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Rebecca was born about 1828 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas J. LATHAM. Children were: William R. LATHAM, Nancy LATHAM.

Rebecca was born about 1832 in Ohio. She died before 1930.

Spouse: SABIN.

Spouse: Adolphus D. WHITT. Adolphus D. WHITT and Rebecca were married on 22 Feb 1906 in Gallatin, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Gallatin. Rebecca was his third wife.

Rebecca was born about 1843 in Ohio.

Spouse: Oscar A. COLVIN.

Rebecca was born about 1844 in Tennessee.

Spouse: SNYDER. Children were: Sarah E. SNYDER.

Rebecca was born in Mar 1850 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Henson ALEXANDER. Henson ALEXANDER and Rebecca were married about 1866. Children were: Perry ALEXANDER, Claude L. ALEXANDER, Nova ALEXANDER, Lucy E. ALEXANDER, Minnie M. ALEXANDER, Myrtle ALEXANDER, Paul M. ALEXANDER.

Rebecca was born in May 1855 in Missouri.

Spouse: Frederick SHAFER. Frederick SHAFER and Rebecca were married about 1875. Children were: George Wesley SHAFER, Henry D. SHAFER.

Rebecca was born about 1865 in Kentucky.

Spouse: WOODLOCK. WOODLOCK and Rebecca were married before 1898. Children were: Dorothy WOODLOCK.

Spouse: Thomas Andrew GOODRICH. Thomas Andrew GOODRICH and Rebecca were married about 1909. This was the second marriage for both Thomas and Rebecca.

Rebecca was born about 1871 in Illinois.

Spouse: James E. WILLIAMS. Children were: Oscar Clinton WILLIAMS.

Rebecca was born on 13 Jul 1881. She died on 7 Jul 1938. She was buried in Albia, Monroe, Iowa.

Spouse: John A. RONEY. Children were: Charles A. RONEY.

Rebecca A. was born about 1829 in Indiana.

Spouse: Henry WIMER. Children were: John C. WIMER, Jacob Q. WIMER, Liza J. WIMER, James H. WIMER.

Rebecca A. "Becky" was born about 1841 in Missouri.

Spouse: Steven SLAUGHTER. Children were: Becky SLAUGHTER, Martha SLAUGHTER, James R. SLAUGHTER, Margaret SLAUGHTER, Stepney SLAUGHTER, Douglas SLAUGHTER, Stephen A. SLAUGHTER, Louis M. SLAUGHTER, David SLAUGHTER, Vertil M. SLAUGHTER.

Rebecca A. was born on 6 Dec 1850 in Iowa. She died on 13 Dec 1886. She was buried in Hill Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Wesley P. GILLILAN.

Rebecca B. was born about 1840 in Ohio.

Spouse: Rev. Meredith BRATCHER. Rev. Meredith BRATCHER and Rebecca B. were married about 1880.

Rebecca E. was born on 25 Jun 1809 in Virginia. She died on 26 Jul 1888. She was buried in Nichols Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Mounts NICHOLS. Children were: John Siegel NICHOLS, Ruth NICHOLS, Thomas NICHOLS, Rhoda NICHOLS, Rebecca NICHOLS, Nancy NICHOLS, Mathias NICHOLS, Margaret NICHOLS, Eliza NICHOLS, Mary NICHOLS.

Rebecca J. was born about 1830 in Virginia.

Spouse: Daniel B. COX. Daniel and Rebecca lived in Daviess Co. in 1850.

Rebecca Jane was born about 1827 in Virginia.

Spouse: Rankin GILLESPIE. Children were: William H. GILLESPIE, Elizabeth GILLESPIE, Virginia GILLESPIE, Lillie GILLESPIE, Mary GILLESPIE, Joseph GILLESPIE, Martha GILLESPIE, Franklin GILLESPIE, Cora GILLESPIE.

Rebecca S. was born in May 1874 in Kentucky.

Spouse: Walter S. TOWNSEND. Walter S. TOWNSEND and Rebecca S. were married about 1899. Children were: John H. TOWNSEND Jr.


Spouse: John SMITH. Children were: Sarah "Sally" SMITH, Rebecca SMITH.


Spouse: Elizabeth BLAND.

Regina S.

Spouse: Floyd I. BALES.

Relious Edgar was born on 24 Dec 1877 in Greene Co., Tennessee. He died on 8 Jun 1945 in Livingston Co., Missouri. He was buried in Monroe Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Minnie Lou THOMPSON.


Spouse: John A. MERCER.

Rena Jane was born about 1891. She died on 31 Oct 1985 in Liberty Hospital, Clay, Missouri. Her home was in Willow Springs, Missouri. She was buried in Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri.

Spouse: WEILER. Children were: Freda WEILER.

Rena O. was born about 1886 in Ohio. She died on 4 Dec 1956 in California. She was buried in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.

Spouse: Otho SWITZER. Children were: Dorothy Glenn SWITZER.


Spouse: James Robert BURTON.


Spouse: Bobby JOHNSON Jr. Children were: Monica M. JOHNSON, Linda JOHNSON.


Spouse: Dwight David JONES.


Spouse: Michael "Mike" REETER.


Spouse: James D. EVANS.

Retta was born in Sep 1869 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: William T. ORR. William T. ORR and Retta were married about 1887. Children were: Ethel ORR, Herbert T. ORR, Grace ORR, Max ORR, Karl ORR.

Rexene P. was born on 27 Dec 1920. She died on 16 Nov 2007. She was buried in Welsh Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Ronald A. WATKINS.


Spouse: TAYLOR.

Spouse: Alva E. DEFORD. Alva E. DEFORD and Rhea were married on 11 Jan 1930 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. The bride was of Cameron, the groom of Winston.


Spouse: George WADE. Children were: Albert Lee WADE.


Spouse: Jason LOVE.

Rhoda was born about 1789 in South Carolina.

Spouse: EDWARDS. Children were: John F. EDWARDS.

Rhoda was born in 1818 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York. She was buried in Jones Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Abel THORINGTON. Children were: Francis M. THORINGTON, William THORINGTON, Andrew J. THORINGTON.

Rhoda was born about 1825 in Kentucky. She died before 1870 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Spouse: James FOXWORTHY. Children were: William Albert FOXWORTHY, Mary FOXWORTHY, James W. FOXWORTHY, Joseph "Joe" FOXWORTHY, George FOXWORTHY, Enoch Monroe FOXWORTHY, John F. FOXWORTHY, David M. FOXWORTHY.

Rhoda was born about 1826 in Kentucky.

Spouse: CONKLIN. Children were: Sarah F. CONKLIN, Mary J. CONKLIN.

Rhoda was born in Nov 1874 in Missouri. She died in 1946. She was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jackson, Missouri.

Spouse: Benjamin L. BEVELLE. Benjamin L. BEVELLE and Rhoda were married about 1898. Children were: Thomas L. BEVELLE, Isabel BEVELLE, Margaret T. BEVELLE, Floyd C. BEVELLE, Ralph Manford BEVELLE, George Alvin "Billy" BEVELLE, Milford Earl BEVELLE.

Rhoda A. was born about 1856 in Missouri.

Spouse: John W. MORRIS. John W. MORRIS and Rhoda A. were married about 1890.

Rhoda P. was born about 1855 in Tennessee.

Spouse: WOOD. Children were: Uel Simeon WOOD.

Rhoda V. was born about 1897 in Missouri.

Spouse: Glenn DUFFEY.


Spouse: Dr. William Bryan COPPLE.


Spouse: Teddy Joe "T. J." SANSON.


Spouse: Dr. Paul GROOMS.


Spouse: Denny CLEVENGER.


Spouse: Jerry Dean CAPPS.


Spouse: Charles MAPLES.

Rhonda was born on 21 Sep 1963.

Spouse: Alan THOMSON. Alan THOMSON and Rhonda were married on 8 Jan 1999. Children were: Christopher THOMSON, Tyler THOMSON.

Richard J.

Spouse: Carrie Lucille HAYNES.

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