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Cosby Jane "Janie" was born on 31 Aug 1845 in Virginia. She died on 3 Jan 1907. She was buried in Mooresville Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri.

Spouse: William H. ROSE. Children were: Dana Ann "Annie" ROSE, Dora O. ROSE, Maggie Myrtle ROSE, Zilla May ROSE.


Spouse: Martha DUTRO.


Spouse: Larry R. SPAINHOWER.


Spouse: Susan MARTIN.


Spouse: Jerry HUGHES.


Spouse: Doyle MCCOLLUM.


Spouse: Kevin MINNIS.


Spouse: Guy SLATER.

Crystal B. was born on 21 Nov 1905. She died in Oct 1989 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: George L. HOPSON.

Crystal S. was born about 1896 in Missouri.

Spouse: Edward G. VANOVER. Children were: Ralph E. VANOVER.

Cuma V. was born about 1898 in Missouri.

Spouse: Delbert Wayne STUCKER. Children were: Dean STUCKER, Nina B. STUCKER, Don K. STUCKER.


Spouse: Dorothy ELMORE.


Spouse: Clarence Viron TEMPLE. Clarence Viron TEMPLE and Cynthia were married after 1932.

Cynthia "Cindy".

Spouse: Gary Warren HUDGINS.


Spouse: Steve FOLEY.

Cynthia was born in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Alvin WAKEFIELD. Children were: Addie WAKEFIELD.


Spouse: Benji Lee "Ben" COX.

Cynthia was born about 1793 in Kentucky.

Spouse: James HICKS Sr. James HICKS Sr. and Cynthia were married after 1850.

Cynthia was born about 1797 in Vermont.

Spouse: Henry Potter GLAZIER. Children were: Rodney GLAZIER.

Cynthia was born in Jan 1825 in Illinois.

Spouse: COLLIER. Children were: John William COLLIER.

Cynthia was born in Jan 1843 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Matthew GORMLEY. Matthew GORMLEY and Cynthia were married about 1870. Children were: Henry C. GORMLEY, Katherine "Kate" GORMLEY.

Cynthia was born about 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: Charles AMICK. Charles AMICK and Cynthia were married about 1900. Children were: Roy AMICK, Anna AMICK, Erma AMICK.

Cynthia A. was born about 1810 in Kentucky. She died about 1860.

Spouse: Moses CHAPPELL.

Cynthia A. was born about 1823 in Virginia.

Spouse: John LANDES. Children were: Frances LANDES, Harville M. LANDES.

Cynthia A. was born about 1832 in Missouri.

Spouse: Thomas PENNINGTON. Children were: Mary Jane PENNINGTON, Matilda F. PENNINGTON.

Cynthia A. was born on 19 Apr 1843. She died on 5 Jan 1869. She was buried in Tuggle Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Ivy LANKFORD. Children were: George W. LANKFORD.

Cynthia Ann was born in Tennessee.

Spouse: William T. PERRY. Children were: Thomas Jefferson PERRY.

Cynthia B. was born in 1863 in Iowa. She died in 1933. She was buried in McFall, Gentry, Missouri.

Spouse: William Edward MOLING. Children were: William E. MOLING, Juanita Lucille MOLING.

Cynthia Emily "Emma". She was of Maysville, Missouri when she married John Reed.

Spouse: SMITH.

Spouse: John Jefferson REED. John Jefferson REED and Cynthia Emily "Emma" were married on 7 Jul 1881.

Cytheny was born about 1851 in Missouri.

Spouse: Ellis "Eli" CULVER.


Spouse: William Jeremiah PLUMMER. William and Daisy were divorced.


Spouse: Milton Lawrence TAYLOR. Children were: Mildred TAYLOR.

Daisy was born in Feb 1873 in Missouri.

Spouse: Edward GIBBS. Edward GIBBS and Daisy were married about 1890. Children were: Walter GIBBS, Chester GIBBS.

Daisy was born about 1878 in Missouri.

Spouse: Elmer Anderson GROCE.

Daisy was born about 1885 in Illinois.

Spouse: Chester A. JOHNSON. Chester A. JOHNSON and Daisy were married about 1905. Children were: James Sonen JOHNSON, Juanita JOHNSON.

Daisy was born about 1891 in Missouri.

Spouse: Orville WOODS Sr. Orville and Daisy lived in Caldwell Co. in 1935. Children were: Clay WOODS, Clifford WOODS, Francis WOODS, Orville WOODS Jr..

Daisy was born on 17 Mar 1891. She died on 21 Feb 1985. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri.

Spouse: Francis Joseph BAUER.

Daisy C. was born about 1880 in Missouri.

Spouse: unknown. Children were: Clyde, Eveline T.

Spouse: Van Dyke HORNBACK. Van Dyke HORNBACK and Daisy C. were married about 1907.


Spouse: David KAVANAUGH.


Spouse: Larry MELTE.


Spouse: Timothy CARDER.


Spouse: Brock MORRILL II.

Darby Danae was born on 15 Aug 1997 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri. Parents: Ginger Rene SUMMERVILLE.


Spouse: James "Jim" KOHL.


Spouse: Rod WHITT.


Spouse: Patrick Isaac "Pat" LAFFEY.


Spouse: Allen COPE.


Spouse: Ken Leslie WHITEHEAD. Children were: Justin WHITEHEAD, Clinton WHITEHEAD.


Spouse: Jim MILLER.


Spouse: Howard ROSSON Jr.

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