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Sarah Eleanor SEVERE. Parents: John SEVERE and Hannah CARTER.

Spouse: James NASH.

Vern SEVERE was born about 1924 in Missouri. Parents: Dennis Flynn SEVERE and Lillie Lenore SHIPLEY.

Virginia SEVERE was born about 1855 in Daviess Co., Missouri. Parents: John Daw SEVERE and Mary Evalina THOMPSON.

William P. SEVERE was born about 1866 in Missouri. Parents: Erasmus SEVERE and Elizabeth.


Spouse: Mary Virginia FEENEY.


Spouse: Bertha ISHMAEL.

Minnie SEVERNS was born about 1875 in Illinois.

Spouse: John Edmond RIEGEL. John Edmond RIEGEL and Minnie SEVERNS were married about 1895. Children were: Rosa Nelle RIEGEL, Ida E. RIEGEL, James Howard RIEGEL.

Lulu M. SEVERUS was born in Nov 1880 in Illinois.

Spouse: Moses D. MCBEE. Moses D. MCBEE and Lulu M. SEVERUS were married in Sep 1898 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Bride and groom were of Braymer. Children were: Eva Mae MCBEE, Archie Lee MCBEE, Mary MCBEE, James MCBEE, Mildred MCBEE.

Amanda M. SEVIER.

Spouse: Thomas B. BRITTON. Thomas B. BRITTON and Amanda M. SEVIER were married on 5 Mar 1865 in Linn Co., Missouri. Children were: Charles Lewis BRITTON.

Fred Weyman SEVIER.

Spouse: Daisy Lee DEVILBISS. Fred Weyman SEVIER and Daisy Lee DEVILBISS were married on 22 Nov 1936.


Spouse: Carrie Ellen MACE.

Anna Elizabeth SEWARD.

Spouse: Roscoe Luther BURNAM. Roscoe Luther BURNAM and Anna Elizabeth SEWARD were married on 24 Mar 1928 in Kirksville, Adair, Missouri. The bride was of Lacross, the groom of Callao, both in Macon Co., Missouri. Children were: Harry Dean BURNAM.

Austin W. SEWARD was born on 12 Nov 1896 in Revere, Clark, Missouri. He died on 17 Mar 1983 in Chillicothe Hospital, Livingston, Missouri. His home was in Chula. He was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Linn, Missouri. Parents: Clark SEWARD and Lela MORRIS.

Spouse: Inez Lenora CASSIDA. Austin W. SEWARD and Inez Lenora CASSIDA were married on 5 Feb 1927. Children were: Clarice Marie SEWARD, Donald SEWARD.

Clarice Marie SEWARD was born on 19 Oct 1928 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. She died on 16 Oct 2014 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 19 Oct 2014 in Van Horne Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. She graduated from Meadville High School in 1947. Parents: Austin W. SEWARD and Inez Lenora CASSIDA.

Spouse: William Grover VAN HORNE. William Grover VAN HORNE and Clarice Marie SEWARD were married on 29 Dec 1947 in Chula, Livingston, Missouri. The bride was of Chula, the groom of Purdin. Children were: Charlotte Faye VAN HORNE, Dr. Diane Kay VAN HORNE, Steven Ray VAN HORNE, Phillip Jay VAN HORNE.


Spouse: Lela MORRIS. Children were: Austin W. SEWARD, Nellie SEWARD, Lela SEWARD, Jessie SEWARD.

Donald SEWARD. Parents: Austin W. SEWARD and Inez Lenora CASSIDA.

Harvey SEWARD died before 1900.

Spouse: Hannah BURDICK. Children were: Susannah Freelove SEWARD.

Jessie SEWARD. Parents: Clark SEWARD and Lela MORRIS.

Lela SEWARD. Parents: Clark SEWARD and Lela MORRIS.

Mary SEWARD was born in Johnsburg, Warren, New York.

Spouse: Baxter WOOLF. Children were: Alice WOOLF.

Nellie SEWARD. Parents: Clark SEWARD and Lela MORRIS.

Ruhamah SEWARD was born on 18 May 1804 in New York. She died on 21 Apr 1888. She was buried in Harding, LaSalle, Illinois.

Spouse: Stephen W. SAMPSON. Children were: William Baldwin SAMPSON.

Susannah Freelove SEWARD was born on 26 Jun 1836 in Johnsburg, Warren, New York. She died on 29 Oct 1907 in Mooresville Twp., Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Mooresville Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. She is also identified as Susannah Burdick. Parents: Harvey SEWARD and Hannah BURDICK.

Spouse: Abram M. WORTENDYKE. Abram was a Private in Co. K., 58 Iowa Infantry (Union), suffering a spine disorder in the Civil War. He was a longtime druggist and grocer in Mooresville. Erie Celestia was known as "Miss C." Children were: Erie Celestia WORTENDYKE, Minnie Ruby WORTENDYKE, Hattie Viola WORTENDYKE.


Spouse: Howard WALLACE. Children were: Samuel Lee WALLACE.

Lonnie SEWELL.

Spouse: Kathryn Earlene BELL.

Delilah SEXSMITH was born about 1909 in Oklahoma. Parents: Rev. Mathew SEXSMITH and Addie FAULKENBURG.

James E. SEXSMITH was born about 1907 in Oklahoma. Parents: Rev. Mathew SEXSMITH and Addie FAULKENBURG.

Rev. Mathew SEXSMITH.

Spouse: Addie FAULKENBURG. Children were: Naomi Mary SEXSMITH, James E. SEXSMITH, Delilah SEXSMITH.

Naomi Mary SEXSMITH was born on 22 Aug 1903 in Clark Co., Missouri. She died on 1 Jun 1986 in Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou, California. She was buried on 8 Jun 1986 in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Rev. Mathew SEXSMITH and Addie FAULKENBURG.

Spouse: Edward Irving LAY. Edward Irving LAY and Naomi Mary SEXSMITH were married on 24 Dec 1922 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Sampsel. F. M. Hiskett, guardian of the bride, gives consent. Children were: Mary Grace LAY, Marjorie Louise LAY.


Spouse: Mary HENSLEY.

Edith Grace "Gracie" SEXTON.

Spouse: G. Bird WILHOIT. G. Bird WILHOIT and Edith Grace "Gracie" SEXTON were married on 16 Sep 1903 in Plattsburg, Clinton, Missouri. The bride was of St. Joseph, the groom of Cameron. Children were: Mary Elizabeth WILHOIT.

Spouse: Joseph O. AMAR. Joseph O. AMAR and Edith Grace "Gracie" SEXTON were married on 28 Sep 1918 in Caldwell Co., Missouri.

Margaret SEXTON was born on 8 Jul 1811 in Virginia. She died on 4 Oct 1856. HIST OF CALDWELL AND LIVINGSTON COUNTIES (1886) reports a death date of 1858. She was buried in Lock Springs Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Joshua TYE. Joshua TYE and Margaret SEXTON were married on 21 Feb 1833. Children were: George M. TYE, Ferdinand Metzer TYE, Enoch TYE, Thomas Faulkner TYE, William Call TYE, Jefferson William TYE, James Jackson TYE.

Martha Bennett SEXTON was born on 8 Jun 1803 in Wake Co., North Carolina. She died on 24 Aug 1880 in Carroll Co., Missouri. She was buried in Powell Cemetery, Carroll, Missouri.

Spouse: Joel BROCK. Joel BROCK and Martha Bennett SEXTON were married on 15 Nov 1821 in Blount Co., Tennessee. Children were: Bennett Holeman BROCK.


Spouse: Richard STOUT.


Spouse: Mary Lea JOHNSON.


Spouse: Virginia Lee COATES.


Spouse: Clarice Amber ADAMS. Children were: Viola Belle SHACKELFORD.

Jeffrie Lynn "Gene" SHACKELFORD.

Spouse: JaLynn CHITTUM.


Spouse: Daisy M. SIMMONS.

Louisa Ellen SHACKELFORD was born about 1851 in Missouri.

Spouse: David P. EADS. David P. EADS and Louisa Ellen SHACKELFORD were married on 23 Dec 1875 in Chariton Co., Missouri. They were married at the bride's residence in Chariton Co. Children were: Mary Ada EADS, William Marvin EADS.

Viola Belle SHACKELFORD was born on 1 Feb 1926 in Spickard, Grundy, Missouri. She died on 1 Sep 2014 in Holden, Johnson, Missouri. She was buried on 4 Sep 2014 in Stone Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Charles SHACKELFORD and Clarice Amber ADAMS.

Spouse: Richard A. WEBB. Children were: Herbert LeRoy WEBB, Rick WEBB, Nancy WEBB, Caren WEBB, Iola WEBB.

Spouse: John Allen STAMPER. John Allen STAMPER and Viola Belle SHACKELFORD were married on 17 Apr 1982 in Ft. Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas.

Barbara SHACKLETT was born on 26 Apr 1794. She died on 2 Nov 1874 in Guston, Meade, Kentucky. Parents: Benjamin Woodbridge SHACKLETT and Elizabeth ASHCRAFT.

Spouse: James Board DOWELL. Children were: Elijah Richard DOWELL.

Benjamin Woodbridge SHACKLETT was born on 21 Jan 1774 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 24 May 1838 in Meade Co., Kentucky. He was buried in Ekron, Meade, Kentucky.

Spouse: Elizabeth ASHCRAFT. Children were: Barbara SHACKLETT.

Hannah Sophia SHACKLETT was born on 5 Jul 1789 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 23 Mar 1826. She was buried in Ekron, Meade, Kentucky. Parents: John Blancett SHACKLETT and Barbara QUICK.

Spouse: Jacob HAYDEN. Children were: B. S. HAYDEN, Mary F. "Polly" HAYDEN.

John Blancett SHACKLETT was born on 28 Jan 1742 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died on 18 Oct 1809 in Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Laurel Hill, Fayette, Pensylvania. He served in the American Revolution.

Spouse: Barbara QUICK. John Blancett SHACKLETT and Barbara QUICK were married in Fairfax Co., Virginia. Children were: Hannah Sophia SHACKLETT.


Spouse: Ann PACKARD. Children were: Minnie May SHADDEN.

Minnie May SHADDEN was born on 2 Apr 1882 in Iowa. She died on 12 Jun 1939 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Hutchison Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: John SHADDEN and Ann PACKARD.

Spouse: Joseph Daniel KNOUSE. Joseph Daniel KNOUSE and Minnie May SHADDEN were married on 3 Nov 1897 in Livingston Co., Missouri. The bride was of Chillicothe, the groom of rural Livingston County. J. H. Shadden, father of Minnie, gives consent. Children were: Lillian May KNOUSE, Ruth Belle KNOUSE, Ernest Daniel KNOUSE, Lula Lenora KNOUSE, Julia America KNOUSE, Carrie Catherine KNOUSE, Mary Mable KNOUSE, Alva Virgil KNOUSE, Minnie Geraldine KNOUSE.

Rebecca Elizabeth SHADDEN was born on 30 Apr 1831 in Illinois. She died on 6 Jul 1900. A cemetery record says birth was on 16 Jul 1900. She was buried in Clear Creek Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri.

Spouse: Benjamin Thomas WANTLAND. Benjamin Thomas WANTLAND and Rebecca Elizabeth SHADDEN were married on 11 Sep 1851 in Marion Co., Illinois. Children were: Columbus Alexander WANTLAND, John Woodson WANTLAND, Elmary Virginia WANTLAND, Juliett WANTLAND, Solomon Elsworth WANTLAND.

Mary SHADE was born in 1747 in Prussia. She died in Trumbull Co., Ohio.

Spouse: John SHATTO. Children were: Daniel SHATTO.

Mitchell SHADRICK.

Spouse: Mary Frances THOMPSON. Mitchell SHADRICK and Mary Frances THOMPSON were married on 29 May 1884 in Boone Co., Missouri.

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