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John Clement SMITH was born on 29 Apr 1888 in Carrollton, Carroll, Missouri. He farmed near Ludlow, Missouri in 1917. Parents: Samuel R. SMITH and Elizabeth "Betsy" MUTTON.

Spouse: Vera E. John Clement SMITH and Vera E. were married about 1928.

John E. SMITH was born in Jan 1898 in Missouri. Parents: William Marion SMITH and Margaret Ann MILLER.

John Elmer SMITH was born on 23 Jul 1888 in Smith Center, Smith, Kansas. He died on 30 Sep 1973. He was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. He described himself as an unemployed farmer in 1918. Parents: William M. SMITH and Alice Melissa JONAS.

Spouse: Ethel C. LETT. John Elmer SMITH and Ethel C. LETT were married on 12 Feb 1913 in Breckenridge, Caldwell, Missouri. The bride and groom were of Breckenridge. Children were: Ethel Irene SMITH.

John F. SMITH was born about 1829 in Campbell Co., Kentucky. Parents: Dr. Obediah Winters SMITH and Mildred TERRILL.

John Frederick SMITH was born on 5 Jul 1863. He died on 9 Aug 1925. He was buried in Heath Chapel, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Asa Louden SMITH and Sarah Ann BOYSELL.

Spouse: Eliza Jane HEATH. John Frederick SMITH and Eliza Jane HEATH were married on 25 Aug 1887 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Spouse: Julina DAVID. John Frederick SMITH and Julina DAVID were married about 1908.

John H. SMITH.

Spouse: unknown. Children were: Madge L. SMITH.

John J. SMITH.

Spouse: Sarah SMITH. Children were: Asa Louden SMITH, Idirus SMITH, Orlena SMITH, Rachel SMITH, Julia Ann SMITH, Caroline SMITH, David SMITH, Theodosia SMITH, Alice SMITH.

John Junior SMITH was born on 28 Dec 1923 in Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa. He died on 15 Jun 2001 in Apple Valley, San Bernardino, California. He was buried on 21 Jun 2001 in Victorville, San Bernardino, California.

Spouse: Lela Leona WALKER. John Junior SMITH and Lela Leona WALKER were married about 1954.

John Levi SMITH was born on 23 Aug 1884 in Roanoke, Huntington, Indiana. He died on 31 Jan 1947 in Jackson Twp., Livingston, Missouri. He was buried on 3 Feb 1947 in Brassfield Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Levi SMITH and Helen HUGHES.

Spouse: Bertha VOLK. John Levi SMITH and Bertha VOLK were married on 4 Sep 1912 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. The groom was of Iola, Kansas. Children were: Rachel Elizabeth SMITH, Helen Louise SMITH, William Leo SMITH, John Rex SMITH, Dollie Marie SMITH.

John Litton SMITH. He died in infancy. Parents: Lorenzo Dow SMITH and Elizabeth LITTON.

John M. SMITH was born about 1861 in Missouri. Parents: Ephraim SMITH and Mary SMITH.

John Mayes SMITH was born on 22 Jan 1876 in Missouri. Parents: Alexander SMITH and Susan MAYES.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth LEWELLEN. John Mayes SMITH and Mary Elizabeth LEWELLEN were married on 22 Jan 1903 in Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri. Children were: Robert Johnson SMITH, Susie SMITH, Leota SMITH.

John Michael SMITH was born on 15 Jul 1837 in Germany. He died on 21 Dec 1919 in Green Twp., Livingston, Missouri. He was buried on 23 Dec 1919 in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Fannie SCHONE. Children were: Helen SMITH, Otis SMITH, Harry SMITH, W. Ross SMITH.

John N. SMITH was born about 1868 in Missouri. He managed a lumber mill in Pattonsburg in 1920.

Spouse: Mary J. LOGAN. John N. SMITH and Mary J. LOGAN were married on 19 Mar 1907 in Pattonsburg, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Pattonsburg. W. A. Logan and Emma Logan, parents of Mary, give consent. Children were: Mary Christina SMITH, John W. SMITH, Clarence E. SMITH, Armon D. SMITH, Dorothy M. SMITH.

John P. SMITH.

Spouse: Jennet HATFIELD. Children were: Mary Emma SMITH.

John Rex SMITH was born on 4 Feb 1924 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. He died on 12 Feb 2011 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. He was buried on 16 Feb 2011 in Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: John Levi SMITH and Bertha VOLK.

Spouse: Kyra Rosella LOCKE. John Rex SMITH and Kyra Rosella LOCKE were married on 10 Dec 1952 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chillicothe. Children were: Michael Rex SMITH, Daniel Ewing SMITH, Marsha Elaine SMITH.

John Robert SMITH.

Spouse: Marjorie FRANKS. John Robert SMITH and Marjorie FRANKS were married on 19 Aug 1939. In 1950, John and Marjorie opened Smith's Grocery in Jameson. They helped provide Saturday night movies until they sold the store in 1959. Children were: Robert SMITH, Michelle SMITH.

John Robert SMITH was born on 5 Apr 1893 in Chula, Livingston, Missouri. He died on 5 Mar 1974 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. He died in a Kansas City hospital; his residence was in Hamilton. He was buried in Plainview Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: John Alexander SMITH and Lucinda Catherine BAKER.

Spouse: Myrtis Iva "Myrtie" GARR. John Robert SMITH and Myrtis Iva "Myrtie" GARR were married on 5 Sep 1915 in Chula, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chula. Children were: Vera SMITH, Ila SMITH.

John Shelton SMITH. Parents: William SMITH and Hannah E. SUMMERVILLE.

John T. SMITH.

Spouse: Mary Ann MARCUM. John T. SMITH and Mary Ann MARCUM were married on 3 Aug 1862 in Sullivan Co., Missouri. Bride and groom were of Linn Co. Children were: Howard Kelsey SMITH.

John W. SMITH was born in Tennessee.

Spouse: Abigail MOAD. Children were: Sarah K. SMITH, Mary Frances SMITH.

John W. SMITH died before 1965.

Spouse: Mary Lee MULLINIX. John W. SMITH and Mary Lee MULLINIX were married in 1949.

John W. SMITH was born about 1909 in Missouri. Parents: John N. SMITH and Mary J. LOGAN.

John Wesley SMITH was born on 23 Oct 1828 in Tennessee. He died on 28 Jan 1917 in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri. He was buried on 29 Jan 1917 in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: John SMITH and Nancy ELLIOTT.

Spouse: Lucinda FORD. Children were: George Asbury SMITH.

Jonathan SMITH was born in Kentucky.

Spouse: Martha "Mattie" CHITWOOD.

Jonathan SMITH was born about 1806 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Catherine STAFFORD. Children were: Richard SMITH, Gideon SMITH, Judah A. SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, Mary SMITH, Sarah J. SMITH, John SMITH, Wilson SMITH, Eliza SMITH.

Jonathan P. SMITH was born about 1800 in Virginia. He died on 23 Dec 1884 in Livingston Co., Missouri. In 1870 his housekeeper, apparently his wife, was Mary, age 63, born Tennessee.

Spouse: Martha. Children were: Sophronia SMITH, Rebecca SMITH, Martha A. SMITH, William SMITH, Sarah Ann "Sally" SMITH.

Spouse: Mary Malinda.

Joseph SMITH.

Spouse: Mary Ann "Polly" PUGH. Joseph SMITH and Mary Ann "Polly" PUGH were married on 6 May 1879 in Jameson, Daviess, Missouri.

Joseph SMITH.

Spouse: Sarah. Children were: Roxie Mae SMITH.

Joseph SMITH.

Spouse: Emma Gertrude JAMES. Children were: Laura Maria SMITH.

Joseph SMITH was born about 1833 in Tennessee. Parents: Benjamin F. SMITH and Susanna "Susan" GOOCH.

Joseph SMITH was born about 1852 in Kentucky. Parents: John SMITH and unknown.

Joseph SMITH was born on 25 Jul 1852 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. He died on 22 Dec 1924 in New York Twp., Caldwell, Missouri. He was buried on 24 Dec 1924 in Lock Springs Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Anthony Helner SMITH and Eleanor Minerva "Nellie" JOHNSON.

Spouse: Lucy Ann GRIMES. Joseph SMITH and Lucy Ann GRIMES were married about 1875. Children were: Robert Clarence SMITH, Rose Lee SMITH, Mary E. SMITH, William Anthony SMITH, Nannie M. SMITH.

Joseph Frederick SMITH was born on 15 Sep 1874 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. He died on 16 Sep 1961 in Modesto, Stanislaus, California. Parents: George SMITH and Elizabeth EMCH.

Spouse: Mabel J. STEWART. Joseph Frederick SMITH and Mabel J. STEWART were married about 1912 in Springhill, Livingston, Missouri. Children were: Faun E. SMITH, Ethlyn SMITH.

Joseph Grove SMITH was born on 2 Jun 1850. He died on 1 Dec 1935. He was buried in Kingston Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Mary Mahala JONES. Children were: Harry SMITH, Grace SMITH.

Joseph Washington SMITH was born on 21 Mar 1849 in Antrim, Guernsey, Ohio. Parents: Washington SMITH and Hannah RAMAGE.

Joshua SMITH. Parents: Ray SMITH and Linda Sue WARREN.

Spouse: Elizabeth.

Joy SMITH. Parents: Samuel SMITH and Osie ELLIS.

Juanita SMITH. Parents: SMITH and unknown.

Juanita SMITH was born in Nov 1892 in Missouri. At age 17 she was an inspector in a millenery store in Kansas City. Parents: Sanford H. SMITH and Bertha Gertrude MILLS.

Juanita F. SMITH was born on 3 Apr 1920 in Mooresville Twp., Livingston, Missouri. She died on 29 May 2010 in Gilmer, Upshur, Texas. She was buried on 4 Jun 2010 in Evergreen Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. She graduated from Braymer High School in 1938. Parents: Grover Raymond SMITH and Ethel LINGARD.

Spouse: Verl Floyd MOSS. Verl Floyd MOSS and Juanita F. SMITH were married on 20 Mar 1944 in Paris, Lamar, Texas. Children were: David Ray MOSS.

Juanita May SMITH was born about 1931 in Missouri. Parents: Ernest F. SMITH and Lula May TEEL.

Judah A. SMITH was born about 1835 in Indiana. Parents: Jonathan SMITH and Catherine STAFFORD.

Judson Van SMITH was born on 29 Jan 1904 in Daviess Co., Missouri. He died on 19 Jan 1948 in Liberty Twp., Daviess, Missouri. He was buried on 21 Jan 1948 in Centenary Cemetery, Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Eben Turpin SMITH and Adalaide Ola "Ada" VANVOLKENBURGH.

Spouse: Jessie M. Judson Van SMITH and Jessie M. were married about 1928. Children were: Frank Turpin SMITH, Doris M. SMITH.

Julia Ann SMITH. Parents: John J. SMITH and Sarah SMITH.

Julia E. SMITH was born on 31 Jul 1856. She died on 23 Feb 1942. She was buried in Utica, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: George F. SMITH and Charlotta Caroline SCHIMPF.

Julie Ann SMITH. Parents: Alvan J. SMITH and Delores Jean TAGUE.

Spouse: Brad TUMMONS.

Julie Ann SMITH. Parents: Marvin Walker SMITH and Mary Ellen LAMP.

Karen SMITH was born about 1938 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: Quinton Van SMITH and Evelyn A. TARWATER.

Karla SMITH was born about 1939 in Monroe Twp., Daviess, Missouri. Parents: Quinton Van SMITH and Evelyn A. TARWATER.

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