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Sarah Ida MATCHETT was born on 11 May 1908 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. She died on 18 Apr 1992 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. Parents: Clarence Harper MATCHETT and Cora Elizabeth FARR.

Spouse: Russell Alfred MOSS.

Stephen Alan MATCHETT was born on 30 May 1957 in Japan. Parents: Richard Lane MATCHETT and Louise ROGERS.

Spouse: Karen HENNESSY. Stephen Alan MATCHETT and Karen HENNESSY were married on 28 May 1988.

Susan Leigh MATCHETT. Parents: Robert Michael MATCHETT and Mary Susan MORRIS.

Walter L. MATCHETT was born on 8 Nov 1936 in Missouri. He died in 2008. Parents: Edwin "Ed" MATCHETT and Cora Pearl CONGER.

William G. MATCHETT was born in Aug 1899 in Missouri. Parents: William Samuel MATCHETT and Sarah Belle "Sadie" DOWLER.

Spouse: Lola Grace HOUGHTON.

William Samuel MATCHETT was born on 19 Nov 1863 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 5 Jul 1948 in Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri. He was buried on 7 Jul 1948 in Mirabile Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. Parents: John Neal MATCHETT and Mary Jane MCFARLAND.

Spouse: Sarah Belle "Sadie" DOWLER. William Samuel MATCHETT and Sarah Belle "Sadie" DOWLER were married about 1886. Children were: George Edgar MATCHETT, Charles R. MATCHETT, Mary N. MATCHETT, John Robert MATCHETT, William G. MATCHETT, Roland Paul MATCHETT.

Zelpha Mae MATCHETT was born on 11 Mar 1917 in Polo, Caldwell, Missouri. She died on 1 Sep 2004 in Lawson, Ray, Missouri. She was buried on 4 Sep 2004 in Prairie Ridge Cemetery, Caldwell, Missouri. She graduated from Polo High School in 1935. Parents: George Edgar MATCHETT and Louisa Elizabeth "Lydia" MANLEY.

Spouse: Arthur Leo EADS. Arthur Leo EADS and Zelpha Mae MATCHETT were married on 26 Nov 1941 in Polo, Caldwell, Missouri. Children were: Arthur Junior EADS, Wanda Mae EADS.

Elizabeth MATCHETTE was born on 3 May 1842 in London, England. She died on 2 Apr 1931 in Kidder, Caldwell, Missouri. She was buried on 4 Apr 1931 in Winston Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Six of her nine children survived to 1910. She was a daughter of Benjamin Matchette of England.

Spouse: William H. POWELL. William H. POWELL and Elizabeth MATCHETTE were married about 1860. Children were: Solomon Matchett POWELL, Nellie Victor POWELL, Homer F. POWELL.

Rebecca MATHEN died on 16 Mar 1851 in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Spouse: Daniel GOSNELL. Daniel GOSNELL and Rebecca MATHEN were married on 16 Jul 1844. Children were: Emeline GOSNELL, Rhoda GOSNELL, Sarah E. GOSNELL.

Donald Ray MATHENA.

Spouse: Edith Ellen YOUTSEY. Donald Ray MATHENA and Edith Ellen YOUTSEY were married on 19 Nov 1951 in Cameron, Clinton, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Cameron. Mrs. Leota Youtsey, mother of Edith, consents to this marriage.


Spouse: Asa DYE. Asa DYE and Louisa MATHENY were married on 11 Sep 1859 in Grundy Co., Missouri. Children were: Nellie DYE, Alice DYE.


Spouse: Mary. Children were: Sarah MATHENY.

Sarah MATHENY was born on 23 May 1826 in Kentucky. She died on 13 Jan 1864. She was buried in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Parents: Permit MATHENY and Mary.

Spouse: John MCBEE. John MCBEE and Sarah MATHENY were married on 13 Jul 1845 in Ray Co., Missouri. Children were: George Washington MCBEE.

Alice Laura MATHER was born on 17 Mar 1878 in Harvey Co., Kansas. She died on 9 Jul 1944 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 11 Jul 1944 in Edgewood Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Job Swain MATHER and Sarah Lucinda LINNENS.

Spouse: Elmer Bennett ROOF. Elmer Bennett ROOF and Alice Laura MATHER were married about 1899. Elmer and Alice's marriage was his second, her first marriage. Children were: Effie Nilene ROOF, Merrill ROOF, Pearl A. ROOF.

Carrie MATHER was born on 3 Mar 1911 in Mystic, Appanoose, Iowa. She died on 22 Oct 2009 in Claremore, Rogers, Oklahoma. She was buried on 26 Oct 2009 in Melbourne, Harrison, Missouri. Burial was in Mitchell Cemetery.

Spouse: Lloyd William LOCKRIDGE. Lloyd William LOCKRIDGE and Carrie MATHER were married on 24 Dec 1932. Children were: Mary Ellen LOCKRIDGE, William Franklin LOCKRIDGE.


Spouse: Helen E. PEPPER.

Job Swain MATHER was born on 8 Feb 1850 in Marion Co., Indiana. He died on 14 Nov 1922 in Atchison Co., Missouri. He was buried in Tarkio, Atchison, Missouri.

Spouse: Sarah Lucinda LINNENS. Children were: Alice Laura MATHER.


Spouse: Rachel RIBELIN.


Spouse: Ruby ALLEN.

Bobby Don MATHESON was born about 1962.

Spouse: Donna Dee Anna BATSON. Bobby Don MATHESON and Donna Dee Anna BATSON were married on 19 Jun 1980 in Monette, Barry, Missouri. The bride was of Chillicothe, the groom of Monette, Lawrence Co., Missouri. Iris L. Batson, mother of Donna, gives consent.

Mary Ann MATHESON was born in Mar 1813 in Ohio.

Spouse: George W. COBERLY. George W. COBERLY and Mary Ann MATHESON were married in Ohio. Children were: Harvey COBERLY, George COBERLY, Albert COBERLY, Charles COBERLY, Richard COBERLY, Laura Belle COBERLY, Oliver COBERLY, Minerva COBERLY, Joseph N. "Joe" COBERLY, Lucinda COBERLY, Marion Francis COBERLY, William COBERLY, Jesse Lee COBERLY.

Sumira Jane MATHEW was born in 1824 in Illinois. She died on 12 Jul 1886 in Mooresville, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried in Mooresville Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. Sumira Jane was a charter member of the Mooresville Christian Church.

Spouse: Richard PARKS. Richard PARKS and Sumira Jane MATHEW were married on 23 Dec 1840. Children were: Ellen Sarah PARKS, Phoebe Josie PARKS, Charles M. PARKS, George R. PARKS, Minnie E. PARKS, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" PARKS, Jennie Lee PARKS, Martha PARKS, E. M. PARKS.


Spouse: Laurie Ann HUTCHERSON. Children were: Brad MATHEWS, Chad MATHEWS, Amanda MATHEWS, Kaylee MATHEWS.

Ada Jane MATHEWS was born about 1862.

Spouse: William B. WEAVER. William B. WEAVER and Ada Jane MATHEWS were married on 11 Oct 1883 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chillicothe. Children were: Pleasant WEAVER, Ernest G. WEAVER.

Ada O. MATHEWS was born about 1862 in Indiana. Parents: Warren Vinson MATHEWS and Sarah FAUROTE.

Albert MATHEWS was born about 1862 in Ontario, Canada. Parents: Cornelius MATHEWS and Sarah A.

Aletha MATHEWS. Parents: George William MATHEWS and Lula Mae DUNKLE.

Spouse: Clarence Albert BEIER. Clarence Albert BEIER and Aletha MATHEWS were married on 12 Sep 1929 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. The bride was of Bedford, the groom of Chillicothe.

Alma MATHEWS. Alma died in infancy. Parents: Alonzo MATHEWS and Arvilla VANDIVORT.

Almira MATHEWS. Parents: Stephen Tapley MATHEWS and Lucinda "Lucy" WOODS.


Spouse: Charlotte WILLIAMS. Children were: Julia Alunda MATHEWS, Worthy Alonzo MATHEWS.

Alonzo MATHEWS was born on 17 Mar 1863 in Nodaway Co., Missouri. He died on 6 Jan 1926 in Benton Twp., Daviess, Missouri. He was buried on 10 Jan 1926 in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Daviess, Missouri. Parents: John MATHEWS and Nancy SHARP.

Spouse: Arvilla VANDIVORT. Children were: Ionia Luella "Ona" MATHEWS, Onnie MATHEWS, Oca MATHEWS, Alma MATHEWS.

Spouse: Nancy WAMACK. Alonzo MATHEWS and Nancy WAMACK were married about 1902.

Amanda MATHEWS. Parents: MATHEWS and Laurie Ann HUTCHERSON.


Amy L. MATHEWS was born on 3 Dec 1902 in Springhill, Livingston, Missouri. She died on 15 Oct 1988 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. She was buried on 18 Oct 1988 in Brassfield Cemetery, Livingston, Missouri. She had been employed by both the Leeper and Strand hotels in Chillicothe. In 1940 she was employed as a helper in the Livingston County Infirmary. Parents: John Wesley MATHEWS and Martha Jane HUGHES.

Audrey Suzanne MATHEWS was born on 13 May 1992. Parents: Michael "Mike" MATHEWS and Amy Leann SIMPSON.

Spouse: Joshua Dale BURCH. Joshua Dale BURCH and Audrey Suzanne MATHEWS were married on 17 Apr 2011. Children were: Aisylnn Isabella BURCH, Aven Scott BURCH.

Benjamin F. MATHEWS was born about 1874 in Indiana. Parents: Warren Vinson MATHEWS and Sarah FAUROTE.

Beulah L. MATHEWS was born in Aug 1898 in Arkansas. Parents: Warren V. MATHEWS and Virginia Elizabeth COLDIRON.

Spouse: RUDEAN.

Brad MATHEWS. Parents: MATHEWS and Laurie Ann HUTCHERSON.

Carl MATHEWS was born about 1918 in Missouri. Parents: George William MATHEWS and Lula Mae DUNKLE.

Caroline MATHEWS was born about 1852 in Iowa. Parents: Stephen Tapley MATHEWS and Lucinda "Lucy" WOODS.

Spouse: William THOMAS. Children were: Julia B. THOMAS.

Chad MATHEWS. Parents: MATHEWS and Laurie Ann HUTCHERSON.

Charlene Eugina MATHEWS. Parents: George Eugene MATHEWS and Vera Venita ENGLAND.

Spouse: Billy Dale FRAZIER. Children were: Ronald Lee FRAZIER.

Spouse: Jerry Ray HAMILTON. Jerry Ray HAMILTON and Charlene Eugina MATHEWS were married on 14 Feb 1997 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri.

Chester R. MATHEWS was born in Jul 1889 in Missouri. Parents: Olcott W. MATHEWS and Mary B. "Mamie" KIRTLEY.

Claude MATHEWS. Parents: Claude L. MATHEWS and Marguerite Minerva GRAY.

Spouse: Carol. Children were: Lori MATHEWS.

Claude L. MATHEWS.

Spouse: Marguerite Minerva GRAY. Claude L. MATHEWS and Marguerite Minerva GRAY were married on 24 Aug 1932 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Children were: Claude MATHEWS, Larry MATHEWS, Gary MATHEWS, Ella MATHEWS.

Claudia Jean MATHEWS was born about 1945.

Spouse: Raymond Junior ZULLIG. Raymond Junior ZULLIG and Claudia Jean MATHEWS were married on 12 Apr 1965 in Dawn, Livingston, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Chillicothe.

Cornelius MATHEWS was born about 1820 in Canada.

Spouse: Sarah A. Children were: Eva F. MATHEWS, Albert MATHEWS.

Daniel Dale MATHEWS. Parents: Danny Dean MATHEWS and Angela Maurine GOODMAN.

Danny Dean MATHEWS was born about 1964.

Spouse: Angela Maurine GOODMAN. Danny Dean MATHEWS and Angela Maurine GOODMAN were married on 22 Dec 1984 in Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri. Bride and groom were of Lawson, Ray Co., Missouri. The (unidentified) mother of Angela gives consent. Children were: Jeffrey Duane MATHEWS, Daniel Dale MATHEWS, Travis Dean MATHEWS, Shiloh Cheyenne MATHEWS.

Dora MATHEWS died in 1979.

Spouse: Harley A. SINGLETON. Harley A. SINGLETON and Dora MATHEWS were married in 1930.

Dora P. MATHEWS was born about 1867 in Livingston Co., Missouri. Parents: Drury Nicholas MATTHEWS and Pernicia Clementine MABERRY.

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