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Catherine was born in Germany.

Spouse: Anton FEGER. Children were: Balrenia FEGER.


Spouse: Robert James BUXTON.


Spouse: Samuel McVey "Sam" CONDRON III.


Spouse: Hugh HUGHES. Children were: Thomas HUGHES.


Spouse: David MORGAN. David MORGAN and Catherine were married on 1 Jun 1833. Children were: Catherine T. MORGAN.

Catherine was born in Ohio.

Spouse: Thomas MOREN. Children were: Margaret G. MOREN.


Spouse: Morris Homer DANIELS.

Catherine died before 1966.

Spouse: Joseph Jacob SCHRADER.

Catherine died in 1974.

Spouse: Gordon Earl DYE. Children were: Earl D. DYE, Dennis E. DYE, Karen DYE.

Catherine was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: George SHRIVER. This family came to Livingston Co. in 1839. Children were: Andrew SHRIVER, James SHRIVER, Harriett SHRIVER, George SHRIVER Jr., Martha SHRIVER, Monmouth SHRIVER, Isaac SHRIVER, Catherine Ann SHRIVER, Mary E. SHRIVER, Hannah E. SHRIVER.

Catherine was born about 1798 in Germany.

Spouse: Nathaniel GLAZE Sr. Children were: John GLAZE, Elizabeth GLAZE, Nathaniel GLAZE Jr., Sarah GLAZE, Rachel GLAZE, John Chenowith GLAZE.

Catherine was born about 1800 in Virginia.

Spouse: SHEPARD. Children were: Frances SHEPARD.

Catherine was born about 1808 in Ohio.

Spouse: Evin MOORE. Children were: William Riley MOORE, Samuel MOORE.

Catherine was born on 4 Jun 1813 in Pennsylvania. She died on 25 Feb 1901. She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: JOHNSON. Children were: William F. JOHNSON.

Spouse: John BAKER. Children were: Martha E. BAKER, Margaret E. BAKER.

Catherine was born about 1815 in Ireland.

Spouse: FUQUA. Children were: Lizzie A. FUQUA, Sally FUQUA.

Catherine was born on 8 Mar 1815 in Tennessee. She died on 8 Jun 1877 in Livingston Co., Missouri. She was buried in Utica Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Henry S. MELLON. Children were: Alexander MELLON, Samuel B. MELLON, William H. MELLON, Sarah Amanda MELLON, Thomas Jefferson MELLON, Lucinda H. MELLON, infant MELLON, Henry M. MELLON, Mary Catherine "Minnie" MELLON, infant MELLON, George S. MELLON, Marshall MELLON, America Elizabeth MELLON, Otis MELLON.

Catherine was born about 1821 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Austin Roger WOLCOTT. Children were: Ida M. WOLCOTT, Nettie WOLCOTT, Dolphus WOLCOTT.

Catherine was born about 1821 in Freldo, Germany.

Spouse: M. Benedict DIEGELMANN. Children were: Ellen DIEGELMANN, William B. DIEGELMANN, Catherine DIEGELMANN, Anna DIEGELMANN, John B. DIEGELMANN, Lucy B. DIEGELMANN.

Catherine was born about 1823 in Ohio.

Spouse: Ornan MCCOY. Children were: Albert MCCOY, Finley K. MCCOY, Orlando MCCOY, Effie MCCOY, Carrie MCCOY.

Catherine was born in Jun 1833 in Germany.

Spouse: LUDWIG. Children were: Michael LUDWIG, Magdalena LUDWIG.

Catherine was born about 1841 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Samuel CRAYLEY. Children were: Phebe Ellen CRAYLEY.

Catherine was born about 1846 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Gustavus PARBERRY. Children were: William H. PARBERRY, James H. PARBERRY, Mary J. PARBERRY, John M. PARBERRY, Luella PARBERRY.

Catherine was born in May 1850 in Ireland.

Spouse: John REGAN. John REGAN and Catherine were married about 1878.

Catherine was born about 1850 in Ohio.

Spouse: Emanuel STITT.

Catherine was born about 1857 in Illinois.


Spouse: James Thomas LIPPS. James Thomas LIPPS and Catherine were married on 7 Nov 1920 in Carlow, Daviess, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Carlow.

Catherine was born in May 1862 in Missouri.

Spouse: Patrick BERRY. Patrick BERRY and Catherine were married about 1881. Children were: Harold BERRY, Oakie M. BERRY, Katherine H. "Kate" BERRY.

Catherine was born about 1871.

Spouse: Joseph OFFIELD.

Catherine was born in May 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Fred Delbert KILLIAN. Fred Delbert KILLIAN and Catherine were married about 1896. Children were: David J. KILLIAN, Pearl F. KILLIAN.

Catherine was born about 1887 in Missouri.

Spouse: Dr. Daniel Lewis PORTERFIELD. Children were: Dorothy PORTERFIELD, Byron PORTERFIELD.

Catherine was born about 1905 in Missouri.

Spouse: Herbert PAUL. This family lived in Carroll Co. in 1935. Children were: Phyllis Faye PAUL.

Catherine was born about 1907 in Montana.

Spouse: Otis William VENABLE. Otis William VENABLE and Catherine were married about 1926. Children were: Maxine VENABLE, Shirley VENABLE.

Catherine was born about 1919 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ross Wesley PRYOR. Children were: Wesley Gene PRYOR.

Catherine A. was born about 1841 in Maryland.

Spouse: John W. COZAD. Children were: Elmer Ellsworth COZAD, Tacy L. COZAD, Sarah E. COZAD, John H. COZAD, daughter COZAD, Marguerite S. COZAD, Charles A. COZAD, Josephine COZAD.

Catherine A. was born in Jul 1849 in Ohio.

Spouse: Joseph BOTTS. Joseph BOTTS and Catherine A. were married about 1876. Children were: Florence A. BOTTS.

Catherine B. was born about 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: Edward KINSELLA. Children were: John S. KINSELLA, Rita C. KINSELLA, Francis W. KINSELLA, Mary A. KINSELLA.

Catherine E. was born in Apr 1838 in Missouri.

Spouse: Dennis SHRUM. Dennis SHRUM and Catherine E. were married about 1857.

Catherine E. "Kate" was born in Oct 1871 in Missouri.

Spouse: David JONES DVM. David JONES DVM and Catherine E. "Kate" were married about 1891. Children were: Floyd H. JONES, Lloyd A. JONES, Lillian JONES, Berl JONES.

Catherine Florentina "Flora" was born about 1823 in Prussia.

Spouse: Ludwig WETZEL. Children were: William Herman Lewis WETZEL, Ferdinand A. "Fred" WETZEL, Edward Ernest WETZEL, Emma WETZEL, Gustave Otto WETZEL, Frank WETZEL.

Catherine J. was born in Mar 1862 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Joseph W. FULTON. Joseph W. FULTON and Catherine J. were married about 1872. Children were: Delbert L. FULTON, Joy M. FULTON, June W. FULTON.

Catherine M. was born in Sep 1869 in Canada.

Spouse: Larkin HAYNES. Larkin HAYNES and Catherine M. were married about 1888. Children were: Letha HAYNES, Beulah HAYNES, Alpha HAYNES.

Catherine N. was born about 1815 in Maryland.

Spouse: John MICHAEL. Children were: Lucy A. MICHAEL, Hannah Jane MICHAEL, Mary MICHAEL.


Spouse: Stephen SMITH.


Spouse: Kenneth "Ken" BOWE.


Spouse: Orval Theo ROYSTON.


Spouse: Leslie C. "Jack" LITTLETON. Children were: Helen Louise LITTLETON, Charles LITTLETON, Shirley LITTLETON.

Cecile Viola was born on 18 Jul 1904 in Ray Co., Missouri. She died on 1 Mar 1994 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas.

Spouse: Albert Franklin COX. Albert Franklin COX and Cecile Viola were married on 29 Mar 1924 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Children were: Billy F. COX, Gene R. COX, Dorothy LaDenne COX.

Celeste was born about 1862 in Ohio.

Spouse: Lawson PENNINGTON. Lawson PENNINGTON and Celeste were married about 1881. Children were: Flaudie B. PENNINGTON, Ruth PENNINGTON.

Celestia Demow was born in Dec 1839 in Ohio. She died before 1920. Three of her five children survived to 1910.

Spouse: Sylvester R. JOHNSON. Sylvester R. JOHNSON and Celestia Demow were married about 1862. Children were: Mabel JOHNSON, Newton S. JOHNSON.

Celia was born about 1810 in Tennessee.

Spouse: Tina HELM. Children were: Chathain HELM, Tina D. HELM, William HELM, Barthena J. HELM, Hiram HELM.

Celia was born about 1816 in Drommore West, County Sligo, Ireland. She died on 3 Feb 1862. She was buried in Gaunt Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: Francis CUNNINGHAM.

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