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Hannah Mary "Mae" was born on 17 May 1863 in Carroll Co., Missouri. She died on 7 Mar 1905 in Wayne Co., Iowa. She was buried in Seymour, Wayne, Iowa.

Spouse: John Franklin CUNNINGHAM.

Harri Ann.

Spouse: Eugene MELTE.


Spouse: William BOYD. Children were: John Francis BOYD.

Harriet was born in Ohio.

Spouse: William Edgar WIGGER. Children were: John WIGGER.


Spouse: Fredrick "Fred" HICKS.


Spouse: Killian BERRY. Children were: Thomas BERRY.


Spouse: George BRAWITH. Children were: Blanche Olive BRAWITH, Edith BRAWITH.

Harriett was born about 1820 in Missouri.

Spouse: Samuel CRAWFORD. Children were: Stillman CRAWFORD, Jeanette CRAWFORD.

Harriett was born about 1828 in Kentucky. She was born into slavery. John Foster Hudgins (1787-1869) bought her from the William Goben heirs on October 12, 1848. She gave her age as 52 when the 1880 census was taken in the village of Mooresville. Parents: unknown and Jenny.

Spouse: William "Black Bill" HUDGINS. William "Black Bill" HUDGINS and Harriett were married about 1865 in Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri. William "Black Bill" Hudgins and Harriett lived as husband and wife for years when slaves were not accorded the legal status of marriage. They were legally married when freed in 1865. Unlike many former slaves, this couple chose to remain in Mooresville after being emancipated.

Black Bill and family lived in the village of Mooresville when the 1880 census was taken. His son William Jr. was a barber. The entire family was termed mulatto by the 1880 census taker. Children were: Justice Jane HUDGINS, Charles HUDGINS, William HUDGINS Jr., Mary Jane HUDGINS, Elza HUDGINS, John E. HUDGINS, Alva B. HUDGINS, James HUDGINS, Lula "Lulie" HUDGINS, Anna HUDGINS, Maria F. HUDGINS, unnamed HUDGINS.

Harriett was born about 1847 in Illinois.

Spouse: WHITE. Children were: Lillie B. WHITE.

Harriett was born about 1917 in Missouri.

Spouse: Allen T. VAN DUSEN. Allen and Harriett lived in Washington state in 1935. Children were: Gerald Allen VAN DUSEN, Joyce Faye VAN DUSEN.

Harriett C. was born on 28 Apr 1826 in Ohio. She died on 30 Jul 1909. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: William C. BOYD. William C. BOYD and Harriett C. were married about 1847. Children were: Maggie A. BOYD, George J. BOYD.

Harriett E. was born about 1819 in Missouri.

Spouse: William Y. YANCEY.

Spouse: John T. HERRIMAN. John T. HERRIMAN and Harriett E. were married on 26 Mar 1854 in Livingston Co., Missouri. John and Harriett had two children. The family lived in Hannibal for several years.

Harriett E. was born about Dec 1850. She died on 7 Nov 1881 in Carroll Co., Missouri. She was buried in Low Gap Cemetery, Norborne, Missouri.

Spouse: Eli Singleton REIGLE.

Harriett E. was born in Jan 1851 in Ohio.

Spouse: Willis E. WOOD. Willis E. WOOD and Harriett E. were married about 1872.

Harriett Inez "Hattie" was born about 1872 in Missouri.

Spouse: George Washington JONES. George Washington JONES and Harriett Inez "Hattie" were married about 1900. Children were: Leora May JONES, Leona Fay JONES, Irene L. JONES, Oren JONES, Violet JONES, Frances JONES, George JONES Jr., Offa E. JONES, Gathel JONES, Donald JONES.

Harriett L. was born on 2 Mar 1825. She died on 15 Apr 1902. She was buried in Packard Cemetery, Clinton, Missouri.

Spouse: William Alexander Oliver MUNSELL rev. Children were: Mary E. MUNSELL.

Harriett N. was born about 1847 in Iowa.

Spouse: GREEN. Children were: Eva Marion "Minnie" GREEN.

Harriett P. was born about 1825 in Ohio.

Spouse: Denslow L. SHEPHERD. Children were: Oliver "Ollie" SHEPHERD, Philetus C. SHEPHERD, Estella SHEPHERD.

Hattie was born in Illinois.

Spouse: Miller Elmer MOORE. Children were: Ralph MOORE.


Spouse: Newton O'DELL. Children were: H. Aaron O'DELL, Bessie May O'DELL, William Jasper O'DELL.


Spouse: William "Will" GOFF.


Spouse: John William ROSS.

Hattie was born in Aug 1858 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: John B. NORMAN. John B. NORMAN and Hattie were married about 1897.

Hattie was born in 1872. She died in 1940.

Spouse: John M. WHITMER. John M. WHITMER and Hattie were married on 18 Mar 1896 in Cedar Co., Iowa. Children were: Viola May WHITMER.

Hattie was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles KASPER. Children were: Helen KASPER.

Hattie was born about 1894 in Missouri.

Spouse: Clarence V. STITT. Children were: Vivian STITT.

Hattie A. died on 16 Jul 1883. She was buried in Jones Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: James T. GRAHAM. Children were: Nellie GRAHAM.

Hattie Agnes.

Spouse: William Henry EARLY.

Hattie Ann was born in Jan 1882 in Missouri.

Spouse: William B. JAMES. William B. JAMES and Hattie Ann were married about 1900. Children were: Russell R. JAMES, Michael M. JAMES, Ruth JAMES, Ermal JAMES, Paul J. JAMES, John W. JAMES.

Hattie B.

Spouse: Charles Calvin HAYWARD Sr. Children were: Charles HAYWARD Jr..

Hattie B.

Spouse: Frances C. "Frank" NATION.

Hattie D. was born in 1874. She died in 1949. She was buried in Springfield, Baca, Colorado.

Spouse: A. J. GIBBONS. Children were: Iva Fay GIBBONS, Rolla Cecil GIBBONS, Clarence Allen GIBBONS, William Vern GIBBONS, Agnes Gertrude "Trudy" GIBBONS, A. J. GIBBONS Jr.

Hattie E. was born in Jul 1858 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frederick William HELF. Frederick William HELF and Hattie E. were married about 1878. Children were: Florence R. "Flo" HELF, Charles Edward HELF, Lucy A. HELF, Cora B. HELF, Frank P. HELF, Hattie HELF, John Z. HELF.

Hattie Elizabeth died on 3 Oct 1908 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Christison Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: FORESTER. Children were: Lorenzo FORESTER.

Hattie F. was born in Jan 1868 in Missouri.

Spouse: W. B. SHEPARD. W. B. SHEPARD and Hattie F. were married about 1891.

Hattie L. was born about 1880 in Kansas.

Spouse: Newton S. JOHNSON.

Hattie S. was born on 25 Feb 1888. She died on 19 Sep 1957. She was buried in Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas.

Spouse: Elmer O. HALL Sr. Children were: Elmer O. HALL Jr..


Spouse: Melvin MCCOLLUM.


Spouse: Irving E. JENKINS.


Spouse: John W. TOMLINSON. John W. TOMLINSON and Hazel were married on 15 Aug 1992.

Spouse: MUTTON. Children were: Adele MUTTON, Howard MUTTON.


Spouse: Gideon Thomas "Gid" FEURT.

Hazel was born about 1896.

Spouse: Benjamin H. GOODWIN.

Hazel was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Meredith F. BRATCHER. Children were: Eugene BRATCHER.

Hazel was born in 1910. She died in 1994. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Gerald Drexel HILL.

Hazel was born about 1916 in Minnesota.

Spouse: Loyd P. O'DELL. Children were: Hazel Jane O'DELL.

Hazel was born about 1918 in Missouri.

Spouse: Billie PERKINS.

Hazel Irene was born about 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Edward E. CASTOR. Children were: Mary CASTOR, Cleo May CASTOR, William E. CASTOR, Mabel Amelia CASTOR.

Hazel Lee.

Spouse: Clithero Thoubern SANDERS.

Hazel Wilson.

Spouse: Irvin LaVern JONES. Irvin LaVern JONES and Hazel Wilson were married on 12 Dec 1948 in Bentonville, Benton, Arkansas. Children were: Brenda JONES, Cheryl JONES, Jennifer JONES, Carmen JONES, Ronald JONES, John Mark JONES.

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