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Mary Louise was born about 1916 in Missouri.

Spouse: Harold GASTINEAU. Children were: Harold Eugene GASTINEAU.

Mary Lucilla was born about 1879 in Missouri. She died on 28 Dec 1957. She was buried in New York (Radical) Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Joseph Adam HENKINS. Joseph Adam HENKINS and Mary Lucilla were married about 1904. Children were: Helen HENKINS.

Mary Lydia was born about 1854 in Missouri.

Spouse: Lycurgus D. WHITT. Lycurgus D. WHITT and Mary Lydia were married about 1872. They were divorced in 1876 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: John Ami WHITT, Mary H. WHITT, Sarah J. WHITT.

Mary M. was born on 8 Aug 1834. She died on 4 Mar 1902. She was buried in Union Cemetery, Ray Co., Missouri.

Spouse: Reuben MCCOSKRIE.

Mary M. was born in Jun 1845 in Ohio.

Spouse: William G. STEWART. William G. STEWART and Mary M. were married about 1876. Children were: Llewelyn STEWART, Bertha M. STEWART.

Mary M. was born about 1884 in Missouri.

Spouse: Orra L. KIRK. Orra L. KIRK and Mary M. were married about 1901. Children were: Helen M. KIRK, Neva E. KIRK.

Mary M. was born about 1896 in Colorado.

Spouse: Elmer L. YOUTSEY. Children were: Anna D. YOUTSEY.

Mary M. was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Virgil R. ALLSUP. Children were: John A. ALLSUP.

Mary M. was born about 1901 in Missouri.

Spouse: George A. WATKINS. Children were: Letha M. WATKINS, Mary Joyce WATKINS.

Mary Madonna.

Spouse: Thomas BAKER. Children were: Lula Belle BAKER.

Mary Magdalena.

Spouse: Henry MUMPOWER. Children were: David MUMPOWER.

Mary Magdalena was born in 1773. She died on 31 Oct 1865. She was buried in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.

Spouse: William SADDLER. Children were: Catherine SADDLER.

Mary Magdalene.

Spouse: Burton Dodge PARIS. Children were: Barrington L. "Barry" PARIS, Mildred PARIS, Edgar Louis PARIS.

Mary Malinda was born about 1808 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Jonathan P. SMITH.

Mary Margaret died on 24 Mar 1971.

Spouse: Maurice F. DIETRICH. Children were: Judy DIETRICH, Robert DIETRICH.

Mary Marie was born on 18 Jan 1863 in Missouri. She died on 8 Aug 1921 in Clovis, Curry, New Mexico. She was buried in Clovis, Curry, New Mexico.

Spouse: John T. HANEY. Children were: Belva Ethel HANEY.

Mary N. was born about 1869 in Missouri. All of her eleven children survived to 1910.

Spouse: Harley ADAMS. Harley ADAMS and Mary N. were married about 1889. Children were: Eva G. ADAMS, Hattie E. ADAMS, Irena A. ADAMS, William B. ADAMS, Harley B. ADAMS, Gerald E. ADAMS, Mary E. ADAMS, Thelma L. ADAMS, Nelson C. ADAMS, John R. ADAMS.

Mary Odell was born on 27 Apr 1845 in Greenfield, Michigan. She died on 3 Dec 1924 in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri. Her last residence was in Brookfield. She was buried on 7 Dec 1924 in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Her parents were born in France.

Spouse: Thomas HOUK. Thomas HOUK and Mary Odell were married about 1863. Children were: Louis H. "Louie" HOUK, Adeline HOUK, Della E. HOUK, Frank B. HOUK, Hattie E. HOUK.

Mary Olive was born on 22 Oct 1877 in Mazomanie, Dane, Wisconsin. She died on 28 Dec 1943 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 31 Dec 1943 in Mazomanie, Dane, Wisconsin. The death certificate does not identify her birth surname. Both parents were born in England.

Spouse: James A. BLYNN. Children were: Eugene G. BLYNN.

Mary Pauline was born about 1915 in Missouri.

Spouse: John Oscar DAVIS.

Mary R. was born about 1870 in Missouri.

Spouse: Simon P. KING. Simon P. KING and Mary R. were married about 1889. Children were: Earl KING.

Mary R. was born about 1870 in Missouri.

Spouse: J. E. LORTON. J. E. LORTON and Mary R. were married about 1888. Children were: Harold LORTON, Arthur LORTON, Fayth Marie LORTON, Orland Edgar LORTON.

Mary R. was born about 1886 in Missouri.

Spouse: Alonzo HORTON. Children were: Francis A. HORTON, Thelma A. HORTON.

Mary Ruth.

Spouse: David Samuel BEAZELL.

Mary Ruth was born about 1901 in Oklahoma.

Spouse: Cecil Maynard FRAZIER. Cecil Maynard FRAZIER and Mary Ruth were married in Apr 1928 in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri.

Mary S.

Spouse: Jimmy K. JACOBS.

Mary S. was born about 1874 in Illinois.

Spouse: Charles F. LAUBER. Children were: Dorothy LAUBER.

Mary S. was born about 1883 in Missouri.

Spouse: Wiley E. BROWN. Wiley E. BROWN and Mary S. were married about 1903. Children were: Charles G. BROWN, Phoebe J. BROWN, Thomas L. BROWN, James O. BROWN, Mary M. BROWN, Eldora May BROWN.

Mary Shepherd was born on 4 May 1833 in Ohio. She died on 12 Mar 1887 in Crawford Co., Illinois. She was buried in Robinson, Crawford, Illinois.

Spouse: George JENNINGS. Children were: Sarah C. JENNINGS.

Mary Smith.

Spouse: Joseph PRICHARD. Children were: Margaret Fields PRICHARD, Benjamin PRICHARD, Mary PRICHARD, Martha Ann PRICHARD, Letticia PRICHARD, Enoch Smith PRICHARD, James Terry PRICHARD.

Mary Soleta.

Spouse: Thomas Armstrong WELDEN.

Mary Sue.

Spouse: Floyd YOUNG Jr.

Mary Susan was born on 23 Oct 1861. She died on 14 May 1907. She was buried in Black Oak Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Caleb ROWLAND. Children were: Oscar ROWLAND.

Mary V. was born about 1876 in Missouri.

Spouse: Perry Olin WARD. Children were: Hobart C. WARD, Hazel M. WARD, Lesta O. WARD, Mary Byrl WARD, James C. WARD, Marjorie M. WARD.

Mary V. was born about 1900 in Missouri.

Spouse: Joseph F. MILLER. Children were: Eugene F. MILLER, Jerrell J. MILLER.

Mary W. "Polly" was born on 3 Apr 1803. She died on 9 Sep 1845. She was buried in Salisbury, Chariton, Missouri.

Spouse: Alexander Littleberry TRENT. Children were: Frederick Woodson TRENT.


Spouse: Martin GIER Jr. Children were: Elizabeth GIER.

Maryetta was born in Jan 1860 in Missouri.

Spouse: H. E. DUNCAN. Children were: Clara DUNCAN, William DUNCAN, George DUNCAN, Oscar DUNCAN, Herbert DUNCAN, Bertha DUNCAN, Lola DUNCAN.


Spouse: Gary SINGLETON.


Spouse: Robert KIER. Children were: Sarah Jane KIER.


Spouse: Henry HAISLIP. Children were: Pearl HAISLIP.


Spouse: John KELLY. Children were: Nancy Jane KELLY, Ed KELLY.


Spouse: Henry STOVER.

Matilda was born about 1820 in Tennessee.

Spouse: William WILLIAMS. Children were: George W. WILLIAMS, Mary J. WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Martha A. WILLIAMS, Sarah G. WILLIAMS, Lafayette WILLIAMS.

Matilda was born about 1821 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: William B. SHEPARD. Children were: Ebenezer SHEPARD, Emily SHEPARD, Mary Bertha SHEPARD, Margaret SHEPARD, W. B. SHEPARD.

Matilda was born about 1824 in Missouri.

Spouse: Michael GRANT. Children were: Margaret A. GRANT, Nancy E. GRANT, Richard GRANT.

Matilda was born about 1829 in New Jersey.

Spouse: Thomas LEAR. Children were: Mary Ellen LEAR.

Matilda was born about 1835 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Benjamin D. MORTON. Children were: Ambrose MORTON, Ida MORTON.

Matilda was born about 1844 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Charles T. WITTEN.

Matilda was born about 1847 in North Carolina. Six of her ten children survived to 1910.

Spouse: MCGEE. Children were: Laura Belle MCGEE.

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