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Isaac C. BROWN was born in 1795 in Hardin Co, , Kentucky. He died in 1850 in Atlas, Pike, Illinois. He was buried in Pike Co., Illinois. Burial was in the Charlie Dustin farm cemetery. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. Parents: Dixon BROWN Jr. and Elizabeth S. NORMAN.

Spouse: Susan SMOOT. Children were: Mary Jane BROWN.

Isaac L. BROWN was born about 1908 in Missouri. Parents: Franklin Reed "Frank" BROWN and Rachel Catherine "Kit" ADAMS.

Isaac Louis BROWN was born on 21 Jun 1837 in Henry Co., Indiana. He died on 29 Apr 1918 in Daviess Co., Missouri. He was buried in Old Scotland Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Isaac BROWN and Matilda BROWN.

Spouse: Mary Lucinda SCOTT. Isaac Louis BROWN and Mary Lucinda SCOTT were married on 3 Mar 1858 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Dinah Jane BROWN, Lyda A. BROWN, James Martin BROWN, Nancy Ellen "Nan" BROWN, Franklin Reed "Frank" BROWN, Letitia Mae BROWN, Phoebe Alice BROWN, Sarah Matilda BROWN, William Jasper BROWN, Robert Clinton BROWN, John P. BROWN.


Spouse: Thomas H. "Tom" WOODS. Thomas H. "Tom" WOODS and Iva BROWN were married on 3 Feb 1910 in Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri.

Iva Margaret BROWN was born on 26 Aug 1888 in Carroll Co., Missouri. She died on 9 Dec 1973 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 12 Dec 1973 in Sumner, Chariton, Missouri. Parents: Savanis BROWN and Sarah.

Spouse: William Alexander BOLEY Jr. William Alexander BOLEY Jr. and Iva Margaret BROWN were married about 1904 in Carroll Co., Missouri. Children were: Nellie Pearl BOLEY, Russell BOLEY, Grace BOLEY, Earl William BOLEY, Opal BOLEY, Mildred Lucille BOLEY, Raymond Edward BOLEY, Carl Henry BOLEY, Harold D. BOLEY, Gerald Dean BOLEY, William "Bill" BOLEY Jr., Rex BOLEY.

Ivarene BROWN was born on 18 May 1904. She was born on 3 May 1934.

Spouse: Claude S. MACKEY. Children were: Martha Joan MACKEY.

Jack BROWN was born about 1916 in Missouri. Parents: Willis I. BROWN and Dorothy.

Jack BROWN was born about 1930 in Missouri. Parents: Amstard P. BROWN and Ona M. DINNEL.

Jack Robert BROWN was born on 2 Nov 1928 in Mound City, Holt, Missouri. He died on 25 Jan 1986 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. He was buried on 28 Jan 1986 in Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Marvin M. BROWN and Blanche Marie BAUER.

Jacob BROWN.

Spouse: Mary ARMSFIELD. Children were: Moses BROWN.

Jacob D. BROWN was born about 1843 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Hadley BROWN and Anna DOWELL.

Spouse: Martha Ellen BALDWIN. Children were: William L. BROWN, John O. BROWN, Orestus O. "Rastus" BROWN, Thomas H. BROWN, Eva Josephine BROWN.

Jacob Robert "Bob" BROWN was born in Dec 1860 in Missouri.

Spouse: Mary L. "Molly" BALLEW. Jacob Robert "Bob" BROWN and Mary L. "Molly" BALLEW were married on 5 Oct 1892. Children were: Harry Weaver BROWN, Raymond Athan BROWN, Mable F. BROWN.

James BROWN.

Spouse: Nancy GRUBB. Children were: Nannie Elizabeth BROWN.

James BROWN was born about 1846 in Missouri. Parents: Samuel BROWN and Elizabeth KELLER.

James BROWN was born about 1863 in Missouri. Parents: Robert J. BROWN and Barbara DOWELL.

James BROWN was born in Oct 1865 in Missouri. He died on 7 Oct 1932 in Parkville, Platte, Missouri. Parents: Moses BROWN and Rebecca WELDON.

Spouse: Lucy.

Spouse: Charity E. James BROWN and Charity E. were married on 1 Aug 1890 in Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri. Children were: Jessie M. BROWN, Clarence Edward BROWN, Coy Loyleloyal BROWN, Lloyd McKinley BROWN, Martha Alice BROWN.

James BROWN was born on 10 Apr 1865 in Ray Co., Missouri. He died on 15 Jul 1943 in Utica, Livingston, Missouri. He was buried in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. He worked at the brick and tile plant in Utica.

Spouse: Della HARRIS.

Spouse: unknown. Children were: William Henry BROWN, Carrie Lottie BROWN.

James Calvin BROWN. Parents: William Alvin BROWN and Nancy Emeline ATKINSON.

James Edward BROWN was born on 24 Jan 1926 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa. He died on 21 Dec 2010. He was buried in Clear Creek Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Virginia Lee ANDERSON. Children were: Ray Herbert BROWN, Carol Diane BROWN.

James K. BROWN was born on 6 Mar 1805 in Virginia. He died on 23 Nov 1873.

Spouse: Eliza WHITAKER. James K. BROWN and Eliza WHITAKER were married on 7 Mar 1847. Children were: William H. Harrison BROWN, Susan BROWN, Elizabeth Ann BROWN, Sarah Alice BROWN.

James L. BROWN was born on 22 Aug 1906 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. He died on 11 Dec 1983.

Spouse: Zella Marie BOWERS. James L. BROWN and Zella Marie BOWERS were married on 15 May 1932 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri. Children were: Thomas W. BROWN.

James Lee BROWN. Parents: E. O. BROWN and Bessie Fern HIBNER.

James Lindsey "Jim" BROWN was born on 18 Feb 1910 in Lawson, Ray, Missouri. He died on 4 Mar 1963 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. He died in a Kansas City hospital; his home was in Chillicothe. He was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. He was the owner and operator of Brown's Furniture, Elm and Webster Streets in Chillicothe. Parents: Asa Oliver BROWN and Anna Margaret THOMPSON.

Spouse: Mildred N. "Mickey" BATE. James Lindsey "Jim" BROWN and Mildred N. "Mickey" BATE were married on 31 Oct 1942 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri. The bride was of Jamesport, the groom of Kansas City, Missouri.

James M. BROWN was born about 1831 in Virginia. In 1860, he was a blacksmith in Jackson Twp., Livingston Co.

Spouse: Nancy Irene HALE. James M. BROWN and Nancy Irene HALE were married before 1853. Children were: Margaret BROWN, Mary BROWN, Emma Katherine BROWN, Walter W. BROWN.

James M. BROWN was born about 1849 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Joshua Hadley BROWN and Sarah Ann WALKER.

James Martin BROWN was born on 18 Nov 1864 in Daviess Co., Missouri. He died on 3 Mar 1949 in Jamesport, Daviess, Missouri. He was buried on 5 Mar 1949 in Old Scotland Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Isaac Louis BROWN and Mary Lucinda SCOTT.

Spouse: Anna Marie REED. James Martin BROWN and Anna Marie REED were married on 18 Feb 1886 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Mary Ethyl BROWN, John Reed BROWN, Nelle Theo BROWN.

James N. BROWN was born in May 1865 in Iowa.

Spouse: Mary C. CURRAN. James N. BROWN and Mary C. CURRAN were married on 17 Jul 1897 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chillicothe. James and Mary had a child that died before June 1900.

James O. BROWN was born about 1914 in Missouri. Parents: Wiley E. BROWN and Mary S.

James R. BROWN.

Spouse: Kittie Sarah. Children were: Dora Alice BROWN.

James R. BROWN was born in May 1884 in Missouri. Parents: Charles BROWN and Margaret ELLIS.

James Robert BROWN was born about 1923 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Parents: Clarence Edward BROWN and Justava Bee LEE.

James Wardie "Jack" BROWN was born on 12 Oct 1881 in Daviess Co., Missouri. He died on 14 Sep 1956 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. He was buried on 16 Sep 1956 in Centenary Cemetery, Daviess Co., Missouri. In 1900 he was a ward of Obediah and Mary Youtsey. In 1940 he was a stock buyer in Daviess County. Parents: Daniel BROWN and Hannah MERRIFIELD.

Spouse: Laura Belle MILLER. James Wardie "Jack" BROWN and Laura Belle MILLER were married on 2 Dec 1902 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. The bride was of Jackson Twp., the groom of Union Twp., both in Daviess Co. She is identified as Lena B. Miller in the marriage record. Children were: Marvin M. BROWN, Kenneth F. BROWN, Madge E. BROWN, Leonard J. BROWN, Obie BROWN, Nellie BROWN, Edith BROWN.

Jane BROWN was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: William HOUGHTEN. Children were: Theodocia Ernst HOUGHTEN.

Jane Elizabeth "Jannie" BROWN was born on 13 Jan 1853 in Horse Cave, Hart, Kentucky. She died on 11 Nov 1921 in Green Twp., Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 12 Nov 1921 in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. She is also identified as Elizabeth Edwards. Parents: John BROWN and Nancy LOCKE.

Spouse: Philander Cambrian LOCKE. Philander Cambrian LOCKE and Jane Elizabeth "Jannie" BROWN were married about 1869. The birthplace of Philander and Elizabeth is also reported as Metcalf Co., Kentucky. Children were: Virgil Everett LOCKE, Charles Evert LOCKE, LaOla Belle LOCKE, James William LOCKE, George Henry LOCKE, Robert Danna LOCKE, Archie T. LOCKE, Catherine Lee "Kate" LOCKE.

Janet BROWN.

Spouse: John Michael MYERS. Children were: Nelly Michelle MYERS, Clayton John MYERS, Melanie Anne MYERS.

Jared Ray BROWN. Parents: Ray Herbert BROWN and Tanya Elizabeth HAWERLOK.

Jason Charles BROWN was born on 20 Oct 1927 in Jamesport Twp., Daviess, Missouri. He died on 27 Jan 1953 in St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri. He died as a result of an accidental shooting. He died in a St. Joseph hospital; his residence was in Gallatin. He was buried on 29 Jan 1953 in Pilot Grove Cemetery #1, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Robert Hugh BROWN and Leta L. MAYS.

Spouse: Betty Lou METZGER. Jason Charles BROWN and Betty Lou METZGER were married in Nov 1945 in Jackson Co., Missouri. Bride and groom were of Kansas City, Missouri. The groom was 18, the bride 17.

Jerry E. BROWN. Parents: Edward L. "Buster" BROWN and Letha Maxine LIGHTLE.

Jesse BROWN.

Children were: David BROWN.

Jesse E. BROWN was born about 1901 in Sheridan Twp., Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Corwin M. BROWN and Geneva Alice "Eva" MASON.

Spouse: Beulah. Children were: John F. BROWN.

Jessie M. BROWN was born about 1892 in Missouri. She died on 7 Jun 1955 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. Parents: James BROWN and Charity E.


Spouse: Coleta Jane "Janie" DOETZL. Jim BROWN and Coleta Jane "Janie" DOETZL were married on 29 Mar 1986. This couple lived in Paola, Kansas in 2010.

Jimmie Everett BROWN. Parents: Everett Taft BROWN and Alvena BRAZZLE.

Joann BROWN was born in 1934 in Ludlow, Livingston, Missouri. She died on 14 Nov 2011. She was buried in Monroe Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Stephen Theodore BROWN and Juanita Mae HOLDEN.

Spouse: Richard B. JORDAN. Richard B. JORDAN and Joann BROWN were married on 17 Apr 1953.


Spouse: Fannie. Children were: Eula Mae BROWN.

Joel N. "Joe" BROWN was born in 1845 in Daviess Co., Missouri. He died in Nov 1893 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Hadley BROWN and Anna DOWELL.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth WARD. Joel N. "Joe" BROWN and Mary Elizabeth WARD were married on 3 Jun 1869 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Thomas Theodore BROWN, Augusta J. "Gusta" BROWN, Etta BROWN, Ethyl M. BROWN, Daisy A. BROWN.

Joel Read BROWN was born in Aug 1830 in Indiana. He was killed in the battle of Vicksburg. Parents: Solomon BROWN and Lydia ADAMS.

John BROWN was born in Iowa.

Spouse: Emily Carolina MABE. John BROWN and Emily Carolina MABE were married before 1893. They filed for divorce in 1893 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Children were: Maggie May BROWN, Daniel O. BROWN.


Spouse: Mercy Ann MABE. John BROWN and Mercy Ann MABE were married on 20 Sep 1866 in Caldwell Co., Missouri.


Spouse: Matilda SNODDY. John and Matilda are buried in Ray Co., Missouri. Children were: Hiram BROWN.

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