Margaret, Edmund and Kitty. Eliza was termed a "white mulatto" in the Federal census. It is likely that some of Eliza's children are buried in the old Clark Cemetery northwest of Mooresville.

Mrs. Eliza Allen, widow, was one of several Mooresville people of African-American origin who purchased land in Mooresville Cemetery for exclusive use a a burial ground for black people.

Spouse: TOLLIVER. Children by her first marriage (to Mr. Tolliver) were in Mooresville in 1880. Children were: Charles TOLLIVER, Thornton TOLLIVER, Margaret TOLLIVER, Nora Ellen TOLLIVER.

Spouse: Henry ALLEN. Children were: Edmond ALLEN, Kitty ALLEN, Anna ALLEN.

Eliza was born about 1820 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jonathan A. DRYDEN. Jonathan A. DRYDEN and Eliza were married about 1835. Children were: Sarah DRYDEN, Julia Ann DRYDEN, Narcissa DRYDEN, Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" DRYDEN, Hulda DRYDEN, Henry DRYDEN, Florence DRYDEN.

Eliza was born about 1824 in Virginia.

Spouse: John CAIN. Children were: Hiram CAIN, James CAIN.

Eliza was born about 1839 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Samuel HAWKINS.

Eliza was born about 1848 in Ohio.

Spouse: DAVIS. Children were: Katie B. DAVIS.

Eliza was born in Feb 1850 in Missouri. She died before 1920.

Spouse: Robert John WHITE. Robert John WHITE and Eliza were married about 1872. Children were: Viola WHITE.

Eliza was born about 1853 in Missouri. All nine of her children survived to 1910.

Spouse: RAGAN. Children were: Samuel Ross RAGAN.

Eliza was born in Sep 1859 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: BEATTY. Children were: Maude BEATTY, Gladys C. BEATTY.

Eliza was born about 1865 in Missouri.

Spouse: TOSLEY. Children were: Carrie TOSLEY.

Eliza was born about 1870 in Missouri.

Spouse: Henderson G. HARRISON. Children were: Jessie M. HARRISON, Austin HARRISON.

Eliza A. was born about 1830 in Maryland.

Spouse: Joseph B. TIMANUS. Children were: George H. TIMANUS, Lydia Ellen TIMANUS, Nathaniel Lyon TIMANUS, Stephen Elmer TIMANUS, William A. "Willie" TIMANUS, Anna G. TIMANUS, Clara B. TIMANUS.

Eliza A. was born about 1841 in Connecticut.

Spouse: William Henry RUDD. Children were: Marian RUDD, Elmer RUDD, Clark W. RUDD, Jason RUDD, Alfred RUDD.

Eliza A. was born about 1851 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Dennis C. GRAY.

Eliza A. was born about 1855 in Missouri.

Spouse: George W. LAKE. George W. LAKE and Eliza A. were married about 1876. Children were: Flora E. LAKE, Robert O. LAKE.

Eliza Ann was born about 1844 in Illinois.

Spouse: William C. TROSPER. Robert E. Trosper, age 17, lived with this family in 1870. Robert was born in Missouri. Children were: Josephine TROSPER, Nellie TROSPER.

Eliza B.

Spouse: W. G. HUEY. Children were: Helen Margaret HUEY.

Eliza B. was born in Jul 1858 in Indiana.

Spouse: Walter B. MOTSINGER. Children were: Nellie F. MOTSINGER, Guy D. MOTSINGER, Charles N. MOTSINGER, Stella M. MOTSINGER.

Eliza E. was born about 1843 in Missouri.

Spouse: GRANT. Children were: Julia GRANT.

Eliza J. was born about 1825 in Virginia.

Spouse: William HERIFORD. Children were: Sarah Ann HERIFORD, Charles W. HERIFORD, John Rodney HERIFORD, Stily HERIFORD, Cora HERIFORD, William HERIFORD.

Eliza J. was born in Jun 1839 in Michigan.

Spouse: Lawton D. BANCROFT. Lawton D. BANCROFT and Eliza J. were married about 1878. Lawton and Eliza had no children after 22 years of marriage.

Eliza J. was born about 1842 in Missouri.

Spouse: Elijah TURNER. Elijah TURNER and Eliza J. were married on 27 Jul 1862 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Children were: John Henry TURNER, James T. TURNER.

Eliza J. was born in Sep 1856 in Missouri.

Spouse: FULCHER. FULCHER and Eliza J. were married about 1875. Children were: Benjamin C. FULCHER, William I. FULCHER, Susan M. FULCHER, Mary L. FULCHER, Rachel E. FULCHER, Jasper FULCHER, Bertha FULCHER.

Eliza J. was born in Jan 1864 in Missouri.

Spouse: George WELDON. George WELDON and Eliza J. were married about 1885. Children were: Ida WELDON.

Eliza Jane was born about 1838 in Missouri.

Spouse: COKERHAM. COKERHAM and Eliza Jane were married before 1859. Children were: John Oscar COKERHAM.

Spouse: William J. COOPER. William J. COOPER and Eliza Jane were married on 15 Jul 1860 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Sarah Simmons, age 11, lived with the William J. Cooper family in Mooresville Twp. in 1880. She was his niece. Children were: Sarah Ellen COOPER, William Robert COOPER, James COOPER, Charles P. COOPER, Harvey COOPER, Cora M. COOPER.

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