Jennie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: WINTERS. Jennie and WINTERS were married before 1888.

Spouse: Jasper Alexander LITTON. Jennie and Jasper Alexander LITTON were married on 12 September 1889 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri.

Jennie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Orsames PARKS. Jennie and Orsames PARKS were married. Children were: Hettie Viola PARKS, Albert PARKS.

Jennie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John H. COWSERT. Jennie and John H. COWSERT were married.

Jennie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Andrew J. SAGE. Jennie and Andrew J. SAGE were married. Children were: Fannie Jane SAGE.

Jennie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lewis Dee "Dewey" THROTYEAR. Jennie and Lewis Dee "Dewey" THROTYEAR were married.

Jennie was born about 1840 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Elisha B. SNEED. Jennie and Elisha B. SNEED were married.

Jennie was born about 1864.

Spouse: William S. HUTCHISON. Jennie and William S. HUTCHISON were married about 1892. Children were: Flossie HUTCHISON, Zepha P. HUTCHISON.

Jennie was born in December 1872 in Missouri.

Spouse: Jasper Edward MCBRAYER. Jennie and Jasper Edward MCBRAYER were married about 1891. Children were: Coyle MCBRAYER, Cathaline MCBRAYER, John MCBRAYER.

Jennie was born in October 1873 in Iowa.

Spouse: William G. MANNING. Jennie and William G. MANNING were married about 1897.

Jennie was born about 1875 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas Newton HAMPTON. Jennie and Thomas Newton HAMPTON were married about 1899. Children were: Paul HAMPTON, Harold HAMPTON.

Jennie was born in March 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: George F. FILLEY. Jennie and George F. FILLEY were married about 1897. Children were: Pearl FILLEY.

Jennie was born on 13 July 1886. She died on 15 May 1969 at the age of 82 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri.

Spouse: HOWARD. Jennie and HOWARD were married.

Spouse: Theodore C. BEAMAN. Jennie and Theodore C. BEAMAN were married on 18 January 1947.

Jennie was born about 1893 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank J. GIBBONS. Jennie and Frank J. GIBBONS were married.

Jennie E. was born in November 1869 in Missouri.

Spouse: PHILLIPS. Jennie E. and PHILLIPS were married. Children were: Erma PHILLIPS.

Spouse: Charles Merritt MEADOWS. Jennie E. and Charles Merritt MEADOWS were married on 29 January 1890 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Russell D. MEADOWS, Mildred R. MEADOWS, Gladys E. MEADOWS, Stewart M. MEADOWS.

Jennie E. was born about 1871 in Kansas.

Spouse: Joseph Vincent MAYES. Jennie E. and Joseph Vincent MAYES were married about 1904. Children were: Russell MAYES, Joseph MAYES, Josephine MAYES, Alida MAYES, Blanche MAYES, Alene MAYES, Reuben MAYES.

Jennie Jo was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David CHURCHILL. Jennie Jo and David CHURCHILL were married.

Jennie K. was born on 27 January 1849 in Illinois. She died on 8 July 1906 at the age of 57. She was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: John H. GUDGELL. Jennie K. and John H. GUDGELL were married. Children were: Charley Van GUDGELL.

Jennie L. was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William SPIVEY Jr.. Jennie L. and William SPIVEY Jr. were married.

Jennie L. died on 9 December 1892. She was buried in May Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Horace Beach "Dick" WILLIAMS. Jennie L. and Horace Beach "Dick" WILLIAMS were married.

Jennie L. was born in 1880. She died in 1959 at the age of 79 in Dyer Co., Tennessee. She was buried in Dyersburg, Dyer, Tennessee.

Spouse: James S. GOODMAN. Jennie L. and James S. GOODMAN were married. Children were: Ila GOODMAN.

Jennie M. was born in September 1868 in Missouri.

Spouse: Phillip B. SMITH. Jennie M. and Phillip B. SMITH were married about 1896. Children were: Phyllis B. SMITH, Phillip Buford SMITH Jr..

Jennie V. was born about 1859 in Ohio.

Spouse: David S. LEAP. Jennie V. and David S. LEAP were married about 1908.

Jennie W. was born about 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: Dr. Franklin Pierce BATDORF. Jennie W. and Dr. Franklin Pierce BATDORF were married about 1908. Children were: Franklin A. BATDORF.

Jennifer was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Cleveland Lee HOSMAN. Jennifer and Cleveland Lee HOSMAN were married.

Jennifer was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Todd BRIDGEMAN. Jennifer and Todd BRIDGEMAN were married.

Jennifer was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jeffrey Alan HALE. Jennifer and Jeffrey Alan HALE were married.

Jennifer was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert Lee "Bob" WARREN. Jennifer and Robert Lee "Bob" WARREN were married.

Jennifer was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mike MCLIN. Jennifer and Mike MCLIN were married.

Jenny was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dee A. MINNIS III. Jenny and Dee A. MINNIS III were married.

Jenny was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David Lee BUTTMAN. Jenny and David Lee BUTTMAN were married.

Jenny was born about 1811. She died after 1846 at the age of 35. She was born into slavery.

Spouse: unknown . Jenny and unknown were married. This family of slaves was the property of William Goben of Section 5 in what later became Mooresville Township. The slaves were sold when William Goben died in 1847. Children were: Harriett , Charles , Mary Ann , male , male , male .

Jenny was born about 1889 in Missouri.

Spouse: Pryor BELL. Jenny and Pryor BELL were married about 1909.

Jenny was born about 1902 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frank Miles BRISTOW. Jenny and Frank Miles BRISTOW were married. Children were: Neal BRISTOW, Robert BRISTOW.

Jeri was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jesse WEBB. Jeri and Jesse WEBB were married.

Jerousia was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas "Tom" DOWNING. Jerousia and Thomas "Tom" DOWNING were married.

Jesse Maude was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Arthur "Art" AUE. Jesse Maude and Arthur "Art" AUE were married. Children were: Catherine Mary "Kate" AUE.

Jessica was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Aaron Wayne KONOPASEK. Jessica and Aaron Wayne KONOPASEK were married.

Jessica was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jake GRIFFIN. Jessica and Jake GRIFFIN were married.

Jessie was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward R. "Ed" BUCKINGHAM. Jessie and Edward R. "Ed" BUCKINGHAM were married. Children were: Steven BUCKINGHAM, Paulette BUCKINGHAM, Claudette BUCKINGHAM.

Jessie was born about 1862 in Iowa.

Spouse: Richard S. O'BRIEN. Jessie and Richard S. O'BRIEN were married about 1880. Children were: Lee O'BRIEN, Edith E. O'BRIEN, Elva L. O'BRIEN, Charles R. O'BRIEN, Eunice Maude O'BRIEN, Irene O'BRIEN.

Jessie was born about 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ellwood J. SNYDER. Jessie and Ellwood J. SNYDER were married about 1897. Children were: Loren L. SNYDER, Eva R. SNYDER, Mary R. SNYDER.

Jessie was born in May 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas YUILLE Jr.. Jessie and Thomas YUILLE Jr. were married about 1900 in Missouri.

Jessie was born about 1903 in Missouri.

Spouse: Aubun HEIRONYMUS. Jessie and Aubun HEIRONYMUS were married. This family lived in Sedalia, Missouri in 1935. Children were: Emma Jean HEIRONYMUS.

Jessie was born about 1908 in Missouri.

Spouse: Grant E. COX. Jessie and Grant E. COX were married.

Jessie was born about 1910 in Kansas.

Spouse: Claude HAWKINS. Jessie and Claude HAWKINS were married.

Jessie B. was born on 13 September 1876 in Indiana. She died on 18 October 1924 at the age of 48 in Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri. She was buried in Prairie Ridge Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Samuel J. SHUMATE. Jessie B. and Samuel J. SHUMATE were married about 1896.

Jessie B. was born about 1897 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Leonard J. GRAHAM. Jessie B. and Leonard J. GRAHAM were married.

Jessie L. was born on 12 August 1867 in Minnesota. She died on 26 September 1957 at the age of 90. She was buried in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Edward Henry SMITH. Jessie L. and Edward Henry SMITH were married about 1887. Children were: Don G. SMITH.

Jessie L. was born on 21 June 1887. She died in October 1965 at the age of 78 in Missouri. She was buried in Burnside Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Harry T. "Pete" QUINTON. Jessie L. and Harry T. "Pete" QUINTON were married.

Jessie M. was born about 1865 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Samuel B. CLINE. Jessie M. and Samuel B. CLINE were married about 1908. This was the second marriage for both William and Jessie.